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You know what really grinds my gears

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Talking about endings, I don't like happy ones in anime, games and films.

I don't know, they seem too unrealistic to me.

I typically only like happy endings if they're "natural", so to speak. That means no dei ex machina that leads to an ending or anything stupid like that.


i like razors
So do I. Watching newer movies is a flip of a coin now days.
I don't even bother most of the time. All you need to do is watch the trailer and think of the tropes and conventions* of films to know how 90% of them work out.

*i.e., that's the mild-mannered and reluctant Caucasian male lead, he's the hero who will fall in love with the sassy, white-female lead. The hero has a best friend who is a token black guy who makes jokes and speaks with a funny accent.


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I hate snoring. Because I can't fall asleep if someone is snoring, and then it totally ruins the next day.