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Y'learn something new everyday, eh? Tell us about it.

Locke Yggdrasill

Eustis on reddit
Thread basically on the premise, what did you learn today?

Today I learned that a Father/Son team sent a weather balloon carrying a small HD camera up into the atmosphere a few weeks ago. This is some of their footage.

NASA spends, what, hundreds of thousands on the same footage? It's impressive how far a little ingenuity will go.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Today I learned that Spongebob comes on at 11 AM, I was trying to watch it yesterday and missed it.
I learned Locke's still alive... hi Locke!


gone gently
I have learned that even college-aged young adults are often crippingly incapable of proper spelling, grammatical, and mechanical prowess in their writing. I am at once ashamed for these people and their obvious lackings, and ashamed of my own unavoidable and unintended assumption of superiority upon realizing this. =/


Catching up on XY
You learned that TODAY? You're just a few years tardy my friend :p

You have no idea how big of a fan I am of the Original Series. I MIGHT just be the biggest fan of it on this forum. But I never really cared for Team Rocket until listening to that song again (and after watching Go West, Young Meowth!). Now I realize that James is awesome.

Of course, Stewart voiced Brock as well, but the actual voice-acting there wasn't all that memorable.

I mean, who else can do that James scream and/or laugh?

Ahhh! Aheeheehee! Ahoohoo! Heeheeha! Hoohoo!
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I learned that when you forget to press start on your timer when going in a tanning booth, you get ****ed up.

..not to say that I've ever been tanning...ever.


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I learned that a well thought out computer algorithms can solve any computer program problem


Are you high...?
I learnt that some b**** wants to get one of my favourite book banned because her daughter got nightmares. She hasn't even read the book as she says it's about and only about killing children when it's about the emotional struggle of the main character having to kill and witnessing the death.

I learnt today that
That is so lame. I commented on that, against the parent.

Mr Chili

In the trade market
Today I learned Rotom was breedable...seriously wtf how did I not know that?