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You know you're obsessed with Pokémon when...

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Flame Mistress

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When you can memorise 500+ pokemon and recite them all in the space of five minutes. Epic :)

350th post! Yay yay! *throws all my friends into the air* thanks, serebii! You bring the life into me!


The Great Gublet
When you hide the Pokewalker in your pocket and wander around with it all day.

Or.... when you ignore your friends for days after B/W comes out to beat the E4 as fast as humanly possible. =)


Justified Trope
When you think that a girl online is hot because she has May in her avatar.


Mr. Soul Stealer
1. When you listen to creepy Pokémon music all the time. Or in other words, Lavender Town theme and N's Toyroom.
2. When you watch every single episode of DP even though you hate most of it.
3. When you play it about once a day just to do the Lottery and see the swarm (I still haven't got a Master Ball)


Back in Black....2
I am obsessed on different levels. Pokewalker, dreaming, wishing Dawn was real and I was dating her... read Unown, etc.


When you can walk through huge caves without using tm flash.


I be an Exotic One
I am obsessed on different levels. Pokewalker, dreaming, wishing Dawn was real and I was dating her... read Unown, etc.

three of those were things I have done. I will leave it up to you which one I haven't.


Jewel of the Sea
...when every easter you just color red and blue triangles on your eggs
...when you name your pets after pokemon ( mew-cat onix-black lab)
...when you dream you are in a pokemon battle and wake up holding and apple (pokeball)
...when you write entirely in unown in your diary so your sister cant read it
...if you have seen a huge yellow fish in a pond and thought for a sec it was a shiny magikarp!
...when your first shiny was on route 1
...when your ma buys you new school supplies and you print pokemon stickers off the computer and decorate
...when you cry that you missed an event
...if you dream about opening pokemon cards frequently and get secret cards
...if you think N is hot
... have looked for pokemon cereal and pokemon poptarts on amazon even tho itd be 10 years expired
... if you have called your fishin' pole "super rod"
*guilty of all above*
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When you're playing tennis with a red tennis ball and instead of hitting it you catch it, spin your hat around and yell out Go CHARIZARD I CHOOSE YOU!
1.When you know Japenesse because of getting the games from Japan early and by trading.
2. Instead of sleeping, you keep the blankets over your head and play Pokemon almost all night.

how about knowing japanese because of all the phrases you learned from watching the tv's in white ^_^

and guilty everynight of number two



< He no liek mudkipz
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