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YGO adv: Earth/Machine Deck

I would like to test this deck.

Tribute Monster (5x):

- Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon(2x)
- Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera(1x)
- Cyber Dragon(2x)

Non-Tribute Monster (15x):

- Red Gadget(2x)
- Yellow Gadget(2x)
- Green Gadget(2x)
- Giant Rat(3x)
- Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive(2x)
- Exiled Force(1x)
- D.D. Assailant(2x)
- Morphing Jar(1x)

Spells (12x):

- Smashing Ground(2x)
- Premature Burial(1x)
- Brain Control(1x)
- Enemy Controller(2x)
- ScapeGoat(1x)
- Lightning Vortex(1x)
- Snatch Steal(1x)
- Pot of Avarice(1x)
- Heavy Storm(1x)
- Mystical Space Typhoon(1x)

Traps (8x):
- Sakuretsu armor(3x)
- Ring of Destruction(1x)
- Torrential Tribute(1x)
- Call of the Haunted(1x)
- Ultimate Offering(1x)
- Widespread Ruin(1x)

Okay, I am not trying to have a ancient gear deck so i do not recomend them here. The reason why I use dragon and chimera because their ability coincides with the Gadgets. This deck is about how fast I can get my cards while my opponent wait to pick up their good cards. I do not have the following cards yet: Injection Lily, N. Grand Mole, Mirror Force, Shrink ,and Sangan which really are good fillers in this deck. Do not add them either.