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Xenoblade Chronicles/X/2 Discussion

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Erron Black, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Well, I finally managed to get every single Rare Blade after finally rolling Newt as my last one tonight. I am now free from Gacha hell!

    In addition, I was able to take down every single Superboss as well. I have to say, having killed every superboss in original Xenoblade and Xenoblade X as well... Xenoblade 2's were definitely the easiest. Chain Attack Full Burst just absolutely mutilates everything, especially since with 8 orbs you're basically reaching about a 7000% damage multiplier. A lot of the superbosses just had one or two gimmicks but otherwise followed a pretty predictable pattern, so as long as you've got your blades' affinity charts maxed out, they go down without too much difficulty.
  2. Skiks


    These superbosses are pretty tough for me atm. I need to git gud.
  3. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    They pushed out a nice QoL update that reduced load times and made the voice lines when using pouch items or starting merc missions skippable.

    ...Unfortunately (Or fortunately, depending on your perspective), they also "fixed" the "THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?!" soldiers so they no longer use their meme of a line, while also shortening "Don't forget me" to "Don't forget" and making them only say it when use their melee art. Their auto-attack line is now just an unenthusiastic "Take that".

    RIP memes.
  4. Skiks


    Managed to defeat more superbosses. Now just finishing some affinities and sidequests. I'll tackle the strongest one later.
  5. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I'm not even at superbosses yet, just did Immovable Gonzalez last night

    does the update let you skip the initial core-opening scene?
  6. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    I will say that of the three Xenoblade games, I'd say 2's superbosses are arguably the easiest, at least in terms of effort and investment. X's could definitely become easier in that you could one-shot most of them due to the high damage scale, but it required a lot of investment and grinding. The general strategy for the bosses is the same; have a souped up tank, with the best options being agility tanking or block rate; simple HP sponging is not enough. Crit heal also works to an extent but that takes some investment. From there it's just making sure you can stick on as many orbs as possible; the higher HP superbosses should be able to have all 8 orbs stuck on them. Then, once all the orbs are up, pop a Chain Attack and watch as Full Burst's 7000%+ damage modifier absolutely rips them to shreds. Chain attacks are super OP in this game... just be aware that ALL superbosses enrage at 50%, so you can to get them as close to 50% as possible if you're not confident your chain attack will kill them.

    Out of the specific superbosses...

    Gladiator Orion, level 100 - The only superboss available the first time through the game; the rest are locked behind getting to Chapter 10. Despite this he can be more of a nuisance than some of the others... He deals damage through multiple attacks so having an Evasion/Block tank helps trivialize this. Just don't stand near the edge; he has an aura that counters attacks with Blowdown and it will send you flying over the edge.

    Been there.

    Reeking Douglass, level 105 - Most people agree that Douglass is the easiest superboss. It neither attacks too quickly nor hits too hard, and its stats are relatively low. Its gimmick, however, is that it can summon reinforcements. That said, combos ending in Darkness can Seal Reinforcements, making this one easy to cheese.

    Pernicious Benf, level 109 - Fans of the original Xenoblade know what a pain in the *** behemoths can be. Benf has some high stats all around, with its high HP taking some time to whittle through, and its high damage attacks can hit the entire party.

    Cloud Sea King Ken, Level 110 - Ken is probably responsible for scaring the most people because once Chapter 10 rolls around it pops up right in the middle of Tantal's lower level during fog. Despite this though, it's actually not too hard IMO... Its attacks are the same as a generic Squid, but just more powerful due to higher stats. That said, Tentacle Storm can be a major issue since it hits your entire party, and will inflict knockback repeatedly. But the aforementioned specials' animations can absolutely drown it out.

    Mk VII Arek, Level 114 - This thing is notable for having really low HP, but this is offset by the fact that it summons reinforcements. And it does so much, much more than Reeking Douglass does... it summons the Sovereign type mechs, which in turn are capable of summoning their own reinforcements since they can launch the Bike type mechs. The reinforcements are what make this fight annoying since you can get overwhelmed if too many spawn... But the same Seal Reinforcements works, and the boss itself has low HP, so it'll usually die to a 3-orb chain attack at most.

    Artifice Ophion, level 117 - The biggest spoiler superboss. Ophion IMO was the hardest one if only because of how the battle is set up. He flies over a bottomless abyss while you fight him from the cliff; this means that all potions will drop directly into the abyss, and positional arts are almost out of the question (you can get a little bit of the side but back is impossible). Unlike most enemies, it does not autoattack. Instead, it just spams Arts. This means its damage is higher, but it also attacks more slowly with breaks between arts. This is the one boss that you absolutely want to make sure you time your level 4 specials and 3rd tier combo specials well to avoid his attacks, because with how slow they are you can block out a lot of damage that way. Also, watch out for this barrier field; when it goes up, stop attacking because that Reflect will kill you.

    Chickenheart Dagmara, Level 120 - Without a doubt the most annoying superboss in the game. It has pitifully low HP, so much so that a 2-orb chain attack can easily overkill it. The problem however is that its Agility is stupidly high so a lot of attacks will miss, and it loves to spam an art that gives it perfect evasion for a few seconds... this boss battle is made much more difficult because of attacks frequently missing. It also doesn't help that it can topple you frequently. Still, when attacks do land they'll make its HP bar drop.

    Tyrannotitan Kurodil, Level 130 - The highest level enemy in the game, but not necessarily the hardest. It's a major tank and spank, but he does have a few gimmicks, the most notable of which is an art that can one-shot a Driver with a few seconds of delay. Other than that though its attacks are manageable, although the AI will die if they stand behind it, as its tail can deal high damage and knock them back (Nia found this out the hard way for me).
  7. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    New game+ is going to be pretty meaty from the sound of things, the most notable thing being that
    that the Torna members themselves will be usable as blades, not just their personal blades.

    The thing I'm happiest for is being able to manually level down your characters at will to ensure things are challenging.
  8. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Just what I wanted - more gacha
  9. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    Having Shulk and Fiora show up in the new challenge mode DLC was striutly a fanservice deal and didn't hold any meaningful story implications, but it's still nice to see them again, especially with designs from the Xenogears artist.

    The last solo fight with Tora is also really hilarious, as pretty much every notable Nopon in XC2 shows up to challenge him for the title of Heropon and even a few from outside of the game...

    They also apparently took people's complaints about the lack of challenge with optimized builds seriously. Maybe a bit too seriously, as the upcoming Bringer of Chaos difficulty makes enemies hit harder and faster, makes them have more then doubled HP and also guts the player's damage dealing ability with decreased special/chain attack gauge generation, and nerfed chain attack damage.
  10. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    I just saw the funniest comment in Youtube. There were some people who did not understood this but people who did understood the reference, including me, laughed pretty hard.

    You'll never beat me, Luxaar!
    Not when I shift into Maximum Overdrive!!

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