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X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. james19

    james19 Member

    So, started my first journey ever in the region of Kalos. After playing with my new character for a while and watching the gorgeous graphics of the 3ds, went out of the village, and meet those guys who says are my new friends. One of them gave me my first pokemon in the region.

    I picked Fennekin which came with Magician ability and went to Santaune Forest. Decided to catch a Huge Power Bunnelby and a Gale wings Fletching while I was on route 2 and inside the forest decided to catch a Scatterbug.

    Once I reached Santalune City, and after exploring every corner enjoying how beautiful everything is in Kalos fought a trainer in the doors of Viola's gym who gave me rollers. Tried Viola's gym, and my team was roflstomped so went to route 22 and trained my team a bit more.

    After some hours grinding, I managed to finally beat her not before giving me a lot of headche because her tactics.

    Now I'm at the fountain of route 4. My jorney has just started.

    Fennekin lvl 20
    Bunnelby lvl 16
    Fletchinder lvl 20
    Vivillion lvl 15
  2. james19

    james19 Member

    After 55 hours I managed to finish Pokemon X. Fought against the E4, and finally the champion was revealed: Diantha. Sadly it wasn't a very present character through my journey, nor against Team Flare. Nothing. Just a few lines while I was in Luminose and thats it. Very dissapointing, so it wasn't that exciting to fight against her. Anyway, after some serious fight, I beat her so after almost 5 years of patience I was the Champion of my 6th region: Kalos.

    After that, a nice surprise was to see how Sycamore planned a event to celebrate I was the new Champion in the middle of Luminose, with a lot of people, and those guys who said they were my friends, which they weren't at all. Maybe after like 50 hours I started to appreciate Serena and Trevor. But Shauna and Tierno were obnoxious and annoying through all my journey. And useless. Very useless.

    My team went through several phases, but this was that which took me to the peak:


    In the race I used Vivillion, Pancham and Clawitzer, but none of them were capable of being funny or powerfull enough to make it through the end

    And now, I started my jorney to lvl 100 all my champion team, catch legendaries, battle on Battle Maison and make a living dex as always want to do, and fail lol. At the moment I managed to catch Mewtwo and Zygarde. And I was busy finding berries I found Zapdos two times, but is still fleeing. I'm hoping to catch him soon
  3. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    i spent a bunch of time on pkmn X today unlike the last year or so where i barely touched gen6 aside from getting "supplies" from gen6. since ive given up on gen 7 i decided to go back to gen 6. took the time to work on a few bred pokemon from long ago and make them battle ready. got a HA espeon ready, a 2nd Gardevoir for my OR file and took the time to train the strongest pokemon ever.

    the strongest pokemon is a jolly iron fist Ledian, with power up punch, drain punch, ice punch and u turn. the IVs are a whopping total of 7. its highest IV is a 7 in DEF and the remaining are all at 0 IVs LOL. i bred this out long ago trying to get a 6 0IV pokemon.
  4. AnOldGoat

    AnOldGoat Just Another Title

    The SS news got me in a mood to basically restart most of my games. Not sure why I decided to go with Gen6. Probably the first game I was in my drawer lol. I fired up a new game of Y.

    I havent planned my team at all. I wanted to use some Pokemon that I havent used before or havent used in a long time. I figured Wonder Trade would help with that just a little. I received some interesting pokemon, a lot I have used recently and a lot of Zigzagoons and Bunnelbys. Along with Pokemon thar were just too high leveled so back into the wonder world they go. I received a Level 2 Aerodactyl which I felt was a gift from the heavens. Long with Pikachu, Spheal, and Riolu. I figured this was a nice team to start of my journey. I plan to wing the team as I go.

    I enter my world and after running into my new group of friends, it was time for me to pick my new starter Pokemon. I went with Chespin. I won't be keeping Chespin, only until the first city when I can reach a CPU.
  5. PrimalPalkia

    PrimalPalkia Active Member

    tying to breed a shiny skarmory with good IV's

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