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YGO:COTD 4/13/2007~Advance Ritual Art

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by FireKero!, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. FireKero!

    FireKero! SWABLR

    Keeping up witht he trend of commonly played Metagame cards, I'll be reviewing Advance Ritual Technique today!


    Advance Ritual Art~Choose a Ritual monster from your hand, choose Normal monster(s) from your deck to the same level as that card and send them to Graveyard. Special Summon the chosen Ritual monster.

    What can be said about this card? It's far better then Painful Choice, and comboes great with Demise, Reshef, Ruin, Relinquished, the list goes on. And best part is, ARA makes for a good top deck, so long as you have a big ritual monster in your hand that you can't play right away. :D

    What more can said about this card? It's broken, plain and simple. Next ban list (mabye sooner), it'll rather be this card or Demise that's gonna take a hit if things don't changed in our TCG. It's a skilled form of Cyber Stien.

    5/5 in-Ritual/Normal deck. Cause it's awesome
    5/5 in-every deck. Hell, if you just wanna run mill or return, or something, run a big ritual monster with a lot of low-leveled vanilas.
    5/5 in-Traditional. Demise/Chaos is ****in' hi-larious
    5/5 in-Insect Demise-Can't deny the awesoem synergy here.

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone! :)
  2. Mikau

    Mikau Better then you

    I'd love to get my hands on a couple of these. I don't have much rituals but still a cool card to have.
  3. Yami Ron

    Yami Ron Elite Member

    Maybe I'll pick those cards up in my card purchases for next month. An awesome deck thinner, what more needs to be said.
  4. Midnite

    Midnite *Out of Titles*

    Trend? Um...right...trend...

    Awesome, I tried it with 1 demise >.<
    Trad: 4/5 (Dag, Chaos is broken)
    Adv: 4/5 (Avoidable though)
    No Vanilla or Ritual monsters: 9999/5 (1337!)

    EDIT: Added to index
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2007
  5. OMG, this is one awesome card. :D

    I dominated the STON prerelease with it, because in about 5 duels, I managed to summon three Lycanthropes.
  6. FireKero!

    FireKero! SWABLR

    There's no trend? You sure? Wow, then i guess you guys just pick COTD's so naturally. :p
  7. Mystical Espeon

    Mystical Espeon Know him? I am him!

    Mind me asking why not have a gag on friday the 13th? Isnt it obvious to do like Snipe hunter or Paths of Destiny?

    Good card, you could do something like this...

    Activate ART
    Discard from your deck: BEWD
    Summon Rshef of the Begining
    Discard random Spell Card
    Take control of oponent card
    Activate a set Birthright on BEWD


    5/5 definately
  8. Raiburuto

    Raiburuto ~Grammar Nazi

    Nope!, No trend! I just chose Cyber Ogre 2 for when I did the COTD, because I had recently got 1 in a booster :D.
  9. The Requiem

    The Requiem Wanna?Slash

    Time to say a few things.

    A: Reliquinshed is the WORST ritual to use with ARA seeing as how its the only one that has nothing but bad monsters to target, save for exodia pieces, and it'd be better to use something like Paladin of White Dragon

    (mill them ALL as opposed to ONE)

    B. Advanced Ritual Art is NOT the reason Demise OTK is as good as it is. Hell, DEMISE isnt even the reason that its as good as it is. 3 words. Cyber. Twin. Dragon.

    C. ARA is nowhere near as good as Painful Choice, when's the last time you saw a Painful you couldnt activate b/c you were short one blue card in your hand?

    D. It's very good. Not broken at all. Its what ritual monsters needed to be playable.

    Demise isnt that hard to stop ladies and gentlemen, lets all stop crying BAN IT when somebody makes something and it gets mass netdecked...
  10. Midnite

    Midnite *Out of Titles*

    Exactly, people here are scoring them as 5s. It's just good, not perfect. Like you said, the main downside is, no blue cards in your hand. As you can chain Trap Dustshoot or Mind Crush to the process.
  11. The only part that probably that kills this card. Imagine if it allowed to send the normal monster and search for the blue card...
  12. ChaosAngel

    ChaosAngel MINE!! :D

    Great card.
    Mostly seen play cause of that Demise OTK decks.

  13. RedMoogleXIII

    RedMoogleXIII Team Rocket Trainer

    Metamorphosis the Doom Dozer to Cyber Twin is not the only trick Demise OTK runs on. The Equip Spell Metamorph on the Doom Dozer so an Demise OTK has 5 cards to get the Other Monster (Doom Dozer or Cyber Twin Dragon) to do 5600 Damage wih its attack(s)

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