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You know when you're bad at Pokemon when...


Time Lord Victorious
I saw this game in GameFAQ's a few years ago, and I thought it was pretty humorous. You just post things that stupid people may do when they play the games.

When you can't find the exit of your house, because you think the doormat is a badly drawn bookcase. (some people actually did this)
When you run away from the legendaries. (I did this when I was 8.)

Now you try.


Slip slidin'
You give your team of pokemon appallingly horrible movesets that would make competitive battlers die of scornful laughter, but don't want to restart the game because you're too attached to them all:]


Belgian Waffles!!!
When you give all of your pokemon the same move or an HM move. Besides surf.


When you've lost more than 500 times in a row =P *shot*

*~Water Lover~*

You. Get it?
When you think shinies are a glitch in the game. I was the first was to say it! :D
EDIT: Strike that, when you don't evolve your pokemon because they look ugly when they do.


...Call me Loffyglu.
...When you breed two Magikarp and wonder what it'll hatch into. (Guilty... back when I first got into Pokemon.)
When you teach Hyper Beam over Return to every pokemon
When you teach Blizzard over Ice Beam
When you put special attacks on a Rhydon =D
Seriously, I know someone that does this


Borderline Troll
When you can't find the exit of your house, because you think the doormat is a badly drawn bookcase. (some people actually did this)
Guilty XD

When you try to use the Celebi Glitch... wrongly.


Time Lord Victorious
Even when I was a little kid I was smart enough to replace moves with stronger versions of the same type. If my Pikachu wanted to learn thunderbolt, I would delete thundershock, because even as a little kid I knew that there would never be a reason to have a weaker version of the same attack.


Unremarkable Trainer
If you think that you can only catch 6 pokemon, or you think that Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are breedable.
When you think that a physical Chansey is effective

Again, I know someone who has this :p


When you go to the daycare, leave 2 pokemon, cant see them in the backyard thing where you see the pokemon overworld sprites and say "THEY LOST MY POKEMON!!"

When you think you could choose your clothes at the Department Store in Celadon/Lilycove because you thought you could take off the hat and walk in a bikini at the beach <_<

Both those happened to me.

Hyper Shadow

Well-Known Member
you think that after all your pokemons PP is gone you cant make it go back up and you relese it
guilty XD I was little


<-- La Foam
Your computer crashes after you try to Surf the net.