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You know you're obsessed with Pokémon when...

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When you mimic the scream/cry of a Pokémon in real life that you heard in the anime.
I'm so guilty of this. I sometimes do it while thinking about Pokemon while I'm talking to someone.

On another note, the other day my friend was pouring her gut out telling me about this pretty bad thing that happened her. I wasn't paying attention at all but was pondering how I can advance my competitive team. Feel kind of bad about it but oh well. It's in the past.


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You know you're obsessed when you pause your porn to look up something pokemon related (not that I would know).
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...You have played bootlegs from Vietnam... And actually own them...

As for me: Still have to try out Green, and didn't make it far in Crystal when the file got corrupted (now I see that save states are a godsend) :C


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When you burn yourself and eat a strawberry 'cuz it looks like a Rawst Berry...
When you avoid eye contact with strangers when your Pokemon are poisoned
When you name your pets after Pokemon
When you eat at your local Mcdonald's just to use free Wi-Fi to trade


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When you haven't played pokemon in years, but still think about it all the time.
You know your obsessed with pokemon when you mistake your alarm clock for a chimecho.


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You know you're obsessed with Pokemon when all you want for your birthday is Pokemon games.


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when pokemon messes up your sleep schedule
when you do research for the final member of your team at 3 in the morning because of the above
when serebii is your homepage
when you try to convince your brother to get the starter that is weak to yours
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