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YGO COTD - 10/23/2006: Time Wizard

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by The Requiem, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. The Requiem

    The Requiem Wanna?Slash


    Toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, destroy all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. If you call it wrong, destroy all monsters on your side of the field, and you lose Life Points equal to half the total ATK of the destroyed monsters. You can only use this effect once per turn, during your Main Phase.

    *** *** ***

    Go ahead. Laugh it up. Because once you lose your entire frontfield into dust you might not be so confident. Time Wizard is fun in a coin flip, one of the most Hi-risk, Hi-return cards in the game. You either get a Raigeki or a sliced wrist. A topped Time Wizard can take everything you learned about advantage and flip it out of the window. A raigeki effect changes the pace of the game COMPLETELY. Dont let the cuddly look fool you, the wizard can be a ******* child.

    Advanced Format: 3/5 (The risk is worth it...)
  2. Erus Black Mage

    Erus Black Mage Well-Known Member


    Was my favorite monster until the effect kept on turning on me, looks cool though, this card can go hand in hand with second coin toss however....
  3. ~RaikouRider243~

    ~RaikouRider243~ Lightning Swordsman

    This is a very powerful card, you just make sure to use it only as a LAST DITCH EFFORT.
  4. Shadow the Hedgehog

    Shadow the Hedgehog DON'T F$#@ WITH ME!

    I love this guy.

    Usefulness 2/5

    Art 6/5
  5. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    3.5/5, because it can be abused in an Apprentice Toolbox.
  6. He, heh 3/5, I always see my friend use Time Wizard only to see it get backfired at him

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