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XY Last Episode Ideas


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If you're a Pokemon fan of any sort (The ones that like the anime at least) know that mostly all of the pokemon fans want Ash and Misty to get together, as in kiss. Obviously, because of the first time Ash and Misty and Brock went their separate ways, we saw ash's affection towards Misty and she quoted "Now I know your real feelings for me Ash Ketchum." Plus Ash was running away and tearing up. Then when they started to keep visiting each other especially in diamond and pearl, Ash bought Misty a present and exclaimed how he couldn't wait to see Misty again after their long parting. I feel like in the last episode of XY, Ash should go back to pallet town and give his Pokedex to Professor Oak, who will obviously examine it. Then Misty and Brock will come to ashes house saying how they heard he was coming home to visit for a while and then they have a town party like they did in Indigo League team rocket crashes in, and somehow takes Misty and when Ash sees, he reacts fast sends Pikachu to do thunderbolt at the balloon and then flies up on one of his pokemon, and uses the balloons controls to fly the balloon to safety and lands. Now after the party it's night time and Professor Oak has fully examined Ash's Pokedex and ash is about to leave to the next region when Misty starts running towards him and holds his hand saying thank you. Ash blushes and then Misty kisses him. Well that's what I hope happens at the end of XY, which i'm pretty sure is coming unless they're going to make like 80 episodes. Say yes if you want this to happen and no if you don't in the comments!

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I think the last XY episode will be when the group splits up and go their separate ways. I think we'll get a very emotional scene with Serena and Ash together. I'd rather she stayed for the next series tbh. I don't see Misty or Brock showing up at all here.


I dpnt see why Poke-shipping would be a priority over ten years after Misty stopped being relevant in the anime, and Id really hate if the last epiosde of XY was used on Ash and Misty metting up, instead of a goodbye between the characters we have bonded with over the entirety of XY.

I could see Bonnie pulling a piplup tho.
Ash x Misty is dead. Misty will end up with Tracey.
-Tracey gave Azurill egg to Misty
-By the end of BW series, Prof. Oak said Tracey was invited by Misty.

I agreed with Dawn+Senera Fan, we will see a very happy scene with Serena and Ash together.
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I dpnt see why Poke-shipping would be a priority over ten years after Misty stopped being relevant in the anime, and Id really hate if the last epiosde of XY was used on Ash and Misty metting up, instead of a goodbye between the characters we have bonded with over the entirety of XY.

I could see Bonnie pulling a piplup tho.

Yes please, Bonnie does get some of the best scenes in XY imo, and I would totally love to see her have a tantrum over having to split up.


All I ask is that's it's better than the last Ash-tachii break up. That's the only thing I that would make me happy and that really shouldn't take much.

And you mean there are STILL people going on abut Ash x Misty?!?! :eek:


Ash leaves for region 7 because he sees girl 7 on TV.

Serena becomes heartbroken when she realizes that was the girl ash was actually into at camp.

If it hasn't happened already, Clemont gifts Chespin to Ash.


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Ash winning the league, become pokemon master and getting together with Serena.

I mean a brand new series with a new primary protagonist is way overdue. There are soooo many ideas for a new Protagonist like someone who lost his family, living with no home on the streets of a big city and meeting someday a Pikachu, who gets him motivated to become the champion or something like that.
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I personally would like to see Ash ditch his XY team to head to a new region and happens to run into Dawn on the plane/boat, as she is heading to the same place. But I doubt that will ever happen.

What I suspect will happen is that Serena will not reveal her crush and will end up tagging along with Ash to the next one. Either that or he will head there and she will follow. I expect there to be two girls next season.

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I predict that Ash and the group will split up. Ash will go to the 7th region while Clemont and Bonnie return to Lumiose City.

Serena will either, A. accept Yashio`s offer and become her apprentice, B. travel to other regions by herself, or C. Join Ash for the next region due to Amourshipping. Team Rocket being Team rocet while naturally go to the next region with Ash because they have nothing better to do with their lives :(

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Most likely scenario for end of XY series is Ash saying goodbye to his Kalos friends. Having to sadly say farewell to Bonnie, Clemont and Serena never to be seen again aside from one follow up cameo(unless formula changes and whole policy of constantly abandoning older and bringing new faces).

One have to ask himself whats the point and meaning behind this? Adding even more characters up the count, while replacing everything and everyone. With everything they established going nowhere in end, their impact they left on series slowly fading away, their stories ending unfinished and all those friendship with Ash, their achievements and potential to explore more on this characters enjoying in them just being lost

It just makes no sense for temporary hype new characrer may bring. When there exists so much potential, set up foundation to do deeper character growth with those who already have ironed out opast and personality to extent and all kind of amazing adventures to take them frward with their story flourishing because of it.

I have no doubts that goodbye might be filled with lot of passion, doleful scenes and meaningful dialogue. Maybe even reaching amount of beautiful emotions and impactful setting legendary "Gotta Catch Ya Later!" achieved. Have yet to see group topping split of original trio in terms of sadness and memorability. At least in my opinion anyway.

Clemont and Bonnie will likely return to Lumiose city in case of departure. With Clemont becoming reckoned force to deal with after developing confidence, cozrage and higher respect for his knowledge and abilities thanks to restoired relationship with pokemon like Luxray, viewing other pokemon like Chespin in different light, starting to gain respect for his inventions helping to improve life of others in hometown(like Volkner did) . Thanks to everything he learned during his travels with Ash.

And Serena might either stay for next saga(highly unlikely) or Yashio having role in making her stay in Kalos. Ater recognizing talent in her and spark required to become pokemon idol helping her to deal with fame and pressure popularity brings with itself.

That said when Ash reach Pallet im hoping that this time writers wont be lazy showing Tracey there actually. Maybe Gary appearing since he is prof. Oak grandson and its not out of question to see him come there for visit consulting with Oak about unknown pokemon species living in new region hes eager to explore.

Or Misty by some miracle greeting Ash there bringing smile to faces of those who still cae for this character and would like to see her return.

Wishing to see her join Ash for 7th generation after hearing about all kind of strange and well adapted new type of water pokemon waiting to be discovered. Big water vompetitions and prestigue tournaments which are part of Whirl Cup tradition. With all kind of water experts having chance to attend in annual competition to measure skills between themelves and sharp thinking in using water pokemon in creative ways with goal of outpacing adversary. Being ticket for Misty to make substantial progress in making name for herself as water trainer and achieve water master dream.

Possibly have her hear about parents being present there deciding to track them down and find out why they left turning up to be high class water trainers.
Being enjoyable character with flexible career and story being easier to transfer her to any generatron developoing ways through which she can offer more, than its case with game quests persay not having much future if they aren't in games.

Because i don't know about others but for once i wish we got to see writers doing sequel with character we grew to like and appreciate showing in what new, fresh and exciting directions they can take them giving more layers and depth to someone by taking on what they established adding more meat to it.And seeing characters going through new adventures and development enriching their storyline isnt bad thing in my book.

My ideal group for next gen would be Ash, Misty, possibly Serena being kept and fourth place filled by either new or one of older characters(probably wont happen, but who said personal desires have to be realistic?).

Ash x Misty is dead. Misty will end up with Tracey.
-Tracey gave Azurill egg to Misty
-At last episode of BW series, Prof. Oak said Tracey was invited by Misty.

None of those serve as legitimate hint, let alone proof that Misty and Tracey will end up together.
Im not sure why some people interpretated Misty invitation as "sign of this two dating", but friends come to each other house as well. And reason behind invite could be in needing Tracey advice over something, to show him new pokemon, to talk about personal experiences and if he was in contact with Ash or other older friends etc.

Its too premature to draw such kind of conclusions when theres no proof for such thesis. Being what i call headcanon territory and wishful thinking from some.


I can't wait for XY's finale, but if it's anything like BW's, I'll scream. If Ash will be shown back in Pallet Town, I want to see more than just him getting new clothes and visiting Oak; Tracey and a few of Ash's other old friends had better show up in my opinion.


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If Ash will be shown back in Pallet Town, I want to see more than just him getting new clothes and visiting Oak; Tracey and a few of Ash's other old friends had better show up in my opinion.

Yeah, I agree with this. It may not seem like much, especially to those who have not been following the series for as long, but I always find throwbacks and cameos quite warming and they give me a great sense of satisfaction. Same with any TV show really.
I'm not sure how the plot of the episode would go, but what I see happening is Sarena finally getting the courage to tell Ash about her crush on him.
There will be a moment of silence and then Ash will say to Sarena that he's always loved her as well.

And then both of them will walk off in to the sunset as an official couple, thus making them the shows only true pairing. :)

Note: I'm not a shipper, yet I would like to see this happen.


Ash goes home, he sees Gary and battles him but loses due to Gary's new Blastovire. Gary tells him of the Shinouno region, and he's like "Shinouno ..."

The end.


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I think the group might split up before the last episode, like has happened with past series. This time I hope they aren't lazy and actually bring back some of the important past characters instead of just a quick flashback.

There should also be a good lead-in to Ash's new journey. In BW Ash went to Unova with his mom because Oak was going to a conference. He should have a more exciting reason than that. He's also not supposed to be traveling with his mom since he is a pokemon trainer and 10 is considered adulthood.


Yep, i think that the group will split up too... At least for Clemont and Bonnie ! Maybe we would have Serena for the next region ! It would be great but it will depend on the shipping. Another serie with the non-mutual feelings between Ash and Serena cant be ! People will freak out x)


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Well idk exactly how i want the last episode to be like but i do know how i want the series to end:

I want her to find a girlfriend for Clemont (someone like Elle).
Besides that, i hope her father decides to train her to become a hero until she becomes old enough

I want him to go back to his gym but before that he should have one last battle with Ash and also invent something that actually works

I have two scenarios. Idk which one is better

1) I want her to confess her feelings to Ash right before Ash leaves. I hope Ash blushes and say something like "idk how to feel about that but thanks" leaving it open to the audience to think whether he has feelings for her or not. They promise to see each other again someday.
I also want her to almost become the Kalos Queen. Then Yashio would offer her help.

2) I want her to stay for the next season with a new design and still doing perfomances but in a different place. Yashio would be like Scott saying things like "hey you should come to this place we have this kind of stuff too" and then Ash would hear about this place too and he would want to go with her

I want him to end in 5th or 4th place in the league, losing to someone with a Mega. I want him to get a mega ring at the end of the series.

I want him to learn a new move while fighting in the League and when i say new i also mean that it should be something from the next generation.
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They forever destroy the hopes of shippers ever. Or they do what they did with Misty earlier on and make occasional references. Of course unlike Serena, we know Ash x Misty is canon


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I think what you are actually asking is "How should XY end" rather than "What will the last episode be" as they are quite different things.

The last episode will consist of Ash going home, Oaking his Kalos Pokemon, saying hello to his other pokemon, learning of the Gen 7 region and then leaving with Pikachu to see how badly they can do this time.

As for how the series as a whole will end, Serena will fail to tell Ash how she feels, much like Misty did before her. Ash will part ways with her, Clemont and Bonnie in the second-to-last episode with promises to see each other real soon (though likely only Serena will come back for her mandatory mini arc in which the "Gen 7 New Girl" will prove she is better than her)

Ash will probably place in the top 8 of the league again. Serena won't win her thing... what ever it is she does (I don't really pay attention to her too much these days)