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You Know You Like Anime Too Much When...

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I felt like starting this thread after seeing one in the Shippers Community. So why not start a thread in the anime section? :p This should be fun, but first, rules.

1.) Follow the rules in this thread, and the forums' rules.
2.) Number the the continuation of the beginning sentence of this thread in your post.
3.) Be sure that it's not saying the things that offend people, such as flaming an anime, bashing an anime, bashing a character, etc., etc.
4.) Put in the anime you are referring to in brackets/parenthesis (if you have to). It make things easier so people would be like "What anime are you talking about?" and what not.
5.) Don't repeat what was already mentioned.
6.) Don't forget spoiler tags if needed!!!
7.) Have FUN! :D

- - - -

You Know You Like Anime Too Much When...

1.) You watch like ten of them each day.

2.) You doodle all over your binder of some anime character because you got bored of your teacher babbling about nonsense.

3.) You wear a golden pyramid thingy around your neck. [Yu-Gi-Oh]

4.) You try to rescue your about-to-be-executed friend from Seireitei in Soul Society. (Good luck trying to find it o.o; ). [Bleach]

5.) (From azngirlLH's website) You try transmuting your homework into McDonalds. [Fullmetal Alchemist]

6.) You shout "Jack in Megaman, power up!" [Megaman NT Warrior/Axcess]

7.) Your memories feathers from your heart scatter everywhere. [Tsubasa]


That's basically all I can think of for now. ^^; Add on to the list everyone! ^_^
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8.) You go nuts in your dorm because you cannot watch the animes in Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
We freaking get four stations with cable ahhh!!!

Scratch that if i only had the bloody cable setting right! GAH!
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Magi of all

9.) You actually tried the Jutsu hand signs form Naruto

10.) you have tried to transmute without a circle

11.) You try and shoot people with your fingers (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Lord Mewtwo

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11) You ricite the Team Rocket motto to yourself. [Pokemon]


14) When you actually throw some plasticine balls, yelling "Pickachu i choose you!" (Pokemon)


15) When you start to seriously consider naming your children Goku, Gohan, and Goten (DragonBall Z)


Monkey Dragon
16) When you swing around your DS like a PET, and get mad when you drop it. (RockMan.exe)

17)When you get 50 different title songs stuck in your head

18) When you tatoo the Blues symbol on your skin. (RockMan.exe again)

19) When you say things like "That it is" At the end of your sentences.
(Rurouni Kenshin)


Radiance of Shadows
20. When your user name is based off a character in one of your favorite animes. [SPOIL]We have some examples here, after all. 8D[/SPOIL]

21. When you cosplay your favorite character at anime convention.

22. When you try to stretch some of your body parts to odd proportions. [One Piece]

23. When make a necklace that has a small, crimson, egg-shaped head on the end of it. [Berserk]

I can think up a lot of these. >_> This should be fun.

Deoxys Prime

Time will tell.
24. When you go to your hair stylist and get Gold, maroon, and black spiky hair. (Yu-Gi-Oh)


Strawberry Milk
25.When you go in public saying spells you think are real but are not (Zatch Bell)


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26. You start eating raw yellowtail fish. [Zatch Bell]
27. You think eating a certian fruit will give you powers. [One Piece]


I need to think of more. .-.


28. When you start doing hand seals thinking that you'll pull off a jutsu (Naruto) I do that actually. >_>
29. When you try to clap your hands together and try to perform alchemy. (Full Metal Alchemist)
30. When you think pointing the middle finger at someone will make chains go around them and tie'em up. (Hunter x Hunter)

Off the top of my head. eh
31) You took Japanese just so you can read the signs and watch Undubbed
32) you think your Little Kantana witll turn into a huge sword
33) You tryed to put that Shiny purple rock you found on the ground tinto your body (last 2 from inuyasha)
34) YOu try to use an Alter (s.CRY.ed)
35) YOU FIGHT WITH NOSE HAIR (Bobobo-bo bobo-bo)
36) You know the Fusion dance (DBZ)
37) You put Wiskers on your Cheeks (Naruto)
38) You wear a blue Suit, yellow undersirt, and and a Green tie (Cowboy Bebop)
39) You put your brother in a suit of armor (FMA)
40) You fallow around that Kid cause he distoried your bike (Pokemon)
41) YOU run people over withyour Vespa or hit them with a gitar (FLCL)


42) When you post about the subject on a message board too much.

Mimori Kiryu

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43) You have shrines of your favorite characters in your room. (*bows to Edward Elric and Ryuhou Shrines*)
44) You actually believe that anime has a world of it's own beside ours.
45) You accidently scream out the character's name when they get hurt and your whole family thinks you're an idiot.
46) You make sure to have friends that like the same anime you do so that you never get bored.

>_> I need to think of more...


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Blues said:
19) When you say things like "That it is" At the end of your sentences.
(Rurouni Kenshin)
ROFL, my friend actually does that :D


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47) You actually make a list like this

[SPOIL]48) You fly over to Munich, Germany trying to look for Edward Elric, but realized that he's an anime character and even if he's real, you missed him by almost a century. [Fullmetal Alchemist][/SPOIL]


49) You try to perform an actual jutsu until someone sees you and thinks you're a moron. >_> (Naruto)

50) You try to do the ultimate sword techique with a paper sword. (Rurouni Kenshin)

51) Trying to talk to spirits until someone sees you and thinks you're talking to yourself. (Shaman King)
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