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You know what really grinds my gears




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When your cat tries to steal your food.


girls who don't appreciate good guys like me


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The people at my school and how they all act like they ignore or hate me without even knowing me, I'm constantly ignored so basically its almost all the kids at my school who judge me without knowing who I even am whereas about 3 have at least taken the time to try, so for me, what grinds ny greats is constantly being ignored and getting judged for not having friends I guess

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I take the bus back home from school on most days.

I dislike it when the bus driver doesn't know how to operate the wheelchair lift and has to spend fifteen minutes trying to get the darn thing to work. :/


>Never Say I Die<
when people go back on their words, when they've made a promise


Metallic Wonder
^ Same, only that they cancel about 1 hour before it happens.


I like being nice!
Okay first off your not actually replying to the thread second me and you are not friends anymore also people that think other people are really smart and so they ask you to do there homework for them gets really annoying