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X/Y Trades by BananaLizard

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Bananalizard, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    Hello one and all! I've got quite a few interesting things here for you, hopefully you'll browse my wares and find something that suits your fancy~

    Now, here's what I've got available to you:

    IV Breeding:
    I can do IV breeding for you, up to 5IV's on any pokemon, any nature, any gender, and ability (so long as I have it)

    You'll have to make me a /good/ offer though, since it does take a lot of work.

    What Max IV's (up to 5):

    If you want egg-moves too, so long as they are available without hacks or pokebank. :3 (currently, once pokebank comes out I can probably get you almost anything. :D)

    (note, 99% of this will be bred)
    Hidden Ability Pokemon
    Chlorophyll Bulbasaur
    Solar Power Charmander
    Rain Dish Squirtle
    Big Pecks Pidgey
    Lightning Rod Pichu (plus volt tackle)
    Friend Guard Cleffa
    Drought Vulpix
    Run away Oddish
    Damp Paras
    Defiant Primeape
    Justified Growlithe
    Swift Swim Poliwag
    Magic Guard Abra
    Flame Body Ponyta
    Overcoat Shellder
    Sheer Force Krabby
    Aftermath Voltorb
    Harvest Eggsecute
    Vital Spirit Tyrogue
    Healer Chansey
    Vital Spirit Elekid
    Vital Spirit Magby
    Moxie Pinsir
    Rattled Magikarp
    Hydration Lapras
    Imposter Ditto
    Anticipation Eevee
    Marvel Scale Dratini
    Plus Mareep
    Skill Link Aipom
    Early Bird Sunkern
    Frisk Yanma
    Immunity Gligar
    Pickpocket Sneasel
    Thick Fat Swinub
    Speed Boost Torchic
    Rain Dish Surskit
    Quick Feet Shroomish
    Prankster Sableye
    Protean Kecleon
    Cursed Body Shuppet
    Frisk Duskull
    Harvest Tropius
    Justified Absol
    Clear Body Beldum
    Guts Shinx
    Water Veil Buizel
    Speed Boost Venipede
    Run away Venonat
    Motor Drive Emolga
    Bulletproof Chespin
    Magician Fennekin
    Protean Froakie
    Gale Wings Fletchling
    Moxie Litleo
    Grass Petl Skiddo
    Solar Power Helioptile
    Gooey Goomy
    Sturdy Bergmite
    Telepathy Noibat

    Run away Caterpie/Tinted lens Butterfree
    Run away weedle/Sniper beedrill
    Sniper Spearow
    unnerve Ekans
    Sand rush Sandshrew
    Hustle Nidoran M/F
    Friend Guard Igglypuff
    Infiltrator Zubat
    Sand force Diglett
    Swift Swim Psyduck
    Steadfast Machop
    Gluttony Bellsprout
    Sand veil Geodude
    Regenerator Slowpoke
    Analytic Magnemite
    Defiant Farfetch'd
    Tangled Feet Doduo
    Ice Body Seel
    Poison Touch Grimer
    Weak Armor Onix
    Inner Focus Drowzee
    Battle Armor Cubone
    Cloud Nine Lickitung
    Reckless Rhyhorn
    Regenerator Tangela
    Steadfast Scyther
    Sheer Force Tauros
    Tinted Lens HootHoot
    Rattled Ledyba
    Sniper Spinarak
    Super Luck Togepi
    Magic Bounce Natu
    Infiltrator Hoppip
    Unaware Wooper
    Prankster Murkrow
    Sap Sipper Girafarig
    Overcoat Pineco
    Rattled Dunsparce
    Rattled Snubbull
    Contrary Shuckle
    Moxie Heracross
    Honey Gather Teddiursa
    Weak Armor Slugma
    Regenerator Corsola
    Moody Octillery
    Insomnia Delibird
    Unnerve Houndour
    Sand Veil Phanpy
    Moody Smeargle
    Hydration Smoochum
    Sap Sipper Miltank
    Sand Veil Larvitar
    Rattled Poochyena
    Run Away Wurmple
    Own Tempo Lotad
    Pickpocket Seedot
    Scrappy Taillow
    Rain Dish Wingull
    Telepathy Ralts
    Run Away Nincada
    Rattled Whismur
    Sheer Force Makuhita
    Sap Sipper Azurill
    Sand Force Nosepass
    Sheer Force Mawhile
    Heavy Metal Aron
    Telepathy Medidite
    Minus Elektrike
    Lightning Rod Plusle
    Volt Absorb Minun
    Prankster Volbeat
    Prankster Illumuise
    Gluttony Gulpin
    Own Tempo Numel
    Gluttony Spoink
    Contrary Spinda
    Sheer Force Trapinch
    Water Absorb Cacnea
    Cloud Nine Swablu
    Toxic Boost Zangoose
    Infiltrator Seviper
    Adaptability Corphish
    Moody Snorunt
    Oblivious Spheal
    Reckless Starly
    Moody Bidoof
    Leaf Guard Budew
    Hustle Combee
    Sand Force Shellos
    Flare Boost Drifloon
    Keen Eye Stunky
    Technician Mime Jr.
    Infiltrator Spiritomb
    Rough Skin Gible
    Prankster Riolu
    Keen Eye Skorupi
    Poison Touch Toxicroak
    Soundproof Snover
    Run Away Lillipup
    Prankster Purrloin
    Overgrow Pansage
    Blaze Pansear
    Torrent Panpour
    Telepathy Munna
    Rivalry Pidove
    Sap Sipper Blitzle
    Sand Force Roggenrola
    Simple Woobat
    Mold Breaker Drillbur
    Klutz Audino
    Water Absorb Tympole
    Mold Breaker Throh
    Mold Breaker Sawk
    Overcoat Sewaddle
    Leaf Guard Petilil
    Anger Point Sandile
    Storm Drain Maractus
    Weak Armor Dwebble
    Intimidate Scraggy
    Aftermath Trubbish
    Skill Link Minccino
    Shadow Tag Gothita
    Regenerator Solosis
    Hydration Ducklett
    Weak Armor Vanillite
    Serene Grace Deerling
    Regenerator Foongus
    Swarm Joltik
    Clear Body Klang
    Infiltrator Litwick
    unnerve Axew
    Rattled Cubchoo
    Sand Veil Stunfisk
    Reckless Mienfoo
    Mold Breaker Druddigon
    No Guard Golette
    Pressure Pawniard
    Hustle Rufflet
    Weak Armor Vullaby
    White Smoke Heatmor
    Truant Durant
    Swarm Larvesta
    Huge Power Bunnelby
    Friend Guard Scatterbug
    Symbiosis Flabebe
    Scrappy Pancham
    Own Tempo Espurr
    Aroma Veil Spritzee
    Unburden Swirlix
    Infiltrator inkay
    Pickpocket Binacle
    Mold Breaker Hawlucha
    Plus Dedenne
    Sturdy Carbink
    Magician Klefki
    Harvest phantump
    Insomnia Pumpkaboo

    Breedable Exclusives/Hard to find

    Vivillion form: High Plains

    What I'm looking for
    5IV Pokemon/Egg move pokemon
    Shinies!! Offer me a shiny, and see what you can get!

    Vivillion forms wanted:

    Think you have something I might be interested in, be it item or pokemon that isn't listed here? Post with an offer!
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2013
  2. LegendofFantasy

    LegendofFantasy New Member

    Clauncher and Remoraid for Imposter Ditto and Joltik?
  3. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    I'll have to breed the joltik and catch the Imposter ditto, but sure! Give me a little bit to do so~

    I'll post here or PM you when it's ready. :3

    EDIT, Do they have their hidden abilities?
  4. LegendofFantasy

    LegendofFantasy New Member

    No, I don't think so. But if you want, I could add in Lickitung and/or Goldeen. I don't think that they have their hidden abilities either, though.
  5. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    hmmm.. If you would add those two, I'd feel a bit better. ^^; Imposter ditto is a pain to find/catch.
    I'm hatching your joltik now. It does not have its hidden ability though.
  6. LegendofFantasy

    LegendofFantasy New Member

    That's fine. I'm almost done breeding the four Pokemon now. PM me when you are ready to trade.
  7. The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi Stalling is Cowardly

    I'm very interested in your chlorophyll bulbasaur would you part with it for a lickitung no hidden ability and remoraid no hidden ability with pokerus in exchange? And any gen 1-6 fossil poke with pokerus? It's all I have :-/
  8. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    Kamoarc: I'm sorry, I'm getting a lickitung and remoraid from the person who offered above, and I do not need fossils. Out of curiosity though, what Vivillion form do you get?

    LegendofFantasy: I have your pokemon ready, I will be PM'ing you momentarily.
  9. The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi Stalling is Cowardly

    I don't have any vivilions sorry, but I can offer you a goldeen, quilfish and lanturn with pokerus for it
  10. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    I can do it for the qwilfish + lanturn, I've got to breed it though, so you may have to wait a bit, is that okay with you?
  11. The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi Stalling is Cowardly

    Yeah sure thank you would you like the pokerus on them?
  12. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    Doesn't matter to me either way. Pokerus is always nice though. xD
  13. The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi Stalling is Cowardly

    Sent you a pm let me know when your ready
  14. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    I saw. I'm breeding it right now for you, please be patient. ^^
  15. Falconx03

    Falconx03 Legendary

    If I can get you a Relicanth are you willing to trade for a Gale Wing Fletchling? Preferable Male Adamant/Jolly if possible. Let me know.

    EDIT: Just realised how unfair that trade sounds. I can throw in a Speed Boost Torchic?
  16. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    Nyar... I actually have a relicanth, sorry I forgot to update. ^^

    I also already have like three speed boost torchics from wonder trades, anything else you can offer? Items maybe?
  17. Falconx03

    Falconx03 Legendary

    Well I'm not really far yet. Barely have time to play. I have 2 badges so far. Trying to get a Gale Wings Fletchling before I progress much further.

    Lonely Male Snorlax level 19 with Immunity
    Stats are 94/56/27/33/47/19

    Modest Female Litleo level 32 with Unnerve
    Stats are 83/40/53/61/44/55

    Relaxed Male Ralts level 1 with Synchronize (Japanese)
    Stats are 11/5/5/6/5/5

    Adamant Male Fletchling with Big Pecks (Japanese)
    Stats are 18/11/8/8/8/10
  18. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    What vivillion form do you get?
  19. Falconx03

    Falconx03 Legendary

    I get the Polar pattern but I can obtain another pattern if you like?
  20. Bananalizard

    Bananalizard Female Trainer

    I'm in need of a few other patterns, Polar is one I happen to have.

    I need these:

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