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YGO COTD - 10/11/2006: Berserk Gorilla

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by The Requiem, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. The Requiem

    The Requiem Wanna?Slash


    If this card is in face-up Defense Position on the field, destroy this card. The controller of this card must attack with this card if possible.

    *** *** ***

    You think you can take the king? Now meet Kong. Well. Berserk Gorilla is more Oozaru Goku than King Kong seeing as how it shoots death rays out of its mouth but thats besides the point. Berserk Gorilla, upon its release, was a favorite in Earth Swarms, beatdowns, lots of decks. Except for the chaos that controlled everything and its mother. Beserk saw play though when CED bit the dust and Black Luster Soldier was taking everything in sight. Sometimes even in the same deck. His weakness is his "I explode in defense mode" effect. Now when have you ever seen a beater like this in defense mode. The only thing is that hes taken out by cards like Stumbling, and Level Limit Area B. Water decks and their position control cards like Crystal Core and Aqua Spirit make him cry too.

    Advanced Format: 3.5/5
  2. 3/5, meh, pretty good, and I think I can get around his defense problem with Final Attack Orders
  3. ~RaikouRider243~

    ~RaikouRider243~ Lightning Swordsman

    4/5 One of the best splashy beatdown cards in the game, but a little weaker this format now that Enemy Controller is seeing play again. He dies to controller...lol
  4. The Requiem

    The Requiem Wanna?Slash

    Actually you cant. Monsters are still shifted to DEF, but then FAO swaps them back. If you have him faceup with Orders, then you get hit by say, controller, he would die before FAO could save him. Get it?
  5. Okay, but someone else told me that one, okay, Berserk Gorilla, 2/5, I think beatdown decks suck anyway
  6. 1.5 can destroy it.
  7. The Requiem

    The Requiem Wanna?Slash

  8. Alakazam says Cena Sucks

    Alakazam says Cena Sucks ..::WaveMotion::..

    2 words
    Cyber Dragon
    almost every way you comapre the two... Dragon is better

    UNLESS ITS A BEAST DECK where this would get a 4.5

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