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Discussion in 'In-Game RMT' started by Tsumiki, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    Azumarill @ Life Orb / Leftovers
    Adamant Nature (+Atk -SpA)
    Huge Power
    ~ Waterfall / Return
    ~ Aqua Jet
    ~ Play Rough
    ~ Superpower

    A fairly standard four-move Azumarill, which is the way you should go for ingame. Using Life Orb instead of Choice Band as the latter's extra power is overkill ingame and being able to switch moves reduces the amount of switching needed. Alternatively I could run Leftovers as Azumarill is slow and will be taking plenty of hits which Leftovers can mitigate to a some extent. I'm running Waterfall over Return because Water+Fairy+Fighting makes the neutral coverage Return provides more or less redundant.

    Goodra @ Leftovers
    Modest Nature (+SpA -Atk) / Mild Nature (+SpA -Def)
    ~ Dragon Pulse
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Sludge Bomb / Iron Tail
    ~ Thunderbolt / Power Whip / Muddy Water

    Probably my favorite Pokemon from Sixth Gen x). Opting for Leftovers instead of an offensive item to take advantage of it's bulk. Flamethrower and Sludge Bomb take care of it's weaknesses should it need to stay in against Ice or Fairy types for whatever reason. I've listed Iron Tail as an alternative because Fairies tend to have higher SpD relative to their Def. Thunderbolt is it's best way of hitting bulky waters while Power Whip and Muddy Water prevent Rocks from walling it.

    Tyrantrum @ Leftovers
    Adamant Nature (+Atk -SpA)
    Strong Jaws
    ~ Rock Slide / Stone Edge
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Dragon Dance
    ~ Thunder Fang / Crunch / Ice Fang

    Leftovers is the best item for a setup sweeper as power boosting items are made redundant after a turn or two of setup and Lefties reduces the damage taken during setup. QuakeEdge is QuakeEdge, with Rock Slide being the preferred option because a couple of Dragon Dances makes the difference in power redundant. The last slot is coverage filler as Strong Jaws effectively gives them all STAB. Any one of them could work, really. Crunch was chosen as it has the highest Base Power and the Elemental Fangs only serve niche uses dealing with certain Pokemon

    Lucario @ Lucarionite
    Jolly Nature (+Spe -SpA)
    Justified (Adaptability)
    ~ Drain Punch / High Jump Kick
    ~ Swords Dance
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Crunch

    The very definition of overkill. Drain Punch is used as the main STAB as Adaptability boosts it to Base 150 which is more than enough to destroy anything in the game. It also has the nice bonus of removing any damage Lucario may have received during it's setup turn. STABed Bullet Punch coming off a +2 Mega Lucario is enough to dent holes in most Pokemon if not outright knocking them out. Crunch is mostly filler, but Fighting + Dark neutral coverage is notable.

    Togekiss @ Leftovers
    Bold Nature (+Def -Atk)
    Serene Grace
    ~ Dazzling Gleam
    ~ Air Slash
    ~ Aura Sphere / Flamethrower
    ~ Thunder Wave / Nasty Plot

    I can opt for two possible sets here. Giving him Thunder Wave makes him the best paraflincher in the game which makes him unstoppable given a bit of luck. Nasty Plot is more straight up raw power that uses Togekiss' respectable bulk to set up with relative ease. Aura Sphere has the bonus of ignoring misshax while getting arguably better coverage although it's Base Power drop has me looking at Flamethrower as a better check to Ice and Steel types.

    Chandelure @ Life Orb
    Modest Nature (+SpA -Atk)
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Energy Ball
    ~ Pain Split / Will-o-Wisp

    Using a Life Orb instead of a Choice Item because I feel Chandelure really needs the freedom to function properly. The only real toss up here is between Will-o-Wisp and Pain Split. The former makes it easier for my setup sweepers to setup by crippling Physical Attackers while the latter is a psuedo healing move to deal with Life Orb's drawbacks.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2014
  2. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Bless you for not using the gimmicky Belly Drum on Azumarill.

    High Jump Kick isn't usually quite as reliable an option on Mega Lucario; a better bet would be Close Combat, given the less damning side effect. SD'd Close Combat is basically a 1HKO on anything that doesn't resist it, giving it a noticeable boost in power over Drain Punch. Consider Close Combat if high power is your intent (which is usually a more reliable option than Drain Punch, given Lucario's innate speed and power make it better suited to all-out-offense). The rest is pretty much your standard physical Lucario.

    I'd just opt for Crunch on Tyrantrum, as Ice/Fire fang tend to be niche moves aimed specifically at Gliscor/Landorus or Ferrothorn/Scizor, respectively, while Crunch gives you the most neutral coverage in addition to the higher innate power. Alternatively, despite not taking advantage of its ability, you can opt for Dragon Claw for a strong STAB.

    I'll leave the rest for someone else.
  3. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    The biggest problem with Close Combat is it's lack of PP, only capping at 8. This isn't as big a deal in competitive but in a team where Lucario's Fighting STAB is my main counter against a myriad of types I'd say the extra PP High Jump Kick / Drain Punch would be better in the long run. That being said I haven't played XY so I have no idea how idea how long the routes are x).

    I was leaning towards Crunch regardless so I'll do just that! Dragon Claw really won't see much usage considering QuakeEdge gets fantabulous converage anyways x)
  4. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    The routes are relatively short in my opinion, and the longer routes do have "healer" NPCs (think the doctors/nurses of BW, although this time you don't have to battle them first), so from personal experience I was never in any real danger of running out of PP, especially given Adaptability Close Combat is a 1HKO, period. But, if you're worried about PP, the alternatives aren't terrible, especially given the fact that most in-game opponents tend to be rubbish outside of the Battle Maison, and said Battle Maison is one of those places where Close Combat's low PP is of no consequence due to healing after every match.

    In other words, results may vary.
  5. RoySceptile

    RoySceptile Bakaner

    I'd say go with Drain Punch over the other options, since it's in-game.
    It's always a pain running out of PP, or getting that HJK miss during crucial moments.

    Close Combat/HJK with Adaptability and Lucario's Attack stat is overkill, in-game.
    And you have Swords Dance.
  6. Calm Mind is quite strong on Chandelure and you wouldn't need burn from Will-o-Wisp very often, you could run Calm Mind.

    Paraflinching seems sort of slow for ingame, Nasty Plot sweeping is more straight forward.

    Jolly Nature seems better on Azumarill, as even if it wouldn't outspeed much it already hits like a nuke.
  7. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but having a team almost exclusive to setup sweeping gets boring, thus the variety ;P.

    The thing is Azumarill's main jam will be revenge killing with Aqua Jet which works independantly to it's Spe stat. That said your argument does seem legit. Would anyone mind giving their two cents on the matter?
  8. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Natures are a 10% boost. In other words, its proportional to the stat. When the stat in question is 400-whatever the nature gets more important in just exactly how much arse Azumarill can 'Play Rough' with. Ahem.
    Azumarill already has very respectable bulk as it is, so in the event that something gets the chance to attack you should be fine.
    Also more Attack means more power for Aqua Jet, netting extra OHKOs and 2HKOs and less damage sustained because you KO'd them already. It's a similar effect to having a Jolly nature, except that the effect effectively affects anything (read:most pokemon) faster than you rather than just the 50-65ish speed range.

    Just my two pennies.
  9. peacemaker987

    peacemaker987 Custom User Title

    There's not really too much point of using aqua jet + either waterfall or return on azumarill, in-game runs are usually designed for you to be about even in level with the NPCs without too much grinding: and since you will be randomly gaining passive EVs, chances are you'll be faster. It might be alright keeping it until zuzu loves you some more or until you find waterfall but it's definitely not a contender once you have access to both.

    Nasty Plot on Toge probably won't be necessary with all that coverage, and T-wave makes for good utility for catching the rest of your team.

  10. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    Thanks for that, looks like Adamant is the way to go!

    Azumarill has base 50 Spe. Even with the EVs added it;s still a pitiful stat.

    This is true. T-Wave it is.
  11. Nulava

    Nulava Banned

    Chandelure @ Life Orb
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Infiltrator
    EVs: 68 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 184 Spe
    ~Fire Blast
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Pain Split

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