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Xatu The Future! (236)


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Xatu The Future!

Heading towards the next town, Ash & Co. discover a person who uses Xatus to predict the weather...however Team Rocket want to nab the Xatu's and use them for their own profitable purposes. Will they succeed?

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I'm watching this ep right now, I don't think I saw the first time it aired...

(TR finishes covering up a pitfall trap)
Meowth: "It's absolutely indivisible!"
Jessie: "And you can't see it, either."


Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
I really liked the Xatu. It was kind of sad how they left the girl at the end. At least she got a job as a meteorologist.

Xatu thought Jessie's past was too complicated for it, that's hilarious! Didn't expect that from a Xatu.


Cherryl Walker

Let us wring out the humidity rag...

Weather forecasting is one of the biggest hype jobs in all of the broadcast media. Just like the Xatu, our weather guys get to wave their hands in the air, win all kinds of recognition, and sometimes get it right. Of course, they are well-fed and basically cute, and take themselves too seriously. It is perfectly appropriate that the Pokemon anime should take a light-hearted look at this curious profession. About the only thing missing was for a weather guy to start to appear on TV, trip, and bring down the set. Also, showing how some people have made it almost a cult to believe weather forecasts was brilliant, too.


I'm with Geodude, the pitfall scene at the start of the episode was very funny. ^__^

The rest of the episode was solid, as well. It had some great morals about the desperate need to know the future and all that. A bit too much watching Xatu flap its wings around... But that's a minor flaw; this episode was great.


Team Awesome
You know, now that the whole thing with Hurricane Katrina has passed, this episode carried a whole lot more weight when I watched it last night than it did the last time I watched it a year ago. The whole thing with the flag language is still confusing, and Jessie's method of entertaining the crowd still makes me go "Huh?", but the whole thing about possible severe weather and weighing whether the people should be told to evacuate the area or not certainly caught my attention more now. I'm glad that Callista decided to play it safe and told everyone to evacuate, even though she wasn't 100% sure that the prediction was accurate.

Apart from that, it was great seeing more backstory on Jessie, Callista deciding to become a weatherperson like Jessie had been, the fight with delibird, and the xatu fainting after looking at Jessie's future and past. LOL :D

Also, I forgot to mention the part at the beginning that cracks me up, with the twerps and Team Rocket and the pitfall. It reminds me of those Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd/Daffy Duck Looney Tunes cartoons. :D You know, where Bugs keeps avoiding springing the trap and the villain accidentally springs it himself?
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Didn't enjoy this episode much, it was rather boring but Delibird was cool...I don't have any interest in the Xatu...


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This is the only episode of Pokemon that I've ever wanted to shut off the TV halfway through the episode. I can't stand this episode one bit. If Johto had less episodes like this one, it probably wouldn't have been as boring as it was. The only good part about this episode was Delibird appearing again. Other than that, this episode had no purpose, in my opinion.


Ash fan girl! Cute!
I like episodes where Ash and Team Rocket work together, we need more of these in AG serioulsy. I like It was so funny, I was hoping Team Rocket wouldn't go back to there old habbit but they did =[

Umi Mizuno

☠ one girl army
Eh, not much in this filler cept for TR and Xatu. <3 But overall, it was a pretty pointless filler.
A rather boring episode, but I like the Xatu, Team Rocket did pretty well in here


Well-Known Member
You know, I just rewatched this episode the other day since I got Master Quest on DVD. And I just remembered how much I can't stand this episode. Besides some extremely minor history with Jessie, this episode is a throwaway that I do not miss one bit.


I have returned.....
I remember some lines here:
After TR fell in the pitfall trap with the twerps, meeting Callister:

Jesse: "Prepare for trouble, and make it quick."

When Callister went in the stage outside:

Callister: "Red fan up! White fan up! Red fan down! White fan down!"

Plus, I didn't like the way the same Delibird (from the old woman who told TR that they aren't registered members in the other episode) appeared and gave again to the twerps balls that explode. Good thing in the first explosion, Ash's Pikachu regains lots of electricity that blasted TR away.
I love the cry of Xatu here:

"Xatu, Xa, Xatu, Xatu, Xa............"
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pokemon fan 132

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Honestly i expected a lot more from this episode and it really dissapointed me.This filler was one of the episodes in which i really didnt enjoyed so much.

The whole story about Xatus predicting future and weather was rather boring,and i dont see anything entertaining in it.The only nice thing was Delibirds appearance and when Xatu fainted when he saw Jessies future and past,lol.To conclude this wasnt terrible episode but i have seen better.


kiss my greens
[FONT="Georgia]I agree... the Xatu were even boring! You'd think predicting the future would have a bit more pizzazz... ah well, there's something to be said for the Xatu who fainted when it looked into Jessie's life. I wonder what future it saw?![/FONT]


Well-Known Member
One of the worst filler's i've seen I don't know if it was just a boring episode to begin with or if something was lost in translation, but this episode just never made any sense to me.