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Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Liltwick, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    [​IMG] Credit to Bleu

    Rated PG-13
    Yggdra Union: We’ll always fight alone

    It’s been Fifty years since Queen Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz returned from Asgard, Fifty years…. Since Asgard took over… the Guardian Angel Marietta was sentenced to death after she failed to properly save another world, leading to her to never give the Gran Centurio back to its rightful owner. The Holy Sword was forever sealed in the great temple, the one thing that could stop heaven, the one thing that could have protected the world, was gone.

    Now Asgard rules over the world, no one able to escape their harsh rules that bond them harsher than anyone could imagine. They lead rebellions and uprisings, but only to be crushed so innocently like sticks under the power of the diviner. Different factions started to exist, and once more the world was free from the un-heavenly host.

    Though, Asgard still holds a horrifying grip on the world, leading those astray. Many great heroes from the last sovereign’s time are dead or insane, but one holds the answers… Milanor, the thief who led her through her journey, committed Suicide at Twenty-Two, not able to bear the pain of being separated from his beloved Kylier any longer than necessary. He was the first to die…

    Next was poor Elena, was took the arrow for her queen, and died when she was Twenty-Four. Her last wish was for her to be buried in her beloved Bronquia, no matter how much it deceived her.

    The sad tale of the Roses, Rosary Esmeralda and Roswell Branthese, the two cousins died trying to save Verlaine from Asgard, the last of the countries to fall to its grasps. With them leaving the Ankhs, powerful weapons with holy might, in the hands of the gods.

    Durant fell with Paltina, urging the two remaining Monarchs to run away into Marduk woods. It was a safe haven from the gods, until the Ankhs power that is… The fell of Paltina to the gods meant that the world was doomed.

    Russell and Cruz, the two famed Heroes of Karona, also died at Paltina, leaving behind Karona to fall. With these three gone, the world was doomed to be ruled by the gods. Yggdra was hopeless, and she finally surrendered. She was executed at the age of 50, 33 years after she saved the world. The last one left was Nietzsche, as Mistel had died trying to safely get her back to Embellia. The Mermaid Queen tried her best, but she to had to give in. She was spared, and was in secret. Then someone who wasn’t expected came to her. A grim angel. These Angels are the prime weapons for the gods, and will do anything in their name… She was found dead, a single slash upon her frail little chest…

    However, one remained in the shadows, being driven with insanity. She was cursed… to live forever, never to age… She secretly worked, trying to orchestrate her revenge… To right the wrongs she’d have… She is the world’s last hope… Her Name? Aegina Eine Artwaltz

    She now trains a small group of soldiers, but she knows it isn’t enough… She needs someone’s help, but nothing will help her… She will be forever fighting Alone…
    Background Information:
    Valkyries- War Maidens whose blade is honed that they can take down golems! Void Sanctity, Weak Dark, Strong against Golems. Class Only Card: Revolution

    Fencers- Skilled Swordsman who are skilled with their blade. They can break anything with their blades. Void Lightning. Class Only Card: Item Break

    Bandits- Men who brandish large axes. They steal from towns. No elemental when attacking. They can destroy towns. Class Specific Card: Steal

    Axe Battlers: Women who dress up like cowgirls and carry large axes. No elemental affinity. They can find new routes. Class Specific Card: Zantetsuken.

    Griffin Riders: Wild Childs who ride large griffins. They can move over any terrain at easy. Weak Ice. Movement=Fly, Strong Knight, Weak Hunter. Class Specific Skill: Aerial Dive

    Knights: Mean who ride Horses and are trained for war. They can spear anything to pieces! Weak Forest, Strong Bridges, Move=Horse, Weak
    Griffin Rider. Class Specific Skill: Chariot

    Undines: A race of water Nymphs that carry large tridents. They’re female only, and love ice. Void Ice, Weak Fire, Weak Sand, Strong Water, Movement=Swim. Class Specific Skill: Diamond Dust

    Hunters: Men who stalk prey with their bows and arrows. Griffin Riders are good prey. Strong Noon, Strong Forest, Can’t Counter. Class Specific Skill: Arrow Rain

    Assassins: Women who use the stealth of night to hunt their prey. Void Dark, Strong Night, Can’t Counter. Class Specific Skill: Bloody Claw

    Witches: Girls who wield Brooms and can summon Golems! Void Fire, Strong Golems. Class Specific Skill: Doll Craft

    Necromancers: Boys who succumbed to the dark arts, they can summon skeletons and wield unearthly rods. Void Dark, Weak Sanctity, Movement=Warp at night, Strong Skeleton. Class Specific Skill: Necro Gate

    Tacticians: Young geniuses who can command armies. They can lower enemy morale, and attack with the ancient tombs they wield. Strong Town, Strong Grassland. Class Specific Skill: Oblivious Dawn

    Prince: The long lost heir to the kingdom of Fantasinia. He wields a Scythe, and is an enigma to all. Movement=Warp @ Night, Void Sanctity, Strong Fort, Always Ace, Weak Dark. Class Specific Skill: Lunatic Crusade

    Skeleton: Minions of the Undead who are summoned by Necromancers. Void Dark, Weak Sanctity, Weak Necromancer, Noon=Sleep. Class Specific Card= Poison Breath

    Golems: Hulking Dolls summoned by Witches. Weak Valkyrie, Destroy Objects, Weal Lightning. Class Specific Skill: Earthquake

    Servant- Servants of the gods. Void all aliments, Can’t Counter. Class Card: Coma Karma

    High Servants: Servants who directly serve the gods. Void all Ailments, Void Sanctity, Can’t Counter: Class Card: Coma Karma

    Guardian Angel: The Angel who guard’s Heaven’s gate. She doesn’t go down easily. Health Control System, A.S. Shield, and Void Lightning. Class Specific Card: Angelic Thunder/ Revellion

    No. 367: The Head Grim Angel, she is known as ‘The Angelic.’ Void Lighning, D. Protection, Insanity Drive, and Void Ice. Class Specific Card: Judgement Zero

    The Magi: One the Strongest Mages the universe, referred to as gods. Void Lightning, D. Protection, HP Control System, Dealt Damage=Drain. Class Specific Skill: Ether Burst

    Hector: The leader and most famed of the Magi. His plans are his own design. Everything is the same as Magi but also Void Sanctity. Class Specific Skill: Whiteout
    Aqualancer- Swordsmen who serve under Aquarius. His Orhihalcum Blades can smite anything into two. Strong Golem, Movement=Swim, Void Ice, Weak Lightning, Doublecast. Card Skills: Tsunami (One Sword), Hurricane (Two Swords) Fencer’s Cards

    Time Angel: A divine being who serves under Virgo. With scythe in hand, they’re able to tinker with the timeline. Void Lightning, Weak Ice, Damage=Half, Hp Up Slowly, Movement=Fly. Card Skill: Chronos Breaker, Prince’s Cards

    Beastman: A man who has trained himself to become like Leo. His axe can even tear holes in Space! Void Dark, Weak Fire, Damage=Half, Movement=Warp at Night, Sleep=Day. Class Specific Skill: Lionheart Bandit’s Cards

    Abyssian: Undines who fell into the Darker Depths of the Sea. They serve Pisces faithfully. Void Ice, Movement=Swim, Weak Fire, Strong Water, Void Dark. Special Class Skill: Hell Dive Undine’s Cards

    Starsmasher: Men who’ve trained under Sagittarius. They can fell prey from Hundreds miles away! Strong Noon, Weak Fire, Can’t Counter, 50% Critical, Movement=HP Down. Special Card Skill: Meteor Rain Hunter’s Cards

    Puppeteer: A girl who has split personalities like Gemini. She has one Happy, Genocide geared one, and a Darker, Eradication one. Jolly: HP↓ Strength↑, Strong Noon, Void Sanctity, Weak Dark, Strong Golem. Gloomy: 50% Critical, Strong Night, Void Dark, Weak Sanctity, and Strong Skeleton. Special Card Skill: Jolly: Genocide, Gloomy: Reincarnation Summoning Cards

    Viperian: Men who’ve been turned into bearers of Snakes. Their Cobra Lances have a Chance to poison! Strong Swamp, 50% Poison, Strong Night, Weak Fire. Class Specific Card Skill: Condemnation Knight’s Cards

    Wisp: Women who’ve trained under Scorpio under the art of stealth. They move silently in the night, their poisoned claws almost able to kill any enemy. 50% Poison, Strong Night, Void Dark, Can’t Counter, Strength↑ Defense↓. Class Specific Skill: Oblivion Assassin’s Cards

    Cancerions: Kids who’ve traded the air for the sea. Guided by Cancer, they ride giant crabs into battle. Void Ice, Weak Fire, Movement=Crab, Strong Water, Heavy Counter %↑. Class Card Skill: Murder-Go-Round Griff. Rider’s Card

    Seafarer: Women who traded Land Navigation for Sea Navigation. Guided by Capricorn, their Sailor Outfits can charm anyone. Strong Male Units, Void Ice, Weak Lightning. Class Specific Skill (Non-Male Unit): Scapegoat, (Male Unit): Seducing Scapegoat Ax Battler’s Cards

    Priestess: Girls who’ve followed under Aries’ guidance. Her divine faith allows her to banish even the most unholy beasts from the land. Void Sanctity Weak Dark Strong Necro Block Counter. Class Specific Card: Genesis; Valkyrie’s Cards

    Judge: A young genius who fell into the order of Libra’s ways. Everything they do is balanced, but they also bring down harsh judgment onto their enemies. Void Lightning, Weak Fire, 50% Critical, Movement=Warp @ Night, Sleep=Noon. Class Specific Card Skills: Judgement, Tactician’s card skills

    Demon: A boy who’s fallen into Taurus’s clutches of rage and hatred. He uses the power from the nether world to consume all in his fury. Void Dark, Void Fire, Weak Ice, Movement=Lava, Strong Asgard. Class Specific Skill: Inferno, Copycat, Necromancer’s cards.
    La Pucelle- The Sovereign of Fantasinia. Welding the Holy Sword, they bring down holy justice. Class Lost to Asgard. Void Sanctity, Strong Fort, Always Ace, Void Ailments. Class Specific Skill: Crusade

    Broonga Knight: he Ruler of Bronquia. With the Dragon of Purgatories Blood in their veins, they ride Dragons and Wield Hellish Scythes. Class Lost to Princess Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz. Void Fire, Movement=Dragon, HP↓ Strength↑. Class Specific Skill: Genocide

    The Ancient: Nessiah, the Fallen Angel. He only wants revenge on the gods, and is destined to live eternally. Class Purged by Yggdra. Warp=Night, Void Lightning, Change to Any Class. Special Class Skill: Reincarnation

    Mystic Witch: Pamela the Great! She disappeared from this world, leaving everyone wondering where she went. Class World Hooped. Void Fire, Weak Undine, Strong Forest, Geo Card Anywhere. Class Specific Card Skill: Coma Karma
    Clarification: For the??? Class jobs, one doesn’t start with them, they evolve when finding a Sigil. This will be started at random intervals at the story after we liberate Paltina. Basically the Plot is simple, liberate the world from Asgard.
    Weapon Triangles and Elemental Affinity
    Sword (Fencer/Valkyrie/Aqualancer/ Priestess/La Pucelle -Lost-)>Axe(Bandit/Ax Battler/Griffin Rider/Beastman/Seafearer/Cancerion/ No. 367)> Spear (Knight/Undine/Viperian/Abyssian)>Sword
    Srd/Axe/Spr Triangle Semi> Bows (Assassin/Hunter/ Servant/ High Servant/ Wisp/Starsmasher)> Rod (Witch/Necromancer/Guardian Angel/ Magi/ Hector/Puppeteer/Demon/ Mystic Witch) & Book (Tactician/Judge/ The Ancient). Rod Semi> Srd/Axe/Spr Rod>Lump (Skeleton/Golem). Book> Rod

    Scythe (Prince/Time Angel/Broonga Knight)> Srd/Axe/Spr.
    All Classes are Nuetral when battling against the same weapon I/E Valkyrie=Judge
    All other Weapons not mentioned are Neutral against Each other
    If a Class Voids an Element, they will use it in Battle, and are immune to it. Note: The Abyssian voids two, she will use the Ice element on attacks.

    Let’s see, most class effects explain themselves, but let me go over a few that doesn’t

    Movement: If not started, it will be on foot. These units can’t enter water terrain, and can only move very slowly in the sand and swamps
    If Horse: This unit can move over other units, but besides that, has the same as regular
    If Swim: These units can enter water terrain, other than that, same as regular
    If Fly: These units ignore Geography, so they can move anywhere, but not land in water
    If warp @ Night: These Units can warp past units and across huge distances, but they can’t move directly in front of them
    If Crab: A mixture of Horse and Swim, everything else applies to it as regular.
    If Dragon: The same as crab, but not able to stop in water
    Vanir have dark skin, and dark blue and black hair. They also are the shortist of the two-legged races. Broquien’s have either dark, crimson hair, or dark blues and blacks for hairs; they are the tallest of the races. Fantasinians are Blonds and Bruenettes. They have medium heights.Embellians are Undines, they have Blue, Purple, Green and Orange Haircolors. Their hair colors match their scales,and they are the shortest of the races.. Verlain have light brunette hair color and are tall. They also have high Prowess in Magic. The Witch and Necromancer will be Verlain

    Well for Races and their Locations


    Bronquia is normally a place with a diverse area, ranging from Mountains, Swamps, and grasslands. It's Capital is Flarwreck

    Karona is a fort city between Bronquia and Fantasinia

    Fantasinia is a plain nation with it's capital being Paltina

    Marduk, like the name says, is a giant woodland filled with trees.

    Lost Aeries and Norn Valley are complete and total wasteland, Vanir live here.

    Lenessey Mountains are a Volcanic mountain range

    The White and Black rose Domains are located on the Verlaine hills. The White rose has more Water while Black Rose more Plain

    Embellia is a lake Nation, with it's capital being Elise. Undines live here

    Nyllard is a desert area, with Oz being a Holy City-State, and Welhiem the Holy Land.

    Ancardia is an island covered in coral that's under the sea, it also contains the Great Temple.

    The Year is roughly 1540
    The way we cast magic or use skills in this RPG is via a system called tactics cards. Each Tactics card has an Incantation, Ace, Movement, restrictions, and Effect to it. At the start of each battle ,you will select a certain number of Tactics Cards from your Tactics Deck For each time of day change, you will select a different card. You gain a copy of your opponent’s card if you are able to defeat them *Note: Not every card will be able to be obtained.
    Incantation is obvious; it activates the card and is quite catchy! (Like Gravity Chaos’ and Coma Karma’s)
    Ace: The unit who starts the battle has to have this weapon. Always ace ignores this
    Movement: How much a Unit is allowed to move under this card. Each Number is a mile, and it affects the ENTIRE party.
    Doll Craft: Ace, Rod. Witches and Puppeteers can only use this skill. Movement = 11. Summons a Golem under Certain conditions

    “O great Marionette of Destruction…. Awaken to my call!”
    Now, let’s finish up this long list

    Necro Gate: Ace, Rod. Necromancers, Puppeteers, and Demons can use this skill. Movement=11. Summons a Skeleton under certain conditions, can only be used at night

    “O wretched soul’s ponding at hell’s gate… it is I who holds the key!”

    Medusa Eye: Ace, Bow. Anyone can use this card. Movement=9. Turns the enemy to stone.

    “O memories of sin faded by time… Let it end, with this conviction of stone!”

    Steal: Ace Axe. Only Bandits and Beastman can use this skill. Movement=12. Steals the enemies equipped tactics card.

    “The shadow of the wind snatches all… even, the treasure of the gods!”

    Revolution: Ace Sword. Only Valkyries and Priestesses can use this skill in desperation. Movement=10. Defeats all weak enemies and deals fatal damage to the main enemy.

    “O Valkyrie of the doomed rebellion… in the depths of despair, SING US TO VICTORY!”

    Item Break: Ace Sword. Only Fencers and Aqualancers can use this skill. Movement= 9. Breaks the enemy’s item.

    "Swordsmanship honed in war… at thy strike, even demon bones crumble!”

    Bloody Claw: Ace Bow. Only Assassins and wisps can use this skill. Movement=9. Instantly defeats the enemy ‘head’ (A.k.A the main enemy), can only be used at night

    “Crazed demon bathed in crimson moonlight… let fountains of blood, rain from thy claws!”

    Chariot: Ace Spear. Only Knight and Vipereans can use this skill. Movement=9. Evens up the units battling. (Knights count as two).

    “ O iron centaur trampling the battlefield… thy spear pieces steel and flesh alike!”

    Diamond Dust: Ace Spear. Can be only used by undines and Abyssians. If other units use this card it becomes blizzard. Deals heavy ice damage and freezes water. Movement=7

    “Uphold the ancient pact… Seal mine enemy’s fate with ice!”

    Oblivious Dawn: Ace Book. Only Tacticians and Judges can use this skill. Movement=10. Lowers the enemy rage/ weakens them.

    “When the philosopher of dawn rings the bell… the ominous book of war shall be torn!” Long Version

    “He who rings the bell of dawn… it is time to part the clouds!” Short version

    Poison Breath: Ace Lump. Only Skeletons can use this skill. Movement=10.
    Poisons the enemy.

    “Keh keeeh kehhh... Keke ke keeeh!”

    Earthquake: Ace Lump. Only Golems can use this skill. Movment=10. Cuts enemies numbers in half and destroys nearby objects.

    “Gaaah... ahhh. Garr, gaaa!”

    Coma Karma: Ace Any. Can only be used by Mystic Witches and???, and only at night. Movement= 10. Puts enemies to sleep.

    “O demon of visions cloaked in damnation… her ashes shall fall, like somnolent snow!”

    Angelic Thunder: Ace Rod. Only the Guardian Angel can use this. Movement= 1 instantly defeats all enemies

    “O gatekeeper of the sanctified realm... Retribution awaits those who defile thy home.”
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uutJUvNsR7Q

    Judgment Zero: Ace Axe. Only No. 367 can use this card. Movement=6. Deals damage based on user.

    “O angel who appears before a false god… with the will of the gods, return all to nothing!”
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS04CyyRI_w

    Genocide: Ace Rod. Can only be used by Puppeteers and Broonga Knights. Movement=10. Sacrifices Health or Allies to go for an all blown out attack.

    “O ancient wyrm, enshrouded in a blazing aura… Thy flames shall unleash the fury of hell!”

    Reincarnation: Ace Rod. Can only be used by Puppeteers and The Ancient. Movement=2. Brings Back Allies from the dead and makes them to your advantage/ prevents death.

    “Unable to live, unable to die… thy punishment is to repeat life eternally”

    Lionheart: Ace Axe. Only Beastman can use this skill. Movement=8. Boosts everyon’es abilities by a level for the entire charge.

    “The bark of the king of beasts… A roar to empower all!”
    Banish: Ace Sword. Anyone can use this. Movement=7. Deals Sanctity Damage to the enemy

    “O Shepard with earthly body and heavenly soul… bring down evil with holy light!

    Gravity Chaos: Ace Axe. Can be used by everyone. Movement=9. Deals Dark damage to enemies, inflicts curse onto the enemy.

    “O angel deprived of light and wings… let thy misery cage mine enemy/ cage mine enemy’s heart!” Choose what you like, it works both ways

    Thunderbolt: Ace Bow. Can be used by anyone. Movement= 7 . Deals Lighting damage to enemies, also inflicts Paralysis status.

    “He who strikes like lightning… Let thunder roar from thy fingers!”

    Blizzard: Ace Spear. Can be used by anyone… If used by a member of the Undine Race (Changes to Diamond Dust)… Movement=7. Deals Ice damage to enemies.

    “O coffin of ice, sealing away anguish... Invite death with thy bitter Eulogy!”

    Flame: Ace Rod. Anyone can use this card. If used by a Demon… Movement= 7 Deals fire damage to enemies, burns enemies.

    “O sorceress clad in the flames of hell… Let thy fiery incantation bear its fangs!”

    Shield Barrier: Ace Anyone. Anyone can use this skill. Movement=6 Completely Shields the user and their units for a short period of time.

    “Sage holding the holy scepter of war... Let thy light shield the weak!”

    Mind Change: Ace Any. Anyone can use this skill. Movement= 6. Has Units of the same gender and Size join you.

    Huge Units: Marietta, N0. 367, the Magi, and Hector.
    Large Units: Knights, Time Angel (Wings anyone?), Griffon Rider, Cancerion, Golems, Asgardian Servants, and Broonga Knight
    Small: Everyone else.
    Genderless: Golems and Skeleton
    Male: The Magi, Hector, Knights, Necromancers, Fencers, Griffin Riders (Both Genders), Bandits, Beastman, Aqualancers, Demons, Prince, Time Angels, Asgardian Servents, the Ancient, Broonga Knight, Judges (Both), Tacticians (Both), Starsmashers, Hunters, Cancerions (Both)
    Females: The rest of the units I’m too lazy to type up

    “Twin Goddesses each born with a single wing… with imperfection lies ever changing hearts!”

    Sanctuary: Ace Any. Can only be used at noon. Movement=8. Heals Units and the Head.

    “O maiden of the sacred sanctuary… Let weary soldiers a moment of piece!”

    Banshee’s Cry: Ace Sword. Lowers enemies attack. Movement=8.

    “I summon thee, burier of the dead… Let thy shriek pierce the enemies’ heart!”

    Fortune: Ace Any. Movement=6. Changes Attack with Luck.

    “Blind Sear, Mute Soothesayer… All of fate lies in thy cards!”

    Kiss of Death: Ace Any. Only be used at night. Movement=6. Changes your attack and enemy attack for your Reputation Sacrifice.

    “Bewitching Demon of the Night… Drown thy victims, seducing them in pleasure.”

    Refreshment: Ace Any. Restores Morale. Movement=3.

    “O Spring of eternal purity… Bubble with the song of fairies!”

    Dragon Killer: Ace Any. Strong against Dragon. Movement=6.

    "O conqueror of fear and savior of many… even from the grave, thy blade still regins!”

    Mantrap: Ace Any. Enemy in Swamp. Movement=5. Does elemental damage

    “Beauty that drove goddesses made with envy… those who draw near, SHALL FALL INTO THEE ABYSS!”

    Sandstorm: Ace Any. If enemy is in sand. Movement=5. Deals elemental damage

    “O protector of the endless sea of sand… Judge those who disturb order and stability!”

    Rockfall: Ace any. If enemy is in a wasteland. Movement=6. Deals elemental damage and slow.

    “Mischievous demon plotting in solitude… let boulders rain from thy heavens!”

    Ace Guard. Ace Any. Protects the entire union from Charges or Counters. Movement=4.

    “O emperor, protector of many… Victory exists under thy flag alone!”

    Mirage: Ace Any. Only at noon. Movement=4. Swaps geography

    “Whimsical faerie of the rainbow crystal... Let thy illusions become reality.”

    Ivy Whip: Ace Any. When enemy is in a forest. Movement=5. Deals elemental damage.

    “O proud spirit of the forest... Lash out with thy thorny vines."
    Videos for Canon Cards

    Cards Shown and Order they appear in:
    First Video:
    Gravity Chaos
    Ace Guard
    Mind Change
    Item Break
    Vise (Ignore)
    Kiss of Death
    Dragon Killer
    Ivy Whip
    Medusa Eye
    Lionheart (Rauher)
    Diamond Dust
    Bloody Claw
    Coma Karma
    Oblivious Dawn
    Shield Barrier
    Banshee’s Cry
    Second Video:
    Necro Gate
    Poison Breath
    Earth Quake
    Doll Craft
    Judgement Zero
    Insanity (Ignore)
    Crusade (Jihad)- Base for Lunatic Crusade (Lunatic has Lightning Bolts and Chains flying down towards the enemy)
    Zantetsuken: Ace Axe. Only Axe battlers and Seafarers can use this skill. Movement= 6. Has ¼ of a chance to instantly kill your Units, You Head, The Enemy Head, or the Enemy’s units. Unit will throw axe at sound barrier breaking speed, having it create a giant slash in the battlefield.

    “O ancient god who sacrificed himself at Yggdradsil to stop Ragnarok… The blade shall cleave anything to two!”

    Arrow Rain: Ace Bow. Only Hunters and Axe Battlers can use this skill. Movemnt=5. Will instantly defeat either your or the enemies units. A hail of arrows will descend upon the battlefield

    “O marksman who never missed his mark... Let it rain blades from thy heavens!”

    Aerial Dive: Ace Axe. Only Griff. Riders and Cancerions can use this skill. Movement=8. Sacrifices head to instantly defeat all enemies. The unit will fly up, and then dive towards the enemy at lightning speeds.

    “O rider who sacrificed herself for the Queen… her memory shan’t be forgotten!”

    Lunatic Crusade. Ace Any. Only those of Royal Blood can use this skill. Movemnt=12. Instantly Kills one enemy. Explained in video section

    “O queen who was chained by heaven… Through grief and insanity, unleash thy fury in Holy Lunacy!

    Tsunami: Ace Sword. Only Aqualancers can use this Skill. Movement=8. Damages Enemy, and makes any tile next to a water tile a water tile. A gaint water wave will emerge with the sword in the middle

    “Ancient god of the sea filled with rage… Have thy victims drown it thy Furious wave!”

    Hurricane: Ace Sword. Only Aqualancers can use this skill. Movement=4. Sacrifices all water tiles to heavily damage all enemy units next turn at noon. Unit will extend both swords out and spin around until the storm is created, and then send it towards the enemy.

    “Whirlwind that consumed the world… Thy wrath shall obliterate everything!”

    Chronos Breaker: Ace Scythe. MOST BROKEN CARD EVER, Only Time Angels can use this card (That’s me peeps). Movement=12. Reworks the timeline so that the target has never existed. Unit will croach down, and do a faster than time scythe combo on the enemy, and will emerge croached after the enemies. A giant clock will appear and then shatter.

    “Ancient maiden surrounded in clockwork… When thy clock breaks, only I will remember you!”

    Hell Dive: Ace Spear. Only Abyssains can use this Skill, Can only be used if user is in a water tile . Movement=4. Combine the effects of Diamond Dust and Bloody Claw. Unit will jump to unseeable heighths, and then do a spiral dive with spear extended towards the enemy, she then goes through the enemy, creating an Abyss, dragging in the enemy, freezing them.

    "The two gods of the sea, two carrying one blade… Thy spear shall drag mine enemy into the Abyss!”

    Meteor Rain: Ace Bow. Only Starsmashers can use this skill. Movement=6. Same as Zantetsuken, but will instantly take out your party or their party. The user will shoot an arrow towards the heavens, and the meteors will randomly fall down from the sky

    “Goddess of the hunt, awaiting her prey… When she fires, stars rain from the heavens!”

    Condemnation: Ace Spear. Only Viperians can use this skill. Movement= 7. Inflicts Doom on the enemy. The unit will charge at the enemy, thrusting the Viper Spear into their heart, flling it with toxins.

    “Those who stand in death’s way… The only answer is eternal suffering!”

    Oblivion: Ace Bow. Only Wisps can use this skil. Movement=9. Attacks with two long claws, sends the enemies in the air, and sends a barrage of arrows to their vitals. Instantly Kills the enemy head

    “Like a knife in the dark… At thy strike, thou soul shall be sent to oblivion!”

    Murder-Go-Round: Ace Axe. Only Cancerions can use this skill. Movement=7. Swings the target around in circles. Same Requirement as Revolution and Works like Revolution, with ½ a chance of killing the head. Crab crabs the kid’s feet while the kid extends their axe, and they spin around the enemy.

    If kid is calm

    “Ancient Puppeteer who controlled the wheel of order… Spin thy enemy on the wheel of fate.”

    If Kid is insane

    “Forsaken girl who wanted to paint the town red… He he he, AHA HA HA HA HA!!!!”

    Scapegoat: Ace Axe. Seafarer only If used on a male unit… Movement=5.Affected Unit takes damage for all allies that take damage. She goes up, kisses the enemy head, and then kicks them.

    “O Succubus who couldn’t find the one… Have her love turn lovers to goats!”

    Seductive Scapegoat: Ace Axe. Info same as Scapegoat, but used on a male unit. If an union is formed, enemies units can also attack this unit.

    “Goddess who ruled over the gods, mad with envy… Those who cross her shall be her Scapegoats!”

    Genesis: Ace Sword. Priestesses can use this skill. Movement=7. Deals holy/sanctity damage to the enemy, and heals units. The Priestess raises her Sword in the air, and divine, holy light strikes down the enemy.

    “The balance of darkness and light, equilibrium of creation… Bring down punishment on those who disturbs thy balance!”

    Judgment: Ace Book. Judges can use this skill. Movement=2. Judges the enemy based on their Sins, if a Sinner, instant death, if a Good-Natured person healed, if an Asgardian, banished. The uses creates a magic circle around the target with their book, then four swords appear around the edges, a ray of light then opens up from the circle.

    “Ancient tomb of the gods, containing infinite knowledge… Knowing thy sins, judge those who are unworthy!”

    Inferno: Ace Rod. Demons can use this skill. Movement=7. Summons an towering inferno that turns all grass patches into wasteland tiles, and water tiles to lava tiles. The user does the same with flame, but a magic circle appears and a towering fire pillar engulfs the enemy.

    “Enchantress clad in fiery flames… Have thy enemies be consumed, by thee Inferno!”

    Copycat: Ace Rod. Demons can use this skill. Movement=1. Copyies the enemies card skill, and uses it against them.

    “Blind Puppet filled with fake memories… Let thy illusion of a person copy all!”

    Ether Burst: Ace Rod. Magi can use this Skill. Movement=3. Same effect as Angelic Thunder

    "The god who has the magic to rewrite the universe... Release this with this Ether Burst!"

    Whiteout: Ace Rod. Only Hector can use this SKill. Movemnt=12. Smae effect as Lunatic Crusade

    "Those who stand before... Shell be sent to oblivion."

    1. All Forum Rules Apply
    2. All RPG rules apply
    3. The Witch must be Rosary’s Daughter (Last Name Esmeralda)
    4. If you aren’t on a certain list, you must prove yourself worthy of being the witch
    5. The Necromancer must be Roswell’s Son ( Last Name Branthese)
    6. NO OC’S (You must use a new character, not your already existing ones you use for all of your RPS)
    7. The Undine Can be Nietzsche’s Daughter ( Last Name Marine)
    8. No choosing the Zodiac Jobs at first, we will gain them later
    9. At the end of each post, state your Inventory and Tactics Deck. You’ll start out with your Class Card, Mind Change, Sanctuary, Refreshment, Mirage, and The Elemental card the corresponds with your weapon type. Tacticians get Ace Guard instead.
    10. BE ACTIVE! You must post at least once a week




    Race (Vanir, Bronquien, Fantasinian, Embellian, or Veralin):

    Appearance: (Vanir have dark skin, and dark blue and black hair. They also are the shortist of the two-legged races. Broquien’s have either dark, crimson hair, or dark blues and blacks for hairs; they are the tallest of the races. Fantasinians are Blonds and Bruenettes. They have medium heights.Embellians are Undines, they have Blue, Purple, Green and Orange Haircolors. Their hair colors match their scales,and they are the shortest of the races.. Verlain have light brunette hair color and are tall. They also have high Proness in Magic. The Witch and Necromancer will be Verlain):



    Weapon Appearance:



    Character List:
    Ax Battler- Holly Summers (Billy Mays)
    Griffen Rider (Male)-
    Griffen Rider (Female)-
    Knight- Thegame88
    Undine- Lirea Marine(Mon1010)
    Assassin- Portia Belladonna (*Jean Grey*)
    Witch-Iyulia Esmeralda (GoldenHouou)
    Necromancer-Harry Branthese (deltakurumiru4)
    Tactician (Male)-
    Tactician (Female)-
    Prince- Noctus Artwaltz (CandleReaper, 'Orrible Sign-Up is horrible.)

    NOTICE! No more Verlain characters will be accepted

    Noctus Artwaltz
    Fanastinian Prince
    03.12.1540 Marduk Woods-Resistance Camp

    Noctus hazily walked away from the attention all of his subordinates was giving him. Just because of he was the prince of the country doesn't mean he deserved the attention like that. He looked around at the encampent hidden in the trees, it has giving them hope, sheltering them from 367 more than once.

    He moved on like he didn't have a care in the world, well he didn't. Even though he was a prince, he wasn't very sociable. He was normally dark and cold to others, well, to everyone besides his Aunt and Portia. People think he's that way because of his uprising, other's think it was his mothers death. It was a mixture of both that made him cold.

    Moving into the planning tent, he sat down on a tree stump. He didn't want anything fancy, and prefered to get his shoes dirty that to sit around board all day. He started to polish his scythe, the scythe he recieved a while ago. Suddenly, he felt something plop on his head, and when he turned around, he saw his Aunt gazing at him. He looked what fallen off, and it was his doll.

    "Aunt Aegina! Thank you very much finding him, I missed him so dearly, I almost cried thinking I lost him." Noctus told her in a childish, but thankful voice. It was higer than usual, but considering his age, his voice was high.

    He the ngazed at his Aunt, shr still looked Nineteen, and was stuck like it too. Even though she was techincally in her fifties, whatever speel was placed on her gave her age immortality, meaning she coukd only die from the blade. Her long, light coper hair trailled town her back while she wore a light burgandy dress, with crosses of ribbon and lace in it. At her side, she carried a rapier that was starting to look blood stained, he could tell that it was her weapon since she first learned to weild. Her left eye was covered in bandages, as it was the place were she was sinped fifty years ago. She looked at him with her regular blue eye, and giggled.

    "No problem my nephew. Now, I've fetched Portia, I think we should start by trying to recruit some people... I want you two to travel to Veraline Hills and Embellia, yo might be able to have the nobles therejoin your ranks. Also, don't forget, those Tactics cards you recieved from that man, use them wisely. Also use the Centurio Arc wisely, as it might be more holy than it's precessor. The 'Holy' Sword; The Gran Centurio. I wish you luck, and now I have to whip those new recruits butts in gear." Aegina started off with a sweat tone, than channged to a mroe serious tone, and ended with a ticked of tone and look. She walked out of the tent, leaving a card behind. As Noctus picked it up, he realized it was the Banish Card.

    This might be useful... No where is Portia? it shouldn't be hard to find her. Now, I wonder who we can get t ojoin us, but they're most likely useless anyways. I only need my doll, Aunty Aegina and Portia... And maybe a cute slave or two, but besides that... I only need them. I'm only doing this because my mom would have wished this, and who was that man? Noctus wondered as he got up, and attached his doll to his Scythe, looking for Portia.
  2. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Harry Branthese
    Necromancer, Heir to the Black Rose
    03.12.1540 Black Rose Manor

    "Damn...tail...come...off!" growled a tall boy as he wrestled with a large pair of bone cutters. Similar to hedge clippers in shape and method of clipping, the steel used is much tougher in order to snap through bones. The boy, Harry Branthese, is in my own little lab in the Black Rose Manor, hidden behind a special bookcase from his old room. His mother's research lined those walls, and Harry loved every second of reading it. At the moment, he's struggling, trying to cut the taill off of an Undine corpse he found near the beach towards the Undine capital. It looked young, but because of the nature of Undines, he had no idea how old it was. He did know that it had been dead for at least a week, and had decayed a little. He black trench coat hung near the entrence, as Harry tried to keep it clean. Dissecting and playing with corpses is messy, and he prfered to dirty his lab coat.

    Suddenly, with a mighty *crack* the spine was severed, and the tail moved a small distence from the rest of the body. "Finally! Damn Undines. I love them, but they are ao hard to dissect!* Harry complained. He grabbed the tail, and pushed the rest of the corpse off the silver table. He would clean that later, though a small amount of blood dripped onto his shoe. The entire room smelled of decaying corpse, and Harry loved every second of it. "Okay, one of mom's theories is that an Undine's tail is mostly muscle, which means the orgens are in the main body. It that is true, then if i cut through the scales of this tail, i will find a thick pack of muscle. Let's see if she is right" Harry said to himself. He grabbed a scapel, and began to cut at the scales. They were tough, but Harry's mom's tools were desighned to cut through Undine flesh and scales, so it wasn't long before he cut through. He pulled the scales off, as well as the fins, and began to inspcet the tail. "Just as mom thought! The Undine tail IS all muscle, which explains how they can move on land, support their body weight on it, as well as be incredible fast swimmers" Harry chidded excitedly. He grabbed his staff, and opened the secret book case into his room. It was plan, with pictures of Undines, dissections of Undines, a few with Pamela and Nietzche, and the the bookcase had several books on them by Pamela as well. Harry squinted. It was already day. "Damn! I worked through the night again. Good going me." Harry muttered. He pulled the skull mask down over his face, allowing the alrge mess of brown hair to hand down. Harry through his black trench coat on, put the black rose hair piece in his hair, and walked out into the manor. He needed more materials. He needed fresh corpses.

    Tactic Deck: Necro Gate, Mind Change, Sanctuary, Refreshment, Mirage, Poison Breath
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  3. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Portia Belladonna
    Assassin, Noctus' Bodyguard
    03.12.1540, Library

    "Belladonna, His Majesty needs you immediately."

    Portia looked up from her book and eyed the person who was speaking. One of Aegina's messengers, which meant serious business. And, she was caught reading for the second time this week. Swiftly closing the book, she got up and nodded. The messenger then left, leaving Portia alone once again. She placed the book back on it shelf, wincing to herself at the thought of two more people aside from Noctus seeing her read in the past month.

    "Oh, joy." She muttered as she wrapped her crimson scarf around her neck, allowing its long ends to hang behind her as she shook back her long, light hair. Before Noctus had hired her, Portia had always worn her hair in a simple high ponytail. Being among royals forced her to change into a more formal hairstyle however. Picking up her crossbow, she made her way out of the library's door.

    Marduk Woods-Resistance Camp

    Portia ran as she saw the clearing, the same clearing she first met Noctus at. No surprise, he was there with his aunt, probably waiting for her to arrive. Once she managed to reach him, she squeezed his shoulder, smirking. Though she had started work as his bodyguard at first, she had grown close to the young prince, becoming more like his friend or his older sister over the past years.

    "Hey, I'm here now OK?" She said playfully as she gave him another squeeze.
  4. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Holly Summers
    Axe Battler, Fanastinian Farmer
    03.12.1540, Marduk Woods, Outside of Resistance Base

    Holly grunted as she hoisted her father's axe up on her shoulders. She was strong; it was fairly obvious for herself and anyone who met her, but even then it was fairly difficult carring her father's giant battle axe everywhere. She was thankful she was traveling light otherwise; just some apples from the farm and a canteen full of water in a small side bag. Holly adjusted her hat and looked ahead of her, and saw the encampment of the resistance fighters up ahead. She eagerly quickened her pace, as she was looking forward to being able to rest and put her axe down.

    Holly immediately tracked down the first person she spotted and asked, "Hey, do y'know where the recruitin' station is?" The man looked puzzled at her sudden advance, but then pointed towards a tent towards the center of the camp. Holly nodded and said, "Thanks partner!" before running towards the tent. When she went inside the tent, she saw a man sitting at a desk, writting something on a parchment. Holly walked right up to him, axe in tow, and asked, "Howdy! Is this where I can sign up for this here resistance?"

    The man looked up, and said, "It isn't as simple as just filling out a form. First off, we don't even know who you are, or whether or not you are turely loyal to our cause. Second, just because you have an axe doesn't mean you are a good fighter."

    Holly glared at the man, making him shift uncomfortablely in his seat. "But," the man said with a nervous tone, "if you truely wish to join, you should probably go see either Aegina Artwaltz or her nephew Noctus."

    Holly smiled and thanked the man, then immediately headed back out of the tent to go look for Aegina or Noctus. She knew for sure she hadn't gone all the way from the farm to the Marduk Woods just to be turned away. After wandering around the camp for a bit, she noticed a young regal looking boy who was about her age, that she could only assume was Noctus Artwaltz. Holly walked up to him and asked, "Hey, are you Noctus Artwaltz? I was thinkin' of joining this here resistance, and I was told I should look for you."

    (OoC: Sorry is you think the psot is a little short, I didn't know what to say. Also, since I don't think Holly has her tactics cards yet, I'm not going to post them yet.)

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