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Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by coopmon, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. coopmon

    coopmon Breeding Expertise

    I just started my emerald as i said i would earlier and ive finally ended up with (all at lvl 5 apart from treecko who is lvl 6 due to battle with MAY)...so heres my team to carry me through the game:



    Cyndaquil:Docile ( I bred this one )

    Fire Blast

    Vaporeon:Relaxed (Also bred )

    Tail Whip
    Helping Hand
    Shadow Ball (Don't Ask)

    Houndour:Bold ( Also bred )

    Soo yea there all level 5 apart from Trecko,but thats already been explained,so what you guys think? i havn't properly bred them just taken them straight ffrom the egg and stuck them on emerald, i am about 2 seconds after beating May,saved in Oldake Town. Any advice on what pokemon i should be fighting this early in the game to properly EV train these guys? Thnks for reading x
  2. Robert1559

    Robert1559 Well-Known Member

  3. coopmon

    coopmon Breeding Expertise

    How come treecko? and on what pokemon so early in the game lol?
  4. medaton

    medaton I said, Bring It ON!

    You need an electric type. you have a grass and 2 fires. an electric will defend both of their maximum weaknesses. you also need a pokemon with physical attack.
  5. Robert1559

    Robert1559 Well-Known Member

    treecho cause it is the strongest and easyest with the rock gym a hop skip and leap away
  6. Juan87

    Juan87 Well-Known Member

    are you able to trade pokemon over that early in the game? you only have 4 pokemon so get in a fighting type like poliwrath and an electric pokemon like amparos
  7. coopmon

    coopmon Breeding Expertise


    Hmm yea u can trade pokes the second u get the pokedex, thnks for ur suggestions guys,thyre being worked on as we speak...p.s i just found a shiny electrike...yay!!

    edit: sorry people i meant shiny poochyena lol,god knows what happend there.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2006
  8. Robert1559

    Robert1559 Well-Known Member

    treecho is easer to train cause the rock gym is near by
  9. coopmon

    coopmon Breeding Expertise

    right just beaten rock gym and got goods from aqua grunt, treecko's at 18,thinking of waiting until lv 26 to evolve him so that he can learn mega drain?? And where do i get thunder,fire and ice punch in the game?? thnx guys )and girls;) ):p
  10. Zenobius

    Zenobius Fear him!

    You get the 3 elemental punches when you get to the Battle Frontier. They are taught by a tutor for 48, I think, Battle Points.
  11. coopmon

    coopmon Breeding Expertise

    Holy crap 48 points:O:O:O!!! and ive only just started the game basically,never mind that for a while then! lol,and do you get all three or do u only get 1 for 48 points? thast a lot of battling!..thnx
  12. Zenobius

    Zenobius Fear him!

    You have to pay 48 for each individual punch -.- I know it sucks having to pay that much but, the fastest way to get them is to go to a house south of the Battle Pyramid and bet for them at certain facility. You must have 15 BP to get the max bet.
  13. Robert1559

    Robert1559 Well-Known Member

    better yet train them all
  14. ThegameHHH

    ThegameHHH I am the game

    EV train treecko is Spatk
  15. Goldliop

    Goldliop Powerplay Champion

    and a starmie is great for the battle frontier... especially with bolt-beam
  16. Francesc

    Francesc Natsu no Maboroshi

    You should get a Dragon type, IMO. Try Boomanda.
  17. Dre

    Dre Good at Life.

    Some great in-game guys are:

    Sceptile .. evolve him now, so he can learn Leaf Blade (better than Giga Drain), Thunderpunch (from the Frontier), LEECH SEED (you have to breed the move into him, but it is worth it), and random move you like.

    Heracross .. he comes with two good moves and you can teach him both Rock Slide and Earthquake. Can't lose here.

    Starmie .. this one's broken in the Frontier. Sweeps everything, including that occasional Lati@s.

    Salamence .. annoying and dies to almost any Ice guy's Beam or even Blizzard, but he's still good.

    Your Houndoom should be really good later on as well .. use Flamethrower, Crunch, Shadow Ball, and (insert move here). I would try for HP Fighting, but I know that is a lot of work.

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