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Yo rate my Black team


Long lost trainer
Adamant nature
252 hp,252 special defense, 4 attack
item: leftovers
bulk up
flame charge
brick break
volt charge

Playing this pokemon is the trickiest out of the 6, I really like him but hes a bag of meat, slow and defenseless. The only hope he has is to have enough flame charges and bulk ups before all the problems start to come(water,ground pokemon), if this is so, he would triumph,even without speed evs, its all about timing for this pokemon.

Adamant nature
252 hp, 128 attack,128 defense
item: leftovers
bulk up
high jump kick

Not the most defensive thing but his typing is no doubt amazing, and his moxie, its just awesome.

Adamant nature
252 hp,252 attack, 4 speed
item: flame orb
mach punch
stone edge
bulk up

I love this guy, hes a tool for destruction, how can no one like this guy, hes absolutely one of my favorites. bulk up with mach punch plus guts with flame orb pretty much destroys anything.

Adamant nature
252 hp,252 attack,4 speed
item: leftovers
body slam
mountain storm
stone edge

Another guy I really like, hes very bulky and takes plenty of hits, and body slam causes paralyzis, that backs him up a lot.

calm nature
252 hp, 252 special defense, 4 defense
item: leftovers
willow wisp
mean look
night shade

Theres too many good movesets im deciding for this guy, this is a creative one i came up with, please feel free to give me moveset recommendations that are great like this one, this is my current movelist btw.

adamant nature
iron fist
252 attack, 252 speed, 4 hp
item: liechi berry
shadow punch
stone edge
rock polish

I really like this guy, but hes fragile, im wondering if i can find a liechi berry and give it to this pokemon, he cant survive a surf attack from water pokemon, so basically what im trying to do is similar to my emboar, set up rock polish for golurk instead and start wrecking with the powerful attack it has. If you have other item recommendations then please list below. I personally wanted no guard but its going to take veryyyy long..

So please give your thoughts, advices,tips and opinions on my team :D


<dont dis da awsmnes
4 team members are fighting, which makes for a very weak team. I also think if you're running rest on Scrafty, then Shed Skin is the better ability, and therefore, Drain Punch>HJK.