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You are a PKMN Trainer starting your Pokemon journey. What special skill or role do you want?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by shoz999, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    In Pokemon Adventures, Pokedex Holders are trainers who are given a Pokedex tool on a few conditions. One of those conditions is if that trainer has any talent at all, the Professor of that region will reward that person with a title based on that particular skill they specialize in, usually being a genius at it or a skill they acquired over time.

    Let's say GameFreak just one day inputs an RPG Make-Your-Own-Character or an RPG class system into a main series game and one of the customization features would be special traits/characteristics, a particular feature you excelled at and perhaps gained more bonuses towards that trait you chose. Or let's say you entered the Pokemon world for real and for you to obtain a Pokedex, you have to convince the professor you had some kind of talent. Below is a list of titles awarded to Pokedex Holders for a particular skill they specialize in, many of which represent gameplay elements of the Pokemon main series games. You are a Pokemon Trainer starting your journey. What special skill and title do you want? Here are the ones listed from Pokemon Adventures however feel free to list your own special skills that are not listed or described here. Or heck, modify the existing titles if you want, maybe for game balance or to suit your goal of a Pokemon trainer.

    List of titles awarded for those with a special skill/talent.

    The Fighter - A trainer who is a genius at competitive battling, able to make quick decisions, recognize how moves work almost instantly and use the opponent's movements against them.

    The Trainer - A trainer who rigorously trains his Pokemon, leveling up their Pokemon faster than the average trainer. Think EXP. share.

    The Evolver - A trainer who has a wide knowledge on Pokemon Evolution. Is able to know moves beforehand what pre-evolution Pokemon has and what items are required to evolve, for example Breloom can only get the move Spore as a Shroomish.

    The Healer
    - A trainer who has psychic healing capabilities. They are rare trainers being only born in the Viridian Forest. They are able to heal their Pokemon to their fullest strength after the end of a battle. The downside is, the trainer gets tired and experiences sleepiness after healing.

    The Hatcher - A trainer who specializes in Pokemon breeding. Think Brock from the anime. By extension it's someone who also has the knowledge to groom, care and raise Pokemon. Depending on how good of a Pokemon breeder you are, the baby Pokemon at birth will mirror their personalities after you.

    The Exchanger - A trainer who specializes in knowledge of Pokemon trading. This is someone who knows about EXP. boosts from trade, understands what Pokemon, depending on the level, are under or beyond their control, understands trade evolutions and can exchange Pokemon at any location.

    The Catcher - A trainer who specializes in catching Pokemon often with the intention of filling the Pokedex. These are trainers who are so experienced at capturing Pokemon to the point that they can capture Pokemon at a fast and easy rate that the region's Professor can't keep up with them.

    The Charmer - A trainer who specializes in Pokemon Contests. Think Pokemon Coordinator like May, Dawn or Serena. These are experts of Pokemon Contests and their Pokemon can even fight gracefully in Pokemon battles.

    The Conqueror
    - A trainer who specializes in prioritizing and mastering new different types of skills for specific quests. Think Fire Emblem's Villager class lol.

    The Calmer - A trainer who specializes in calming any kind of berserking Pokemon. This type of trainer utilizes gadgets, particularly a pellet gun that shoots dirt from the Pokemon's birthplace, calming the Pokemon with a feeling of nostalgia of home.

    The Empathizer - A trainer driven by emotion, they have a natural instinct to judge how human's and Pokemon's emotions feel. Underneath the happy-go-lucky mellow expression is a very observant trainer with the ability to analyze the situation at hand, able to spot something that strikes the person as odd, illogical or arouses his or her interest, attempting to make sense out of it.

    The Determiner - A trainer driven by willpower, they are skilled somewhat bossy trainers who have leadership skills, determined to complete whatever they set out to do and are able to mentor inexperienced trainers.

    The Understander - A trainer driven by knowledge, they start out with very little experience but with an outstanding, almost-encyclopedic, level of knowledge.

    The Dreamer - A trainer who already starts out with masterful tons of talents, experience and preparation in their particular field in order to follow their dreams. However, these master-level trainers come with the huge downside of the trainer's mind being constantly clouded by their hopes and dreams that they may have a hard time progressing or paying attention. One may want to consider a "Dream Eater" Pokemon for this case.

    The Arrester
    - A trainer who specializes in investigation and undercover skills. Think Looker the detective.

    The Liberator - A trainer who is dedicated to the liberation of Pokemon from "evil" trainers. They can sometimes befriend wild Pokemon quite easily than the average trainer. Think N from Pokemon Black and White.

    The Loner - A trainer who has been secluded alone from society and peers for years. They are introverts who are able to learn fast in short time, for example Mega Evolution, but don't talk much and are very cautious to trust help from strangers. Their isolation may also hurt their relationship with their Pokemon over time.

    The Flyer - A trainer who have an expertise in Flying-type/Levitate Pokemon and Sky Battling. These trainers have knowledge of how to use a wing-suit. The downside is it takes around an hour or two to put the wing suit on or to take it off.

    The Saver - A trainer who specializes in taking various side jobs that rewards money, saving money and selling priced items.

    The Mixer - A trainer who specializes in medicine by extracting, mixing or learning from an assortment of berries and poisons.

    Other - If none of these special traits suit you! Make up your own or point something else out you've seen in the Pokemon series.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  2. Nockturne

    Nockturne Well-Known Member

    I think I'd be The Befriender or Encourager something along those lines. All too often I prefer a Pokemon's basic or first evolution to its final form, I prefer Litten to Torracat and just straight up don't like Inciniroar's design for example. So throughout my time in the Pokemon world I've had to begrudgingly evolve many a Pokemon just because its stats weren't viable without over leveling which, after a certain point, becomes super tedious. However with the introduction of eviolte and more importantly Pokemon-Amie/Refresh I have been able to mitigate low stats with (kinda OP) bonuses from those features.

    So if I were to drop into the Pokemon world I'd want to retain the ability to make my basic Pokemon heckin OP by whipping them up some Poke Puffs, pulling faces at them or blow drying their hair etc.
    shoz999 likes this.
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    I like the idea you have there. Although I can see you along the lines of the Evolver title actually. Prof. Oak gave the title to Blue/Green, the female protagonist of Gen 1, who only evolved two out of six of her Pokemon during the Gen 1 and Gen 2 story arcs. It wasn't until FireRed and LeafGreen that she fully evolved all her Pokemon. The reason for this is because of something noted by Red during the Pokemon League. Red noticed how deceivingly adorable and unpredictably trained her unevolved Pokemon can be, some gaining more moves than it's evolved counterparts, especially those who evolve through an evolutionary stone. You may be thinking that this has nothing to do with evolution but it actually has a lot do with evolution, especially understanding pre-evolution and it's benefits before evolving! For example! A highly trained Nidorina that's going to evolve into Nidoqueen is stronger than a Nidoqueen who evolved too fast. Nidorina has access to toxic spikes at Lv. 35 in SM. Nidoqueen however does not have toxic spikes at all. If were going by Gen 1 rules, Nidoqueen could only learn Double Kick as a highly skilled Nidorina first. It was because of Blue's cleverness and her mixed team of unevolved but deceptionally cute and well-trained Pokemon in a dominant meta full of evolved Pokemon, she managed to make it to 3rd place in the Pokemon League in Kanto.

    Some other special skilled titles that go along the lines of what your looking for are the Trainer and the Empathizer. Although it doesn't mention pre-evolutions, you wanting to raise pre-evolutions to their strongest form without evolving fits well with these two skills. Also just a heads-up, every Pokedex Holder in the Pokemon Adventures universe can stop their Pokemon evolutions by either shaking their Pokemon which interrupts the evolution or press a specific button on the Pokedex that emits a sound, preventing evolution. This method represents the fact that you can stop evolutions by pressing the "B" button on most game consoles.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018

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