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You know what really floats my boat?

I made this to coincide with the "You Know What Grinds My Gears" thread, which I am a frequent visitor of. I enjoy the idea of that thread because it give people a place to blow off steam and find common ground with people about little pet peeves.
That being said, I think that little things can also bring great joy, and we should be allowed to celebrate those little things that bring us joy.

I'll start:

You know what really floats my boat? Eating a warm meal on a cold rainy day.


Being with my only IRL friend. ^ ^


be your own guru
Material lighter than water.


be your own guru
Ugh...my pun worked horribly.

Just having a peaceful and happy time with no conflict.


Must stay awake...
Being hugged when you really need a hug.
Being surrounded by people who make you laugh until you lose your voice.


Well-Known Member
Writing a winged story on a piece of paper and putting a lot of thought into it.
Takes your mind off all your surroundings.


Well-Known Member
Beating a game on the hardest difficulty. Of course, the trip on the way there would likely fall into the 'grind my gears' section.

Also, having some Taco Bell with a bunch of fire sauce.
Material lighter than water.