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You know when you're bad at Pokemon when...


When you release one of your Pokemon because you don't have enough room for another pokemon in your party.
In GSC I released a Bellsprout cos I didn't have enough room for the Togepi egg. xDDD
*didn't know about PC's*
You can release from your party? That's new.

My brother did that. xD
And he succeeded. D:
He used my map though. xD
Do it all the time. XD And, try not to double post, use the edit button.
Same goes for Mr Comic Person.com. EDIT.

When you don't know what:
and SPEED are.
*Refers to some thread a while back*.......


Never Say Forever
You think Dialga is better than Palkia due to the "time control" thing.


will give nethin 4it
You don't know how to use the running shoes.


will give nethin 4it
You pronounce rayquazza rawquazar.


Never Say Forever
When you say that a Pokemon 'sucks' becouse you don't like it's look.


Now 10% Less Toxin!
You pronounce rayquazza rawquazar.

My friend does that.

When you teach your Mewtwo tackle and growl.

When you create a team of Pikachus saying they're the best pokemon.

When you only train your starter and make it your HM slave. (I'm guilty for this in Blue)

When you run away from every pokemon including Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave saying "I haven't gotten to the boss pokemon yet, where is he?!"


I <3 Samus Aran
You know when you're bad at Pokemon when...

.... you do a electric attack against a ground pokémon, lol


Never Say Forever
When you think Entei is better than Suicune & Raikou due to it's apperance in the anime.


You know when you are bad at pokemon when your Shuckle is the strongest member of your team.


<-- La Foam
When you think the Proffessors are all brothers and sisters because they are all named after trees!
They're . . . not? O_____O

Soooooooooooo guilty. .__.

I should add one.

When you stay around in someone's house just to see if people ever use a bathroom.
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