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YGO Tournaments/Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by Raito, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Raito

    Raito HADOUKEN!

    Here, talk about things that have been happening lately.

    I will talk about my past Regional at Austin 11/19/05

    Round 1

    Me vs. Trevor (CC Aggro)

    He got me with those messenger of Peaces but the worst thing was when we just got out of a Cyber Jar Flip and I only set one card face down. We Dusted my Sakuretsu when I had two Dusts in my Hand I could have played... He called Jinzo then with his other two monsters, attacked for game WTF. Two Dust Tornadoes would have saved me and given me the game!
    Jameil- 0 and 1

    Round 2

    me vs. Jamaican accent guy (off the wall deck)

    The only major thing is in Game 1 where Creature Swapped my Ryu Senshi and that screwed me over... He got bad draws the last two rounds and I won!

    Jameil- 1 and 1

    Round 2

    Me vs. Latino dude (Warrior)

    His deck lacked many staple cards but he still beat me by swarming and Rocket warrior WTF

    Jameil- 1 and 2

    Round 3 I got knocked back 45 tables to table 79!

    Me vs. Jay (aggro...)

    He took me to school and I'm now ashamed...

    Jameil- 1 and 3...

    Good lunch, Evan Vargas offered to help me with my deck, I got accepted into a Team (not because of regional scores but because of tourney scores), hanging out

    Round 5

    I totally forgot

    I totally forgot but I lost

    Jameil- 1 and 4 :(

    Round Six

    Me vs. Muhammed (Silent Lockdown)

    He won with a very unstable deck, but he dropped and gave me a win!

    Jameil- 2-4

    Round 7

    me vs. somebody (cyber OTK)

    Too unstable, Screwed by Snatch and Sakuretsu, weird techs like Maurading captain. Easy Win

    Jameil- 3-4

    Round 8

    Me vs. somebody (aggro)

    he was sleepy and forgot about major things like V. Lord. wasn't pretty.


    I'm in a team
    Going 4-4 in my first Regional

    Crap in every pack I got
    left too early for Evan's help...

    Post your recent happenings
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2005
  2. Flame Haze SnS

    Flame Haze SnS Yin-Yang

    Wow, you have 4-4 standing? Maybe you might want to trade/buy more cards to build your deck to be unbeatable. Blah, I never particpate in the tourny. (I wish I could...)
  3. rsano33

    rsano33 Guest

    ru gonna come to anymore reginals farther east mab ill see u!
  4. Jupetta

    Jupetta Oh, hells nah!

    I'll update in May when I am able to go to a regional tournement even though I'm a terrible duelist, but in normal card shop tournements it is just really the normal go against people like myself who aren't that good.
  5. Silver Arrow

    Silver Arrow i like bagels :D

    Annoying things the reginals are. Anyway, back in the summer it was the Lakeside Tourney.

    Me vs Josh(?)
    Easy win, he broke down in tears when he lost thanks to Solar Flare lock.
    Lacked staples otherwis he coulda Duo my Solar Flare in my hand.

    Me vs Old man
    Lost. Field/Hand control with 3 Blue Eyes + Spirit Reaper. Sob

    Came second it seemed.
  6. deoxys-alpha

    deoxys-alpha deoxys owns u

    you guys are lucky,no tourneys come anywhere near dublin,va.we have a league ,but they nevveer hold tourneys.
  7. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    You have a LEAGUE?! Lucky. On the remote island of Martha's Vineyard, there's no such thing as Leagues or Tourneys, except for 2 a few years back, both of which I missed :(

    I try to get off to tourneys as much as possible (which isn't much). At the last Tourney I went to (which happened to be the CrV Sneak Peek) I got pwned with my LFL deck by SD3, pwned with my Silent Swordsman deck until I lost it, and had an OK time.

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