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You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

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You tilt your cap backwards before throwing anything.


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When you have 2,002 of the same Pokemon, have 151 of that 2,002 on your Emerald game, have that 151 all EV trained with decent movesets and 48 of that 151 on level 100.

Of course i'm guilty. Proud of it. :}

Wild Cherry

Magma Commander
You have 410 of the same Pokemon, with 200 to level 100, 20 with good ev's, 80 with good moves, and 100 wih good IV's.


... When you dress up like Ash going to school.

[that's VERY sad]

Pearl's Perap

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When you walk around the wilderness, carrying plastic pokéballs and 'catching' figurines.

I used to do that when I was younger, oh, how I miss it...


I am a glow worm...
You sit in an exam, once it is finished, thinking up your own pokémon battle in your head.
That's just being bored... So guilty...
... When you dress up like Ash going to school.
Lust? I take it you're guilty as charged? :D
Um, when you get a toy bear and colour it like Tedursa (sp probably... :()
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