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Xatu or Swoobat?

Xatu or Swoobat?

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Which do you like better and why? I personally think Xatu. Better stats and can use Psycho Shift to effect. Plus, it has Magic Bounce. Swoobat just looks like a winged pig with a heart nose.


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Swoobat is adorable.


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I love Xatu's design. Swoobat is way too ugly. Although, Simple+Calm Mind plus its amazing speed could redeem its use.


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I like Swoobat's design more, but unless you need a psychic/flying type and you absolutely want it to be Swoobat, Xatu would be the better choice. It's a lot more usable than Swoobat.

But I like Swoobat more, I just wouldn't use it.


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I voted Xatu, but honestly I love them both!


Swoobat with Simple/Calm mind is epic, Though Xatu is good as well. I vote Swoobat though.

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I do like Xatu design better BUT swoobat is better.


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Swoo-swoo-swoobat! Xatu's design is lame, while swoobat is epic.
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I like Xatu better, I love how it is based on an american totem and the colorful quatzal. It is also very mysterious and can see into the future, I find that cool. Competitive wise it isn't that good, but got a huge boost in usefullness with magic bounce in 5th gen and can be quite usefull.

Swoobat, I don't like. Why is it even psychic type? And it is an annoying bat, compare it to the likes of golbat.
I've never used a Swoobat or an Xatu, but I have to go with Swoobat here. It looks cuter to me while Xatu kinda looks like a wind-up bird thingy. Amd I'm more into cute.

Plus Swoobat has an awesome move, heart stamp; yeah!


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Xatu is pretty much better with Magic Bounce this gen.
Swoobat is a flying pig? Simple could be usable with Calm Mind.

What about Sigilyph? It's a Psychic Flying Dual Type as well. It looks like a Totem Pole and has Magic Guard. Psycho Shift and Flame Orb is useful with Magic Guard. It also gets Cosmic Power and Calm Mind.
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