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[YGO]Cards not [yet] released outside Japan.

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by XyronTheFalcon, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Fox

    Fox Where's my fanfare?

    I don't get why some of you blame Japan for this. If it weren't for Japan, there wouldn't be a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG at all. If anyone's to blame, its Upper Deck/Konami USA. They're the ones who regulate what cards come across the sea, and determine that sort of stuff. You can also blame them for having BLU coming out so late.

    Just to clarify, the term "Jap/Japs" is close to "nigger" by the fact that during WWII that was the term to clasify all people of Japanese origin. So please, watch what you're saying and get your facts strait. If anything its "Damn Americans" in this case if you want someone to insult.

    Before you say I'm insulting Americans, I'm an American born citizen myself, and it was only an example. I am also half Japanese, half African-American, so please don't lecture me about racism 'cause I gotta deal with two different kinds.
  2. Eon Chao

    Eon Chao Phoenix Clan Samurai

    Actually Fox its neither Upperdeck nor Konami's fault. It's the fault of Konami's parent company.

    Now unfortunatly we do get screwed abit in the promo department but we are getting some of the missing ones (ie. Tin's, Pre-release events, shonen jump etc.) Its just the game has existed for so long in Japan that the Meta game that exists doesn't require alot of them and yes despite the fact we'd all love to have these promos...apart from some of the recent ones would we actually play most of them?

    Look at the three on the list:

    E-Hero Mudballman: I'd play it to give my E-Heroes more options but I'd Live without it.

    Dark Magic Curtain: As its been pointed out already there's a slim chance of us getting it...but would it really affect the game immensly if we did?

    Dark Magician (red): ok this one is just stupid....yes it has the best "art" (I'm sorry but the CG used for Yu-Gi-Oh cards isn't art) of all the Dark Magician cards but in all honesty if you can't use one of the 3 other versions for your deck then you're being rather pathetic. I play cards for there art, sometimes, in all my games but just because I, for example like the art on the Kamigawa Mountain's better than the Core Set, Mirrodin and Ravenica ones doesn't mean I'll have a hissy fit if I can't have all the copies of that card with the Kamigawa art.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2005
  3. XyronTheFalcon

    XyronTheFalcon I'm Back? YAY!

    Thanks for changing the topics title................
  4. Tamer Zack

    Tamer Zack SPP forgotten member

    Armed Dragon LV10 is the new evolution

    Armed Dragon LV10
    This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card can only be special summon by sacrificing an [Armed Dragon LV7] on your field. Discard one card from your hand to destroy all face-up monsters on opponent's field.
    Ultra Rare[/SPOIL]
  5. Those will probobly be in TP packs, and Fox Your a 'Jap-Nigga'?
  6. I thought maybe Magical Curtain would be in the upcomming Jan 2006 Judgement of Spellcasters Deck.But I looked at the singles and the only stuff I found that was somewhat interesting was jap version of DM(not red one,the one that has the tablet behind it).And a common breaker,and I saw magic box too,But Magic Box sux.
  7. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    Magic Box of Death is one of the few cards that makes Ameba (seriously) playable. Its effect is slightly better than Creature Swap, so I imagine you might be seeing it played in tournaments.
  8. Fox

    Fox Where's my fanfare?

    Let this be a lesson to anyone else who is tempted or wants to play games like that. Whether or not that post was meant as a joke, racism is no joke, especially in my eyes. KewlBrettC_the_Tormentor is perma banned (at least until further review). He has posted against me before, but this time he overstepped the boundaries.

    Also, for anyone reading this, I might add that if they ever feel that a modding is needed here, feel free to use the report button, or just send me a PM and I'll look into things asap.

    Also, please watch the term usage, especially when I posted it a few posts prior ;\ I know you didn't mean it in that way though.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2005
  9. Yami Bakura

    Yami Bakura <- 0wn3d! XD

    But it's okay to say 'japanese', right? Just want to be sure.
  10. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    Yes, brevity is your enemy. Though, you might want to abstain from writing J-A-P at all on the internet, since we can't really hear your voice to tell if you're kidding or not.
  11. Yami Bakura

    Yami Bakura <- 0wn3d! XD

    Okay, i understand. Thanks!
  12. Gutsman

    Gutsman Indigo Champion

    did anybody mention five god dragon?
  13. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    No and with good reason, this thread was dead until you posted in it.
  14. Dead? it hadn't been posted in for 12 days or so.
  15. Tamer Zack

    Tamer Zack SPP forgotten member

    FGD and DMK(Dragon Master Knight) were the JPN promo only.
  16. -Satellite Cannon
    -Sixth Sense
    -Marshmallon's Eyeglasses
    -Five God Dragon/Mythic Dragon
    -Dragon Master Knight

    I think there's a card Yugi used in the Memory Arc that hasn't crossed over yet--it's a Dragon, I know that...
  17. Phaeton

    Phaeton Lit

    White Horn Dragon <3
  18. XyronTheFalcon

    XyronTheFalcon I'm Back? YAY!

    I decided not to update the list...Just Post them...And the dragon..of Yugi..do you mean Gondora?
  19. ~-=Mewtwo=-~

    ~-=Mewtwo=-~ Guest

    What does Sixth Sense do?
  20. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    You (the person that plays it) choose two numbers between 1 and 6, your opponent then rolls a six-sided die. If the result is one of the numbers you picked, you draw that many cards from your deck. If the result isn't one of those numbers, you discard that many cards from your deck.
    (What I'm not entirely sure of is whether it's from the top of your deck or if you just pick them out of your deck.)

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