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You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

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probably elsewhere
when you start to wonder why cockfighting is banned in some countries, come on, it's just a Pokemon Battle! >_> (kidding!)


The Grand Draconian
When you make this comparison for Heatran, Shaymin (spoiler!!!) and Giratina:

Atleast Heatran is a lava-drooling, dirt-eating Spider-Man and Shaymin makes a good schoolgirl handbag but Giratina has got nothing going for it.... and it's soooo fugly!!!


probably elsewhere
when you wish you were the characters. (duh almost everyone's guilty of this)

Ho-oh Master

Well-Known Member
Yell at your Dog to use tackle.


probably elsewhere
when you practice your ball throwing style, guilty!


Well-Known Member
Jigglypuff5000 said:
When you accept Arseus as your one true god!
Sorry, I bow only to Sneasel. ;P

On topic, when you spend five hours of the morning MASS BREEDING LIKE A BLEEP. *shifty ninja look* What? :}

Hyper Shadow

Well-Known Member
when you buy everything related to pokemon you can see.

Metal Force

When you Mime who's wearing red and white, try to catch it thinking it's Mr.Mime.


Pokeball go!
When you make your freinds do a pokemon-pledge and make them certificates saying there citizans of Kanto. (guilty.)

When you talk and/or pass notes to those freinds(about Pokemon, of course.) (Guilty.)

Vampire Slayer

Well-Known Member
When you start having a crush on the characters like Ash, Paul, Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, Jesse&James, etc...

p.s. i sure don't since they aren't even real! they're just cartoons...
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