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Yes, in Dee Dee It's Dawn (629)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors' started by Serebii, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Usually, I don't reply to these threads until I have actually seen the episode, but maybe I'll start a new trend.

    by looking at the pictures from this episode it looks like it's going to be one of the, at least to me, more exciting contest episodes.

    And, holy moly! I was thinking to myself "that would be funny if that Ursula girl came back in the final contes before the Grand Festival...", and she is here! Awesome! Even though she's kind of...not nice toward Dawn, I kind of like her character. Looks like she still has her Gabite. Let's see if she gets a Garchomp before she makes it to the Grand Festival. If she makes it to the Grand Festival. Urusula's...second round appeal? (is that what it's called? I forget) looks like it's going to be pretty cool-looking when I finally see it in motion. What Gabite does with Jigglypuff is going to look pretty epic.

    Well, I'll try to come back when I have actually seen the episode.
  2. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Dawn beat Ursula because Ursula's pokemon got knocked out. Dawn had less points left. Ursula is so mean but not as mean as Harley
  3. This episode is pretty much going to start soon so I'll put down some points as they come:

    - Quick! Dawn is incoherent and crazy over a Plusle and Minun for some reason! call a doctor!

    commercial break: time to mute the annoying YTV commercials!

    - Oh, hey, it's Ursula! well, at least she has two Pokemon that she can use to her advantage against dawn now.
    - James's voice sounded a little different for a minute
    - Afraid of a Plusle and Minun just because you couldn't catch them? That seems like a stupid reason to be afraid of a Plusle and Minun there Ash
    - And so we officially know why Dawn is called Dee Dee, it seems. Yeah, I'd be angry too if someone tried to reveal the identity of my childhood nickname over and over (almost) every chance they get. I'm looking at you, KENNY!
    - Ursula seemed to be listening, uh oh...
    - Oh no! Plusle and Minun again! RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!

    Annoying YTV commercial break #2

    - Okay that was a cool way for Seviper to appear!
    - Hm. After Team Galactic got defeated, I didn't think we would ever see a Purugly again.
    - You know, Dawn's appeals are getting way too predictable.
    - Wow, that's clearly some reused footage for Gabite's stone edge right there.
    - Gabite. Is. AWESOME!
    - You know, at the end of the episode, the way Dawn and Ursula were talking too each other, it seems like one of these days they could be quite close friends at one point.

    Well, it seems like this is going to be a two episode contest arc, ladies and gentlemen! We'll see you back here next time!
  4. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    YTV commercials are the worst.

    But yeah, good episode. I think I've already reviewed it before, but I still like it.
  5. BigDaddy D

    BigDaddy D You're on thin ice

    dawn did a good job. and ursula was just being a meanie
  6. zerowing

    zerowing I forgot burn heal

    What an excellent episode.
  7. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    If that was an excellent episode then just wait for the final round.... thats gonna be thrilling
  8. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    May's reason for being afraid of Pokemon was alittle more understandable than Dawn's. I mean really!
  9. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    This episode was good. It was great to finally find out the background of how Dawn got the nickname "Dee-Dee". It was great to see Plusle and Minun again. Dawn was actually afraid of Plusle and Minun, I don't blame her after what the did to her when she was a kid. Dawn looked funny with the crazy sparkily hair. It was cool to see Ursula back. It was cool to find out that Ursula actually had a Jigglypuff now too. The Bubble+Ice Appeal looked good, even though it felt like a repeat. It was funny and unique to see Jessie playing a flute and Seviper coming out of Carnivine's mouth.

  10. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Good episode, funny to see how Dawn got 'Dee Dee' (even if it was a little stupid). Jessie's appeal was the best, IMO, it was clever and interesting. Dawn's looked good but didn't really bring anything new to the table and neither did Ursula's, which I think was the most boring. Can't wait to see the results of the contest!
  11. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    Nice episode, glad Dawn won from Ursula, the Plusle and Minum where cute ^^
  12. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    This episode was good. It was great to see how Dawn got the Nickname "Dee Dee" It was cool to see Ursala again aswell as Plusle and Minun. It was pretty surprising to see Dawn being afraid of a Plusle and Minun seeing as how cute they are. I thought Jessie's apeal round was very cool. Ursala's was quite cool too. I thought her Jigglypuff was cute. I fail to see though how in a Contest hitting Stone Edge with Hyper Voice creates Sparkles but in normal battle it would create an explosion. Dawn's appeal was very boring I thought. It was cool to see them all get into the 2nd Round.
  13. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    Oh God, how I hate Ursula. By far she's my least favorite of all twerp rivals (just below Trip). Unlike Harley, who eventually won me over with his campiness, I never found any redeeming qualities in Ursula.

    At least we finally got the backstory to Dawn's childhood nickname in this episode. :) It helped explain so much, especially why she freaked out any time her hair was fuzzed by pachirisu and probably why she initially released him. Little Dawn and Kenny are so cute here. At least they remembered that girl from the hot springs episode too, good continuity there. And you wonder how little Dawn was so clueless that she was hurting plusle and minun.

    I also liked Jessie's appeal in this episode, and the arbok flute. Cute. :)

  14. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    I'm suprised more people didn't love this episode. I mean we finally see piplup going back inside a pokeball.
  15. Great episode. We find out why Dawn got the nickname Dee Dee with those adorable flashbacks of her when she was younger. Ursula was also great in this by acting mean as usual and the 1st round appeals were great too. 10/10
  16. zhixun

    zhixun Well-Known Member

    Finally Hikari got rid of the nickname Pikari after the group has cheered her up, but she has not quite overcome with Prasle and Minun yet as she is still quite nervous even after this episode. Urara being mean is not too nice in my opinion.

    Seriously I think Gabite is not suitable for Pokémon contests as I think she should be a battler instead.
  17. After watching the episode again, I just noticed how epic and intense the ost that played during Ursula's appeal round sounded. I think it really fit the episode well. The episode is still rated 10/10 for me.
  18. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    It's been a million years since Ive last watched a contest episode, thanks Drew....

    But yeah, kinda interesting to see why all the fuzz about plustle and minun was about, altrough I dislike plustle and minun just as much as dawn does. their designs are just lame too me, so yeah. No kid in class ever got my name right until 4th grade, so I can relate :/

    Good episode and set-up IMO, 9/10.
  19. JudySpell

    JudySpell Banned

    Whoa so Dawn got the nickname Dee Dee due to the sparkling stuff on her head?? I was expecting the explanation to be much funnier. 6/10
  20. Pikachu979

    Pikachu979 Sinnoh Champion

    I'm glad they explained why they call her dd. I'm glad she got some backstory

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