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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Informed Casual
After a lot of playing sun and moon I recently went back to y and random encountered a shiny amoonguss!

I've also been realizing how good these first games in gen 6 were again - I think I actually prefer xy over oras. And I've even grown to like my pseudo rivals/traveling companions, as cheesy as they are lol

Mrs. Oreo

- Once in Laverre city, I picked up a few items, did some clothes shopping in Laverre's stylish boutique and then exchanged pokemon cuz I was ready to challenge the Laverre gym next.
- Inside the large dollhouse interior of the gym, I defeated trainers as I made my way to where Valerie the gym leader was waiting. I found her room soon enough and we battled. :3
- I used Lucario's Flash Cannon attacks to sweep Valerie's collection of fairy pokemon hee hee, then she awarded me the Fairy badge and I got a Tm as well before going outside again.

Alatar VGC

House Greyjoy
I bought new copy of Y. My old one went missing g >.>

I selected the Male character and named him "Alatar".

After speaking to my mum. I headed out of town and came across a bunch of people.

They insisted I have a nickname .-.

But I did get a starter. I chose Fennekin and soft reset for modest one.

I then saved my game.

Mrs. Oreo

- When my gym battle with Valerie had concluded, I had to visit the Pokeball Factory cuz Team Flare was up to no good there. I saw my friends outside, then Shauna got chased ha ha.
- With Shauna serving as a distraction, I entered the factory building and used the line of conveyor belts to move around while I defeated Flare grunts. I then arrived at the boss' office.
- I saw Team Flare members inside, including Celosia and Bryony. Calem joined me and we defeated the two women in a multi battle. After saving the president, I got a Master ball. :]


Well-Known Member
Resetting X for multiple Genesects. I am up to 8. Takes about 35 minutes per Genesect. But, I want to have at least 18-20 when I'm fully burnt out from doing it.

Mrs. Oreo

- So now that the Pokeball Factory was saved, I left to Laverre city again and went to Route 15's path. I love that area cuz of its autumn foliage hee hee and I caught a few pokemon.
- I got spooked by some trainers who were hiding under the clumps of leaves and soon I fished with my rods when I approached some ponds, but all I hooked were wild Basculins. ^^;
- I crossed some bridges and arrived at the Lost Hotel's northern entrance, which I visited after catching a Klefki. I picked up items and then I went out toward Dendemille town next.


So long
Played X/Y a little during the weekend. Mostly to download the Event Genesect, which I got on both games. It is likely the final Event ever for these games, and for the generation as a whole, so it feels a bit sad that there won't be any more events as I really liked the large amount of events during this generation. I hope Gen 7 will follow up and have many events as well. Anyway, I soft-reset until I got the Nature I wanted on the 2 Genesect, it went quite quickly and I got it at the same time on both games. Then I deposited them in the PC. Playing X/Y again made me miss them for some random reason. I like these games and I had lots of fun with them. It is weird, didn't think I would feel this way but I guess I like them more than I thought. It also feels sad how there never was a proper follow-up to them. Anyway, I don't think I'll play X/Y anymore in the near future so this is it, not sure when I'll play them next time.

Mrs. Oreo

- In Dendemille town now, I met up with professor Sycamore and he updated me on some topics, then I exchanged Pokemon and roamed the icy town and visited a few cottages. :]
- When I had finished my exploration, I went north through the exterior of Frost Cavern and saw a man and his Mamoswine, battled trainers and then entered the cold cave itself. ^^
- I slipped on the floor inside and did some level grinding while looking for Pokemon to catch. I gathered some items as well and soon I was at Abomasnow's cave and saw Team Flare.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Today, I spent a little time on Y because I needed to get some Pokemon for my Sun's dex. First, I went to the Day Care and collected three eggs containing a Shieldon, Archen, and Petilil.

Once I had my eggs, I went to Lumiose City, where I purchased a variety of balls at the Poke Ball boutique place. Then, I rode my bike around the city for a little while to get my eggs closer to hatching before finally heading to Route 14. I encountered several Pokemon on that route before finding a Goomy, which I caught after weakening it with my Parasect's False Swipe. After that, I went to Route 17 and searched for a Delibird. Once I found one, I weakened it with Parasect again, then caught it.

Finally, the three eggs I had in my party hatched. I then placed those three Pokemon and the two I caught in an empty PC box along with an extra Chinchou I had. Then, I sent those six Pokemon to Bank and then to Sun.


Shiny Hunter
I haven't been on X since August but I have alot planned for this weekend. I am going to do some horde encounters for HA Nidoran-F, as well as catch a Zoroark. I am also going to transform my Rotom into Rotom-Cut

Mrs. Oreo

- I confronted Mable of Team Flare at Frost Cavern and saved the Abomasnow, who then handed me the Abomasite mega stone hee hee. I left the cave and returned to Dendemille.
- I explored Route 16 next and caught a few Pokemon and grabbed as many items as I could locate among the leaves and then I went to Route 17, which was covered in deep snow.
- The Mamoswine guy from before kindly lent me his Mamoswine so I could cross the snow and I caught a Sneasel as we moved deeper into the ice. I also picked up a few items nearby.


On my X game, I went to Ambrette Town, then I then flew to Victory Road in order to level up my Inkay. I grinded against many wild Pokemon within the cavern until Inkay reached level 30 and then I flipped the 3DS upside down to induce the evolution. After that I caught a wild Graveler, Haunter, Gurdurr, and Lickitung within Victory Road and used an Escape Rope to leave the cave. I flew to Laverre City and I did some trades in order to evolve some of the Pokemon that I caught at Victory Road.

Mrs. Oreo

- I finished crossing the icy wasteland at Route 17 and got a call from Calem and he asked me to meet him in front of Anistar city's gym. I now walked into Anistar city itself hee hee.
- I exchanged Pokemon inside the Pokemon Center, changed clothes and shopped also before exploring the city. I visited a few homes and the boutique and then went to the gym. :]
- I challenged Calem and won fast, then I went inside the gym building and began the long task of searching for Olympia's spot and I defeated trainers that I found along the way. ^^


Well-Known Member
X: ended up with over 18 Genesects. 18 through resets and 5 already in my bank... so, 23 total.

Y: really hitting my Friend Safaris for shiny Pokémon. Started on April 15. Hit my 3rd shiny today: Pikachu. Really digging the Friend Safari now.


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
Y: Showed off my skating to Korrina at tower of mastery. Battled a person from this forum afterwards and won though he did really good and i was pretty sure i was gonna lose lol

Mrs. Oreo

- So with the Anistar gym cleared out, all I had to do was challenge its gym leader Olympia. I defeated her team of psychic types swiftly and won the Psychic badge and left the gym.
- I saw Calem again when I was outside and Lysandre distributed his message via the Holo Caster next in which he explained his scheme to everyone in Kalos. I flew to Lumiose now.
- I exchanged Pokemon at the closest Pokemon Center I could find and did some shopping before visiting Lysandre's cafe. Once inside I defeated a couple of Team Flare members. ^^


Well-Known Member
X: completed my second play through. Forgot how awesome the Pokémon League was at the end.

Stated off the day by breeding a Lapras for HMs: Surf, Waterfall, Strength, and TM Rock Smash. It was a level 1 going to the path. Ended up being level 30 at the end right before the league. Stored it in my computer & filled my team with:

All in all, only Xerneas was the weak link. Had to revive her twice. Other than that, the league went down rather fast.

Not sure what to do now. Guess it's back to Shiny hunting friend safaris.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Played Y today since I wanted to spend some time in Kalos. First, I re-explored most of the region by walking from town to town. While doing that, I picked up some berries that had fallen on the ground and battled wild Pokemon with my Clawitzer. My Pickup Linoone was in my party and picked up several items for me, including a Heart Scale, Sun Stone, and Revive.

Once I'd seen all of my favourite places around Kalos again, I went to the Pokemon League. I wanted to use some of my other Pokemon in battle again, such as my Sylveon and Delphox, so I fought the Elite Four. The battles were pretty easy for my team. After that was done, I played for a bit more before saving in Santalune City.


Played OR for the first time since buying it the day it came out.

I reasarted it yesterday and was looking for a female Ralts. While I was searching, I thought to myself how I have never seen a shiny in the wild. I've bred them, chained them, traded for them, received event shinies, but have never actually come across one in the wild.

I have played literally every version of Pokémon (except Sun/Moon), many multiple times, since Blue and Red came out, and today, after all those hundreds, probably thousands of hours of playing I finally found a shiny Zigzagoon in the wild.

Just wanted to share that since I thought it was pretty cool.


I call you honey
Been making more progress on Y version, playing some more in Pokémon Amie and catching some more Pokémon. My Squirtle just evolved into Wartortle, and I've also caught the Snorlax that was blocking the bridge on Route 7. Also discovered where to plant berries, and got the Cut HM from the garden maze thing, and found that one guy's missing Furfrou before all of that. My current team consists of my Quilladin, Wartortle, Furfrou, Pancham, and Fletchinder. I've decided that I want to add a Honedge to my team