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You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

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Aah!! welcome Lunch
When you think dragons could throw ice


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When you talk about your own health as HP.
Mum: "Are you feeling any better?"
Me: "My HP's full!"


You are obsessed with pokemon when:

When you have a bunch of hentai uploaded on your computer

When you get drunk and decide that you want pikachu tatood on your chest

When you have a pokemon calendar and monopoly game and other weird pokemon merchandise.

When you start taping episodes of pokemon you missed

When you start screaming like you would at a wrestling match when you watch a pokemon battle.

When your pets are named after pokemon.

If you or your friend show any of these symptoms please call 1800 get a life now. I repeat thats 1800 get a life now.
Not open for further replies.