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Yellowhat's Shop- Banners Galore!

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Uhmm, I decided to have a new sig pic. Voltaic made mine now, but I think he's inactive. So anyone in your staff can make mine, whoever feels like it ;)


Black, with 4 lightning bolts stretching from each corner towards the center (but not fully, as the center holds text).

Text and Font:

The word "Harmonics" in the Center, colored Lime. I'd prefer Script-font. If you have Microsoft Word, it could be the font named "Monotype Corsiva". Make it medium-sized (in Word, size 26-28 would be good).


http://sneaselplushie.legends-station.com/resource/hoppip-anime1.png, right (center of upper-right and lower-right bolt).

http://fanart.en-cu-kou.hopto.org/image.php?picture=1873&view=thumb, bottom (center of lower-right and lower-left bolt).

http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/c7/Jirachi_3rd_Eye.png, left (center of upper-left and lower-left bolt).

http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/322/0113.JPG, top (center of upper-left and upper-right bolt).

If there's any problems, please PM me.

Thanks in advance! ;)

Just to requote, anyone can do it...


Grass Pokemon Guru
I was wondering if somebody could make me a banner with an all grass pokemon collage so that all you see is grass pokemon and no background. Like tangrowth,sceptile,shiftry,etc. and then in the bottom left hand corner couls yall put Picasso the Grass Pokemon Guru in a standard bold black text.

thank you so much, pm me if you are able to do it or if not, and then could someone pm me when it is done.

edit: can yall make sure that the they are the dp sprites.. thanx
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buneary dude

Well-Known Member
I was thinking that.......well any staff can make me a banner. I just need to know who will make it. Here is what I want: I want the backround to be a night sky with a full moon. And Purple letters that say: WISH UPON A STAR...
And the pokemon? Hmmmmmm? Just use the Sugimori art. But make them all shiny. Here are the pokemon I want: Kirlia, Weavile, Poochyena, and Buneary. Remember all shiny! I don't know any links on how to get them. Sorry.


The Anticool
thanks but can u make a few changes? if so

keep the back ground a solid Midnight blue and make it look foggy and old like its been through alot, like faded
Um, well, I can't make anything like that with Paint... Really sorry, perhaps you could ask someone else?

Shiny Venusaur

The Prodigal Son
Um, well, I can't make anything like that with Paint... Really sorry, perhaps you could ask someone else?
oh u use paint, sorry every shop i have tryed has closed or hasnt done it yet>_> and i knew you had a pretty good rep. ill still use the other one you made for the club though


Psychic Ninja
Wow. Our shop has a good rep? Cool!

Anywho, sorry Dramatic Melody. I've been really busy with school. I'll try to get on it ASAP, but I can't guarantee it'll be done by Monday.


The Anticool
buneary dude, please calm down, I'll do it. Though the D/P shiny Sugimori art is unavailible at this time.

i need to fix my sig so could i have a banner with all these pictures combined
http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e224/Anthony_jones/Me/PKMN Trainer% (pictures inserted to the banner)
dont change anything just put the pictures on the background
thats all i need
thanks for your time
Well, the 3rd pic doesn't work, could you repost that link? Then I'll finish it.

oh u use paint, sorry every shop i have tryed has closed or hasnt done it yet>_> and i knew you had a pretty good rep. ill still use the other one you made for the club though
I'm really sorry, though I'm glad you like the other banner.
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Well-Known Member
Sup crobatman I'll make it for ya...
But what background do you want?
Woops, i forgot to tell you my background. How about a night themed background with red letters?

here is my original request again:

Hi, can yellowhat or wolfy make me a banner?
I want it to show my Ruby Scramble Challenge pokemon.
Here are pokemon:

Text: Ruby Scramble Challenge


Oooh Burn.
My request would be a group picture like this:

and shiny CLoyster

with this trainer:

I will be waiting for it ^^
just to remind you ^^


FastFood Freestlye
if someone could make me a banner it would be so greatley apreciated
in the banner i would like it to be a dark blue stary sky with blinking stars(if possible) and with an umbreon on the left side and a pocheana on the right side and in the middle it could say "dare to dream"


Well-Known Member
Alright crobatman and Unforgettable I'll do yours...
Wait we have a good rep?...
Can I get a TCG banner? I dont care who makes, just whoever's available to make it is fine

Type: Slit
Pokemon: Blastoise, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Alakazam, Ninetails, Vileplume

thanks a lot, could you just PM it to me when you're done with it? Thanks!


Well-Known Member
I just wanna say that I will not be taking requests for the rest of the week or until I say I am, cause I need to finish my two requests, and I'm going camping this weekend...
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