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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread


Hi 5s & stage dives
Just got back to Lumoise City for some lunch. Been chasing down Moltres all morning! After three attempts, i was finally able to catch it in a luxury ball. It was a timid nature :D After lunch, i went to Kiloude City to partake in a quick round at the Maison.


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Tonight, I did a few things on X. I hadn't played it in a while, not since last year IIRC, but I needed to play it over Y since I needed a Swirlix for my Sun.

I started in Kiloude City and took the train to Lumiose. There, I quickly visited the Poke Ball Boutique place to stock up on balls. Then, I headed over to Route 7. After a few wild encounters, I found a Swirlix and caught it in a Dive Ball. I really like the combination of Swirlix's pink and the Dive Ball's blue colouring.

Next, I returned to Kiloude. I rematched Calem and used my Dedenne, Gogoat, and Mega Blastoise to defeat his team. Then, I checked out my Friend Safari, as it'd been quite a while since I'd been there on either XY version (forgot it existed honestly). I had way more safaris than I remembered having, so I only visited a few of them. Didn't find anything terribly interesting, so I didn't catch anything.

Finally, I transferred the Swirlix I caught over to Sun.


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i had used a calm HP/SDF bellossom in gen7 weakness battle and bred a few good 5IV pkmn in gen6 for that. i took one of those spares in gen6 and made a monster to help me catch the legends in my pkmn OR game as i didnt do that for many many months. i put the HP/SDF evs, stun spore and 2 attacking moves (moonblast) and moonlight and proceeded to go catch 2 legends in OR. i got my palkia and landorus just now and will get the other 10 later on. i brought that lvl 1 pkmn and another lvl 48 bellossom to 100 in the XY restaurant.
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A few days ago, I went to the Battle Chateau on Y. I just wanted to have some battles there, since I don't do that too often nowadays.
Anyway, I fought a few trainers, including Clemont and Malva, and defeated them mostly using my Sylveon and Delphox.

After that, I left and walked over to the Day Care. I wanted to get a few Pokemon to transfer from my Y to USUM eventually and decided on the Kalos fossils. So, I hatched a Tyrunt and an Amaura. While I was waiting for the eggs to hatch, I walked into the flowers and encountered a Flabebe. Even though I didn't really need it, I decided to catch it anyway.

Finally, I transferred the above three Pokemon, along with a Ditto I'll need for breeding on USUM, to my Bank.

Magical Pokemon

I love Care Bears!
Last night I caught a shiny Sigilyph in Pokemon X in the friend safari. Today, I caught a shiny Delibird in the same game and place. :)


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Since finding my 3rd random encounter shiny on Nov 11th, a Volbeat.

I decided I wanted to start random encounter shiny hunting. I don’t have shiny charm in any game.

My first hunt was in Santalune Forest, I found a shiny Caterpie in 1,588 encounters on the 21st. I was looking for Caterpie or Weedle so good luck.
I would of been happy with most except Kakuna sinc I have it. I was in X so Caterpie was 10%. I evolved it to Metapod finishing the line. Metapod is a favorite shiny of mine. I previously found shiny Butterfree in 3 friend safari encounters and hatched shiny Caterpie in 612 eggs using masuda method.

My next hunt was on Route 12 in yellow flowers. I was going for Tauros or Exeggcute. I used my female cute charm shiny Delcatty to get Tauros to appear more. Shiny Tauros appeared at 1,794 encounters. What luck. It was on the 25th. I’ve had friend safari and horde hunts take over 2,000 encounters.

My most recent hunt was fossil resetting for Aerodactyl. My first fossil reset hunt. I for sure thought this one would take at least 3,000 fossils to find...nope just 656. It appeared on the 27th.

My current hunts include random encounters for Azurill, friend safari hunting for Breloom, dexnaving for Solrock, breeding for Nidoran female. I’ve horde hunted for it and have found 10 males and 6 Stunky’s.... I’m at 1,000+ eggs. I’m also fossil resetting Omanyte.
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I finally, finally beat the Elite Four in both my X and Y games. I don't know why I put it off all these years... perhaps lack of motivation? Well, I guess learning access to Friend Safari was locked behind post-game proved motivation enough. I've been shiny hunting as of late and I wanted to have a go at increased shiny odds Friend Safari brings. Right now I'm hunting in a Ground type Safari for shiny Camerupt or shiny Phanpy in Y.

I'm hoping someone can tell me what my Safari is...

Mega Altaria

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So I went back onto X and battled in the Battle Chateau for a while. After battling a couple of Trainers, including Viola and Wulfric, I went to the Camphrier Town Pokémon Center and healed my Pokémon. After I went back, I made it to the rank of Grand Duchess and saved afterwards.

In Y, I flew to the Kiloude City on Talonflame and went into one of my Eevee safaris to start a hunt for shiny Eevee in Y. So far, no luck.


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I did a few daily events on Y today. In Lumiose City, the first thing I did was go to the lotto place, where I won a PP Max.

Next, I walked over to the research lab. I read about how you can get items for finding a specific Pokemon with the Poke Radar, and figured I should try that since I haven't used the Poke Radar that much in XY (honestly, I forgot it was even in the game).

Anyway, I talked to one of the scientists and found out that the target for today was Amoonguss. I then headed to the Route 20/Pokemon Village area and used the radar. It took me several tries to find an Amoonguss, but I eventually encountered one and defeated it with my Sylveon. I was only able to find just that one Amoonguss before the chain broke.
Back at the lab in Lumiose, I received an Ultra Ball.

Finally, I went to Route 18 in order to do the Inverse Battle. I used my Sylveon, Scolipede, and Clawitzer in the battle and received some Shuca Berries afterwards.


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A buddy, from work, and I are doing playthroughs and at the end we'll be using our ingame teams to battle each other. He has Y and I have X. Adamant on using Pokes I haven’t used in this game, with the exception of Nidoqueen. Possibly.

Started a file with the darkest tone MC. Named him Crip. Finished the intro and woke up in my bed. Looked in the mirror where I changed clothes. After enough dialogues I chose a Froakie.

Battled Shauna. I won, too easily.

Having received the ‘Dex I saved. Did some Bank transfers, moved over a Pikachu and Lickitung among others.

Resumed my game a little later, currently saved in the forest. Hunting for fodder.


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Just been blowing through this first portion. Between the 1st and 2nd badge it takes TOO long, my buddy’s waiting on me...

Defeated Viola A couple days ago. Afterwards, I traded the Lickitung over the GTS. Got an Aerodactyl in exchange, that will serve as my Mega.

After the whole forced Kanto bit (Snorlax), I exchanged words at the Chateau, I believe, getting the entry title rank. Didn’t battle anyone, got a Heracross some time after though (off my AS file).

Made it to the coastal side not too long after. Hunted for a Hippopotas and Helioptile. Made it to the PC where I saved and called it a day.

Current team:


Bunnelby for Pickup

Golett/Golurk is my 5th. Need a 6th, if anyone is reading and has suggestions.
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Golett/Golurk is my 5th. Need a 6th, if anyone is reading and has suggestions.

Since you already have something from every Gen except Gen 3 maybe go for a Water type like Crawdaunt or Ludicolo.

Not particularly recent but I did finally manage to do something I had never done before which is beat these games with Fennekin as my starter! I ended up using a team of 6 that I had never beaten a game with though some I had attempted too but started over before finishing the Elite 4. All in all I ended up enjoying the play through and it gave me a better appreciation for X & Y although they are still my least favorite of the main games.


I still have never completed the Looker Quest so I really do need to get around to doing that. Also Abomasnow was awful. I wanted to use a Mega but this thing just faints to every little thing. Way too many weaknesses. That is all.


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Since you already have something from every Gen except Gen 3 maybe go for a Water type like Crawdaunt or Ludicolo.

Didn't notice there being Pokes from each gen and, I do like teams with a theme. Also, liking the idea of Ludicolo.

I ended up using a team of 6 that I had never beaten a game with though some I had attempted too but started over before finishing the Elite 4. All in all I ended up enjoying the play through and it gave me a better appreciation for X & Y although they are still my least favorite of the main games.

Exactly what I'm doing, though I beat Crystal with a Heracross on my team. Hoping this playthrough will help me appreciate these games more, finished them both once; it's a struggle bringing myself to play XY.
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My coworker and I faced off some days ago. Had two battles after the first ended due to communication issues.

He had Delphox, Crustle, Doublade, Vaporeon, Staravia; Venusaur was his mega. Thought I’d lose. Won 4-0, as the connection dropped right at the end.

2nd battle I lost, narrowly. I mean narrowly. Was confident my Sandstorm + Venusar being confused via Petal Dance would ensure the win. So instead of using Wing Attack, I used Rock Tomb and lost by 1hp.

Took Golett off my team, Heracross too. Will use (Golett) in a White playthrough. After some GTS and breeding I got all the way to Couramarine where I battled my rival and saved. Will save my next battle with my coworker, which will be at Laverre, and post it.


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Foongus hatched, a little after I beat Ramos. Haven’t named it. Going through that “desert” Route is a pain. Took down Team Flare at the Power Plant.

During my time there Get Pow-d On (Hippopotas) evolved. Mawile also hatched, CrunCHé, he was named.

Made it to Lumiose last night. Hoping to power through the Gym, the following routes and Laverre as well, after work. Then tonight, hopefully, I’ll be to battle my coworker again.


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Finally battled my coworker, late last night. We had one battle, I narrowly lost. Ultimately came down to my Team (Mawile lacked both STAB and Sucker Punch) having incomplete move sets and Foongus being unevolved.

We planned for battles after Wulfric and the E4. I’m confident I can win these, both. Not much else. I’ll edit this post later if I play.


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For the first time ever in Gen VI, I had a full odds shiny encounter with a Lvl. 4 Fletchling in Santalune Forest, shortly after starting a new save. It was my first ever shiny in XY/ORAS.


So, started my first journey ever in the region of Kalos. After playing with my new character for a while and watching the gorgeous graphics of the 3ds, went out of the village, and meet those guys who says are my new friends. One of them gave me my first pokemon in the region.

I picked Fennekin which came with Magician ability and went to Santaune Forest. Decided to catch a Huge Power Bunnelby and a Gale wings Fletching while I was on route 2 and inside the forest decided to catch a Scatterbug.

Once I reached Santalune City, and after exploring every corner enjoying how beautiful everything is in Kalos fought a trainer in the doors of Viola's gym who gave me rollers. Tried Viola's gym, and my team was roflstomped so went to route 22 and trained my team a bit more.

After some hours grinding, I managed to finally beat her not before giving me a lot of headche because her tactics.

Now I'm at the fountain of route 4. My jorney has just started.

Fennekin lvl 20
Bunnelby lvl 16
Fletchinder lvl 20
Vivillion lvl 15