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You Don't Know What You Do to Me (ComaShipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by rioT6296, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. rioT6296

    rioT6296 a girl who dreams (:

    Title: You Don't Know What You Do to Me
    Shipping(s): ComaShipping (Ash/Paul)
    Rating: K
    Notes: dared by Espeon 114x.

    This is not the best story ever. And, this is the first time I've written a ComaShipping fanfic. x)

    And after reading over the story, I don't even think it makes any sense. ;P
    But...I had to write this. For a dare.

    So, bear with me.


    He couldn't stand that boy.


    He immediately clenched his teeth together once the name of that boy popped up in his mind. He did that every single time the name crossed his mind.

    It was like that whenever anything came to Ash.

    The purple-haired boy shook his head, and kept on walking.

    And that was all he could do now; walk.

    Without Ash around, he had nothing to do.

    There was no more heated rivalry, no more tension in the air, no more strong emotions constantly stirring up in him...nothing. It just felt like something was missing, like something wasn't right. Like something so important and dear to him had been stolen and forced out of his hands.

    And Paul absolutely hated it.

    He had no idea why though.

    Maybe it was because he had no one to torment anymore. Maybe it was because he had no one to push over anymore. Maybe it was because he had no one to insult anymore.

    ...or maybe it was because he missed him.

    Paul mentally slapped himself.

    A single 'hmph' came out of his mouth as he continued walking down the pathway. There was no way that he could miss that stupid, careless trainer. Just the thought of Paul missing that boy, ugh! It made the boy shudder. Why would he miss him anyway?

    All he did was mess everything up.

    All he did was make Paul mess up.

    All he did was make Paul go crazy with his stupid emotions.

    Everytime Ash was around him, it was hard for him to keep himself in the calm, monotonous state he was always in. His emotions were hard to control whenever he came around...he'd always had a difficult time keeping them in check since the first day that boy came.

    That’s what Ash did to him.

    Paul sighed. 'He doesn't know what he does to me, that dense boy,' he thought.


    Paul kept walking and walking.

    He had no idea where he was heading, but it didn’t really matter. He had nothing to do anymore, nothing…absolutely nothing. Except mope around in his recent depressed state. And walking served as a replacement for moping around, so that’s what he did.

    And anyway, walking took his mind off of…him.

    Now, to take away the thought of Ash’s existence from Paul’s and to just forget everything; that would be a great benefit for the purple-haired trainer. He would be able to train again, to battle again…and he wouldn’t be so sad anymore. If Paul could just forget about him and move on, everything would be so much better, and so much easier to handle.

    But, fate didn’t decide to let that happen.

    Once Paul paused walking to look around his surroundings to denote his location, and once he saw what was in right front of him…the thought of Ash came back to him at once. And it hurt.

    In front of him was the stone tablet with many things (such as various phrases, Dialga, and Palkia, etc.) engraved on it in Amity Square (located near Celestic Town). And the stone tablet was no ordinary tablet; it was the one where he and Ash had both met Cynthia. And that was a life-changing day for the both of them.

    Paul couldn’t help but stare in shock at the tablet.

    Paul couldn’t help but tear up at the sight of it.

    It was just too much.

    After minutes of his brain processing his thoughts, he quickly ran out of the area, heading back to Veilstone City. The tears that formed in his eyes were still there, leaving a trail as he sped off back home. He couldn’t help it.

    That’s what Ash did to him.

    That boy didn’t know what he did to him, that dense boy.


    "What's wrong with you?" Maylene asked, a worried tone in her voice.

    Paul didn't bother turning to look at her. "What do you mean?"

    The gym leader shrugged. "Well...you've been acting kind of different lately."

    The two teens were sitting on a couple of boulders that aligned beside a pond located in their hometown, Veilstone City. Paul and Maylene had become closer than before, ever since after the Sinnoh League ended. Since Paul had spent most of his time moping around in his house after the Sinnoh League, Maylene had more time to bond with him.

    Paul remained still, looking out in the distance. Maylene didn't know whether or not he was ignoring her, but she decided to talk some more anyway.

    "Ever since you left the Sinnoh League...and ever since Ash left Sinnoh," she started, looking at him, "you've been getting...I don't know. You're just not yourself lately."

    "I am myself," he breathed out, yet a slight unsureness was in his voice.

    Maylene shook her head. "No, you're not. You're giving up on everything now," she fought back. "You don't train anymore, you don't battle; in fact, you hardly do anything these days!"

    She locked her eyes with his. "That's not the Paul I know."

    Paul turned away, and looked down at the ground.

    "Is it because Ash left? Is it Paul?"

    Moments of silence came again, as Paul became deep in thought.

    No matter how much he hated to admit it…

    …no matter how much he dreaded it…

    …the answer to the gym leader’s question was;

    “…Yes,” he said, barely above a whisper.

    And then, slowly, tears began to stream down his eyes. Then, the tears became crying. And finally, the crying became sobbing.

    Paul hid his face under his hair as he sobbed, ashamed and embarrassed to let Maylene see him so broken down and weak. A sympathetic Maylene frowned at the sight of him, and comfortingly placed an arm around his shoulders, repeatedly whispering, “Shh…it’s okay, it’s okay.”

    Paul hated crying.


    that’s what Ash did to him.

    That boy didn’t know what he did to Paul, that dense boy.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2011

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