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You know when you're bad at Pokemon when...


Top Coordinator
Guilty of this... xD

When you think that a whole team of cloned rayquaza is a good team.

I was little, don't blame me, I don't do this anymore. xD


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When you try to put more than two pokemon into the daycare, think the breeders are kidnappers, or try to breed Mewtwo and Ditto for a Mew.


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When you teach your Rhydon and Snorlax Special Attacks and Chansey Physical attacks >_>


Espeon = <3
-When you walk around Pallet town for hours trying to find professor oak and you refuse to leave town until you've found him.
-You don't go to Daisy for a town map because your rival said he told her not to.
-When you trade your yellow pikachu to red/blue, evolve it and trade back hoping that a Raichu will follow you. ;026;
-When you start a new game on Gold/Silver for the fun of it, even though your saved game is your pride & joy, go on the pc and change the box and because you're so used to automatically going on yes.
(I did that years ago lol I turned it off when it said not to turn off the power and it wiped all the pokemon in my pc ;-;)
-You wonder why Farfetch'd isn't evolving into a Doduo?
-You try to eat rare candies.
-Call your Bulbasaur Venasaur because you think it'll miss an evolution (my friend always did that)
-You don't understand why Misty and Brock don't want to follow you.
- When you call your gold/silver rival 'no' (my friend did that)


The Plot Thickens
When you even consider using Hyper Beam.
When you replace Fissure with Cut. (My friend is guilty)


What do I put here?
When you can't find the exit of your house, because you think the doormat is a badly drawn bookcase
When I first got Red I didn't know how to get out of the house! I didn't know it was supposed to be a doormat...

When you're walking around with a poisoned pokemon and think that the screen flashing and weird sounds is a glitch.

It's funny because when I was still new to the Pokemon games, I always thought that when the screen flashed like that and had that beeping sound, I thought my game was gonna go broke :p
Me and my sister thought that too! I thought my game was broken until I went to the Pokemon Center. And my sister, who was young at the time cried because she thought it had broken XD

You watch the anime and think that Electric doesn't affect Rock types

You didn't know you could actually save the game (yep, me)

You think that anything but attacking moves are worthless (used to)