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Yellowhat's Shop- Banners Galore!

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by YellowHat, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    Um, not to be picky but you put "Saphire" not Sapphire. Also, could you make this the background and the words blue?
  2. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    Hey, you're the customer. I don't mind pickiness at all. :)
  3. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    Okay cool : )
  4. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

  5. Saphira_Thorn

    Saphira_Thorn Banned

  6. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    Sweet! *puts it in his sig*
  7. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    OK, here it is! Hope you like it!

    Glad you like it!
  8. wolfy

    wolfy Well-Known Member

    Hey I'm back and I'll take requests...
  9. Uhmm, I decided to have a new sig pic. Voltaic made mine now, but I think he's inactive. So anyone in your staff can make mine, whoever feels like it ;)


    Black, with 4 lightning bolts stretching from each corner towards the center (but not fully, as the center holds text).

    Text and Font:

    The word "Harmonics" in the Center, colored Lime. I'd prefer Script-font. If you have Microsoft Word, it could be the font named "Monotype Corsiva". Make it medium-sized (in Word, size 26-28 would be good).


    http://sneaselplushie.legends-station.com/resource/hoppip-anime1.png, right (center of upper-right and lower-right bolt).

    http://fanart.en-cu-kou.hopto.org/image.php?picture=1873&view=thumb, bottom (center of lower-right and lower-left bolt).

    http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/c7/Jirachi_3rd_Eye.png, left (center of upper-left and lower-left bolt).

    http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/322/0113.JPG, top (center of upper-left and upper-right bolt).

    If there's any problems, please PM me.

    Thanks in advance! ;)
  10. sniffy

    sniffy I got cookies!

    Hey Its me again and I'd like another banner from YellowHat!

    -background image: http://www.coasttrails.org/Hawaii.jpg
    - no other images
    - Title of banner: Fanatic Pokemon Forums
    - Text: Copperplate. Color(s): Blue, Orange, Green (like this: Fanatic Pokemon
  11. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    I shall give it a try.
  12. .Person.

    .Person. No avatard plz

    I can't take any requests. (Not that I have been) I had my art program deleted earler.
  13. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    I shall give it a try.
  14. sniffy

    sniffy I got cookies!


    If the text colors are too hard black is fine with me.
  15. Saphira_Thorn

    Saphira_Thorn Banned

    Thanks for teh banner Yellowhat, but there's one small problem. There's something about BBcode that the forums won't let me load the banner into my sig.
  16. savecowseatcarrots

    savecowseatcarrots Well-Known Member

    Trainer Photo Voltaic or atlantis_kid99, i don't care
    -Ground: Idk where to find one, so can you use one of the ones you have? If not PM me and I'll find one. Possibly like the orange ground one, if possible.
    -Trainer: Volkner, sunnyshore Gym Leader (8th gym leader in DP). He is shown on Serebii home page. Once again PM me and I'll find one if you can't/won't
    -Pokemon: Octillery, Weavile, Roserade, Mismagius, Drapion, Spiritomb

    thanks so much
  17. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    Banner = Yellow Hat
    Background - Red to Blue Diagnal Gradiant
    Pics (left to right) - Brenden (bottom left of Hoenn League), Sugimori Art for Swampert, Sugimori Art for Lairon
    Text(bottom/right) - Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Scramble Challenge = Green outlined Black
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2007
  18. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    It's OK. One thing, though. I kinda forgot the "!". I don't know if you wanted it, but I can add it if you really care.

  19. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    Oops, double post. One problem with the below post.

    I can't do Gradients on Paint. And if I can, I dunno how. You may want to ask one of our Photoshop users.
  20. sniffy

    sniffy I got cookies!

    Thanks YellowHat it looks great!

    Oh and if it is not too much trouble can you put at the bottom in size text: 8
    text: doesn't matter
    what is says: made by YellowHat
    at the bottom of the banner?
    I am putting it on a website thing.

    Hope it isn't too much trouble.
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