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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


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Decided to do one final Wonderlocke before S&M come out.

Currently in the connecting caves with a team consisting of an Aron, Vivillion, Drillbur, Grotle and Lombre with an Eevee in the daycare. I've had 3 loses (zigs, caterpie, joltik) and i've ko'd like 4 encounters in a row. Despite the extreme fire/ground weakness i'm doing pretty good.


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Now that the 6th Gen PGL has closed down forever, here is a list of all the Medals I was never able to get in X/Y. I hope this is acceptable as a post in this thread since it isn't exactly "recent happenings".

Super Rich - spend $10,000,000 at Poké Marts.

Too grindy for my tastes. I got the one for spending a million but never this one, there just wasn't any good reasons to spend much money in these games compared to B2/W2. Then it was not possible to see how much money you already had spent either (as far as I know, at least), while it was in B2/W2. I could have gotten it, but I didn't want to.

Extrovert - encounter 1,000,000 fellow players.

I guess you would need to be online literally all the time in order to get this? That's what it feels like, at least. I got the one for encountering 10000 other players but this was way too grindy for my liking.

10-Time Hall of Famer - enter the Hall of Fame 10 times.
50-Time Hall of Famer - enter the Hall of Fame 50 times.

Doable, but I dislike defeating the Elite Four over and over again for no good reason. This is not a good enough reason. In comparison, the Challenge Medals in B2/W2 was. I think I defeated the Elite Four for a total of four times on each game, then never again because I saw no reason for it.

Broad Friendship - Register 30 friends. (Y only)
Global Connection - register 100 friends.

Kind of doable, I suppose I could have combined getting them with trying to get all possible Pokemon that can be obtained in the Friend Safari, or by trading/battling with lots of people around the world and registering them on my systems. I just never got around to doing that since I didn't see the point in it. So this just more or less didn't happen.

All the medals involved in participating in Rating Battles. I never got around to participating in any Rating Battles on these games, and even if I did, I might not have been able to get any Medals since they actually take skill to get, a level of skill which I'm not sure if I have. Then I'm not that much into online battling either, just did 100 on each game to get the Medals for that.

I also never got the Medal for signing up for an online competition... because I never signed up to one, let alone participated in one. I guess I could have done it, but never felt like it and never really had time either as I was doing so many other things in the games, or being bored waiting for the "Z" that was never released.

Finally, I never got the majority of the remaining commemorative Medals either. Those were based on what you did in the 5th Gen Dream World, and I didn't really do everything there even if I played quite a lot when it existed, mostly back during the B/W days. I only got four of these Medals on X, and none on Y because I registered my game to the PGL after the way too short time window for getting these Medals had passed.

And that's it regarding the Medals I wasn't able to get on these games. Overall, I preferred the Medal System in B2/W2, obtaining the Medals in the actual games themselves and them seeing them displayed on the PGL was better than both obtaining and seeing them on the PGL. I hope the series can go back to the B2/W2 Medal system in a future installment. If not in Sun/Moon, then maybe in Sun/Moon 2? though they should be named Love/Friendship instead. We'll see what the future gives us.

Not going to play X/Y anymore right now, but I will go back them the week before Sun/Moon are released in Europe as a part of my current project.


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I got my Y out today because I needed to trade with my Omega Ruby, and once that was done, I decided to do a few things on my game. I was still in Lumiose City and started walking around to see if I could find something to do there. After a minute or two, I found the PR video place and went inside since I hadn't made a video in a long time. I found out that I had room for one more video, so I decided to make one with my Mawile. Spent quite a lot of time making the video, probably too much tbh, but I liked how it turned out.

After that, I walked over to Hotel Richissime. I did the bed making job there and earned quite a lot of money.


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Apperently my pokemon X file deleted itself somehow. Lost all the legendarys from the past year as well as the unique Vivillon and Shiny Rayquaza.

Starteda new Y game with Apple the Chespin, since thats the starter i had in X. After the tutorial stuff i caught Baxter the Bunnelby for pick up. Bunny picked up a Great ball and a Super potion on the way to Santalune City. Alao caught the Elemental monkeys just for fun. Couldnt decide between Pikachu or Litleo for my team. So i went with whoever i could find first with a good nature. Turned out to be a Litleo who i named Venus. Took about at least an hour. After training on route 22, both Apple and Venus were level 11. Venus and Apple then burnt down Viola's gym.

Saved at the entrance to Route 4 since it was late at night


Apple - Chespin lvl 13
Venus - Litleo lvl 13
Baxter - Bunnelby lvl 9
So I went on a shiny hunt in my X version FS last night, and continued it this morning. I found a shiny Noibat and two shiny Electrode last night, and a shiny Sliggoo and Fraxure this morning. Sadly, none of them had any useful abilities or natures, but I did also catch PokéRus from all the hunting I did, which would be nice if I weren't hunting with fully-trained 'mons. All in all, however, I pulled in a great haul!


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Going to play X/Y a little again as part of my current project. They are currently the newest new games (since OR/AS are remakes, they aren't as "new" in my eyes), but they won't be for much longer. They are the last games I will go back and re-visit, Sun and Moon will be out next week (or this week if you are lucky enough to live outside of Europe), my focus will shift to them once they are out.

Anyway, I started today. Going to re-explore all of Kalos, will look at places and speak to people along the way. Flew to Vaniville Town and it somehow brought back more memories than I thought it would, from when I first started playing X. These games are only 3 years old so it isn't old enough to be "nostalgia", it is just memories. I liked seeing this place again, but at the same time, it gave me a bittersweet feeling since there was never a follow-up to X/Y, and these games feel unfinished and unpolished at several places, which a third version or sequel or something could have fixed. I stayed at Vaniville for a while, then I also stayed at Route 1 for a while to hear the music there, which I don't think I have ever done before. I'm not sure what to think of Route 1 in Kalos, it feels so small and boring, plus it has no extra areas, it feels like several steps back compared to Route 1 in Unova.

After reminiscing for a bit, I started exploring Kalos for real. On X, I went from Vaniville to Santalune. On Y, I started by visiting Vaniville, then I went from Santalune to Camphrier. Though I didn't explore all of Lumiose along the way, going to wait with that until later. Not sure if I even will explore all of it, probably most of it at best. Either way, I felt that this was enough for today, so I stopped there. More tomorrow.


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Just started a Nuzlocke on Y before Sun comes out at the end of the week. So far, I've made it to Santalune Forest without much of a problem - in here is where I start to worry, though.

Athena (Pidgey) ♀
Lv. 7, no item
Keen Eye, Hasty
Sand Attack

I'm really hoping my first encounter in here isn't a Pikachu - as much as I would want one for this run, it would probably kill me. Here's to the start of my first Nuzlocke ever!


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Explored more of Kalos today. On X, I went from Camphrier all the way to Cyllage, visiting all areas along the way. Most notably the Parfum Palace which I hadn't been to in a while since there's sadly no reason to go ever go back there once you have gone through it in the story. Which is a shame, I would have loved to see them do something more about the suggested connection between Unova and Kalos and maybe the Reshiram and Zekrom statues there. Oh well. On Y, I didn't do as much, just went from Cyllage to Geosenge. Didn't do more here because I had to charge my 3DS. Will do more another time. Going to continue with the exploration later this week.
I'm the closest I've ever been to a living dex (or even a complete National Dex) ... currently at 602 caught. Gens 4 (39) and 5 (35) are the ones I need most of, only 4 more for all of Kalos, 13 for Kanto and 14 for Johto and Hoenn.

EDIT: Also during my Living Dex hunting, I came across shiny Qwilfish and shiny Audino.
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I finally hatched my second Badge Quest Shiny: Iblis the Eevee, now a Flareon. I added him to my team in place of Robyn, and added Mallow the Sylveon as well because it's always good to have a Fairy-type. Beat Grant earlier this morning, and now I'm off to Geosenge and Shalour.


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Continued with the exploration of Kalos. On X, I explored from Geosenge to Coumarine, including the Azure Bay. On Y, I explored from Coumarine to Dendemille, including Route 16 and most of Lumiose. I had completely forgotten about the fact that it is possible to listen to Emotion from Gen 5 if you speak to a person in a house in Coumarine. I remember being very happy about it when I first played through X three years ago, and hearing it again now after I had forgotten about it made me very happy once more. So that was a positive thing to help me with having to wait five extra days for Sun/Moon. Anyway, I have explored quite a lot of Kalos now, not much left. Going to continue tomorrow.


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Started off catching two Skitty for Wondertrades. First trade ended up as a Shiny zigzagoon with Surf, Cut, Rock Smash and Tackle. it also had Pick up. The second trade was just a lvl 13 Poochyena. Decided to keep Zigzagoon on my team for awhile for Double Pick up with Baxter. I also caught a third Skitty to keep in my PC. Since i had Cut early i went back to Routes 3 & 22 and got the items behind the Cut trees. Also, Took the time to level Zigzagoon up a bit, to help battle Professor Sycamore. Chose a Squirtle named Kelpling, and deposited it in the PC. Caught Psylock the abra on route 5, so i can use Mega Alakazam. With the EXP share Apple evolved and Psylock reached level 14 before Camphrier Town. Also, found a trainer I never knew about, behind one of the Cut trees. Taught Psylock Thief, so she had an attacking move until she evolves. Deposited Baxter and Zigzagoon before heading on to route 6. three Tourists later, and Psylock evolved. Caught a Sentret named Ringtail, just because. Then cleared on Route 6 of all the items i could find. Gave Psylock the Amulet Coin and watched Fireworks at Parfum Palace. Back on route 7, I caught Snorlax in one try thanks to Psylock. Saved outside the Daycare.


Apple - Quilladin lvl 21
Venus - Litleo lvl 22
Psylock - Kadabra lvl 22


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wow, i just finished a huge task today in time for gen7. i just evolved 3 ITA origin pkmn from my OR playthru on my X file. i have finally completed a full all language dex data for any regular pkmn on my X file. i have a few ITA/KOR legends from previous and current OR playthru to log on my X file but i have the data if it pertains to those that arent in the legend and event category. i also got a full living dex of any normal pkmn in both ITA KOR stored on my 2ds PKbank app. this took around 2 years to acheive but i did it.


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More exploration today. Not very much though. On X, I explored from Dendemille to Anistar, and on Y, I went from Anistar to Snowbelle. Not much left to explore now, going to take care of the final areas tomorrow. I also noticed an interesting thing in Anistar. There's the Sundial, and a Hex Maniac talks about the existence of Moondials as well. Was this an extremely early reference to Sun and Moon, or is it just a coincidence? We'll probably never know, but I found it really cool, especially now.


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Eh.. Taking a break from breeding tonight to earn some bp with a gengar, dragonite, and greninja ( taking Single battle challenge, first time since restart only completed Multi battle with a tag team of friends. Who all where playing S/M at the time :› )I'll get back to breeding tomorrow night


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Last week, I did the final things on X/Y. To start with, I explored the remaining parts of Kalos. On X, I explored Route 20/21/22 and the Pokemon Village. On Y, I explored Victory Road, the Pokemon League and Kiloude City. Then I did some other things, as usual. Started with catching some Pokemon. On X, I caught a Clauncher at Route 8, then an Eevee on Route 10. I also caught a Male and a Female Pyroar at a Friend Safari. On Y, I caught a Phantump and a Klefki at Route 16.

Did some other things afterwards. Went to Lumiose and bought various Poke Balls until I had even numbers of all of them. Battled some random trainers in Lumiose. Tried Mega Evolving the members of my post-game teams that can Mega Evolve, the animation looks rather different compared to OR/AS. Not as sharp, smooth or detailed, which felt strange. After that, I used up all Poke Puffs I had left (which wasn't many at all) and used up my remaining Super Training Bags too, except for the useful ones.

Continued by looking through my PC boxes, I have some cool Pokemon here. Re-organized my legendary boxes a bit so they were in National Dex order, chances are I'll be getting more events later though so I might have to change things again. Connected to Bank and stored some fodder (X only) as well as got more Poke Miles since I had very few left after sending the ones I had to the PGL earlier. I got more than 1000 on each game this time which is good as that means I can farm them easily in the future... though I don't need to, at least not here. I have also checked through all battle backgrounds now and I like the Monochrome and Cockpit ones the best, so those are the ones I'm sticking with.

Then, I was done. Flew to Kiloude City and saved in front of the Pokemon Center, which is my save hub here. Like all games, I have not played X/Y for the last time, will likely have to connect them to S/M and other future games at various points in the future. X/Y might not be my top favorites, but I still like them. They were good for what they were and I had lots of fun with them, they were a good first step onto the 3DS, if anything. So with that, goodbye Kalos and thanks for the fun. I have moved on to Alola.


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Well, three years later I've finally beaten Kalos with my own, diligently trained team (and not several legendaries). I love these games so much.

Meowstic - Lv. 64
Goodra - Lv. 64
Hawlucha - Lv. 67
Avalugg - Lv. 67
Gourgeist - Lv. 68
Sylveon - Lv. 70

Surprisingly, Diantha was actually a bit of a challenge - she wasn't as hard as Siebold or Wikstrom, both of whom defeated me once due to a little difficulty with their typing (and Gyarados managing to get 6 Dragon Dances in). She did, however, knock out four of my team members, so it wasn't nearly as easy as I think she's made out to be. I did go through the game intentionally using my six favorite Kalos-native species, but it turned out to be one of my strongest teams ever and it was a fun play-through.


what ever........
Been Breeding pkmn for friends to give them Shiny cause I've been taking too long, though this is my first year breeding for shiny and Iv's so...

Not much else here.......

Mrs. Oreo

- I visited a few establishments on Lumiose city's North Boulevard now that I had visited the Prism Tower. I also went through alleys and narrow streets and defeated trainers ha ha.
- I went to the closest pokemon center I could locate and shopped and exchanged pokemon as well, then I went back to the Prism Tower and went to the Lumiose gym via elevator.
- I saw Bonnie inside the gym and she asked me question and I faced the gym's trainers periodically and saw Clemont at the top floor. I challenged him and won the Voltage badge fast. :]
I finally renewed my Poké Bank sub and transferred my polkumz in X and Y to bank. I forgot how to delete the save file and start a new one, and I forgot about the digital manual included in the game cartridge, so I ended up googling the button combo. After I found it, I deleted my save files in X and Y and started new ones. I picked Fennekin in Y and Chespin in X, saved after I got my starter, and put X and Y up for good. Unless I ever want to do shiny hunting again, I won't replay them a third time.