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Yellowhat's Shop- Banners Galore!

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You make no sense.
gimme a banner that has a dancing blaziken on it and the peanut butter jelly time banana fading away and make it blue going into green going into white and make it say in huge foamy letters: IT'S POKEMON JELLY TIME!

please and thank you


No avatard plz
Originally Posted by Bonsly-Bud View Post
banner for my fic if you can please. Thank you if you can.
Title: Raikou's Fury (with yellow color for the font type you made for the poochyena banner on front page)
subtext somewhere on it: The Shadow's Reach is Strong
The characters coming into this book to help the main guys are Bayleef and Pidgey, so have them there on the banner. Raikou is the Legend for this book, so he can go on. Also, maybe you could recolor a Jynx with a purple, shadowy, aura coming off it character in the book. Or just have the Jynx purple.

Thank you so much if you can do this for me.

~edit: background have something like a charred field, burnt, or a greyish ground.

here ya go, my request for ya.
I can take this request soon. I currently havn't any time. But I can get this done. (Do I still have permission to take requests here?)


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Crobatman I present to you your banner...
oh thanks a lot. I almost forgot about it with this site messing up all the time, and of course Diamond and Pearl coming out. Could the words be fixed a little? I see it says "text:Ruby Scramble Challenge" take off the word "text" if you can. and it is kind of hard to see. Can it be a little more bold.

Please and Thank You!!!
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Oh sorry about that...
I'll try but I don't know how to edity text...
I might be able to get it to you by the weekend but I have a busy week...


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I can take this request soon. I currently havn't any time. But I can get this done. (Do I still have permission to take requests here?)
How far are you on it?


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Ugggh can anyone edit text cause I don't have the ability to do so without re-doing the banner and I don't have time...


Forsaken one
- yellow hat but i dont mind at all
-http://www.zeldaforums.net/images/oot/ganondorf.png http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c42/coldgrizzle/LinkZeldaGC.png
- Black on one side and bright shining whiteish yellow on the other
- Ying and Yang (the letters on the black side gold and the letters on the white side black)

Have gannondorf on the black side and Link on the white

ty in advance
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Hey YellowHat and co. I've never requested anything, and I figured I'd help out the business. So...

Can I have a banner with my Pokemon team? I'd like the Sugimori art (TCG if you can find it for the new guys) and each of their names underneath. Like YH's team banner with Mr. Hat the Electabuzz.

My team: Nape the Infernape, Bahyou the Feraligatr, Liorade the Luxray, Anubite the Lucario, Donkrow the Honchkrow, and Masterdon the Mammoswine.
I'll get started on this, now.


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No seriously does anyone know how to edit text! Cause I have a swamped schedule, cause in like two weeks I'm going to international Governor's Cup in colorado! And it's like prepare time!
Uhmm, I decided to have a new sig pic. Voltaic made mine now, but I think he's inactive. So anyone in your staff can make mine, whoever feels like it ;)


Black, with 4 lightning bolts stretching from each corner towards the center (but not fully, as the center holds text).

Text and Font:

The word "Harmonics" in the Center, colored Lime. I'd prefer Script-font. If you have Microsoft Word, it could be the font named "Monotype Corsiva". Make it medium-sized (in Word, size 26-28 would be good).


http://sneaselplushie.legends-station.com/resource/hoppip-anime1.png, right (center of upper-right and lower-right bolt).

http://fanart.en-cu-kou.hopto.org/image.php?picture=1873&view=thumb, bottom (center of lower-right and lower-left bolt).

http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/c7/Jirachi_3rd_Eye.png, left (center of upper-left and lower-left bolt).

http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/322/0113.JPG, top (center of upper-left and upper-right bolt).

If there's any problems, please PM me.

Thanks in advance! ;)
Please, can someone do this?? It's been 2 weeks, and no one has grabbed my request repost. Voltaic told me he can't do it because he was too busy. Could anyone else do it??


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Ok... It saddens me to say this, but our workers (including myself) just aren't as reliable as we once were, and the reason being we're either never on or don't have enough time, or just can't take requests right now. I'll PM my staff to discuss this, but we may just have to close shop pretty soon.

The end of a great era is nigh.... OK, maybe not, but that just sounded kinda cool to say.

If we do end up closing, don't fret. I may reopen sometime in the near future.

Over and out.


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Double Post. Shoot me.

I'm official closing shop. Thanks for your patronage, and expect a new version of the shop sometime this June.

Over and over and out.
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