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You Pokemon Journey Over The Years

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by iGotNoiPad, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. iGotNoiPad

    iGotNoiPad Well-Known Member

    So yeah the title says it all.

    So I will start first.
    I stated playing when I was 7 or 8 which was during the Gen 3 period(Praying for R/S remakes)
    Blue:All I remember was clearing the game with a lv 93 Venusaur thats it.
    Ruby:I started with Blaziken(Coolest pokemon EVER) and honestly thats all I remember.
    LeafGreen:Venasaur,Pidgeot,Jolteon and thats it.I remember I had alot of trouble getting past Lance.
    Emerald:Blaziken,Sceptile,Espeon,Umbreon,Peliper,Flygon.This is the first game that I took seriously.But I could not wing any Frontier Brain with my Blaziken-Umbreon Combo.
    After which the pokemon series jumped to the DS platform ans I was losing interest.I think I got back to it 2 years ago with Heartgold.
    HeartGold:Typhlosion,Red Gyarados,Event Mew(This was owning everything in the way),Ho-Oh,Ninetales(Traded in from Emerald),Jolteon.
    White:Samurott,Chandelure,Hydriegon,Jolteon(Taded from HeartGold),Arechops,Reuniclus

    So for now I am running a Platinum,White 2 and HeartGold(the same one earlier) game.(I have also a Black 2 waiting for me -.-)

    So whats yours?
  2. Lord of Fire

    Lord of Fire The Great Conqueror

    Started playing when i was 4
    Leafgreen: My first game. was pretty awesome. got up to Erika before i quit it and started a new game.
    Firered: Second game. Was my prime. I was in victory road with Charizard lvl.75, alakazam lvl. 73 and other tough and boss pokemon about lvl.70
    Emerald: Oh man. My favorite game. I got stuck at the 8th gym, but it was so fun and awesome. I love the soundtracks/music and scenery for it.
    Gold: My bro's friend gave it to me. (for free!). Ah...it was so fun and classic. i lost it though...with my gameboy advance SP....
    Diamond: This game's music makes me feel so nostalgic. Beat the game and was having so much fun until it got 'magnetized( destroyed by magnets and steel).
    Platinum: Very fun, reminded my of Diamond. Ah..good times...
    Heartgold: Very nostalgic from Gold. One of the most fun games ever. Interesting storyline. The nostalgic music was...'touching'. The sound-changer device mad this even more nostalgic.
    Black:Beat the game. Currently training a D-nite.
    Black2: Working on it. Have to beat Skyla.

    Thats pretty much it. I EXTREMELY simplified it.
  3. Moonrox

    Moonrox Shaymin Enthusiast

    Currently in the process of writing a fan-fic about my Pokemon Adventure, but with me as the role of my character, and my character travelling through the regions.
    Started with Gold/Silver (Hometown = New Bark Town?) but never played it seriously as I was young and never got past the 1st gym
    First accomplishment in Pokemon, catching Rayquaza for my older Cousin in Emerald
    Several years later, I received Pokemon D/P for Christmas, and played Pearl as my main game, Diamond was given to my sister, chose Turtwig
    Emerald, bought it off of a friend for $2, chose Treecko
    Soul Silver, back to my "home town", chose Chikorita, and went to Kanto, from Stephen, I chose Mudkip, Prof. Oak, I chose Bulbasaur
    White, after learning about competetive and all that, I chose Snivy
  4. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Gold/Silver: Cyndquil was my first starter of all. I remember also of having Quagsire in the team. Gold was the very first rpg of Pokemon that I played.
    Ruby/Sapphire: Liked very much of Sceptile and Swampert, not very much of Blaziken. Prefered Sapphire.
    FireRed/LeafGreen: FR was my favorite because of Growlithe. Played LG once only. Remembered of always including Lapras if my starter were not Squirtle.
    Emerald: Never played Ruby and Sapphire after the launch of Emerald. I remember that Swampert became my favorite because he was the best on battle frontier. I remember that my best tem included Heracross, Milotic, Skarmory, Ludicolo and Dusclops.
    Diamond/Pearl: I remember that Turtwig was my first starter. My best trio against battle tower was composed of Torterra, Garchomp and Gyarados. I grew an Espeon later to vary the trio.
    HG/SS: like most of the Totodile in the remake because they included Ice Fang in its level movels. It helped a lot to fight against rival's Chikorita line and Lance's three Dragonite.
    Platinum: The only big surprise was Distortion World. I remember that I couldn't overcome my Diamond team. However, all the Pokemons of my Platinum team were well EV trained.
    Black/White: The best story ever. Picked up Snivy on first and Oshawott on second. I left Tepig for the third game. Seismitoad and Chandelure disapointed me as team partners. Liked a lot of Hydreigon.
    B2/W2: still playing. Picked up Tepig.
  5. Thomas Elliot

    Thomas Elliot I AM HUSH

    I heard about this cool new show and I started watching it at 6AM when we lived in Texas, I had a vague idea it was a video game, but I didn't really play Gameboy like that.
    I started with Pokemon Blue on my Dad's Grey Gameboy when I was 14.
    We were moving from Texas to North Carolina, but my parents were having us to stay with my grandparents in Kentucky for the summer. I played it the entire summer. I remember having this black binder, full of pages with the walkthrough, glitches, item descriptions and cheats.
    Received Yellow when it came out for Christmas along with a lime green Gameboy Color.
    Received Silver as a birthday gift. This was the Gen I loved the most. I was looking forward to this from the moment I heard about it and I consumed every bit of information available on it. This is the only Gen that I planned out what I was going to do. I knew I wanted a Cyndaquil and that he was going to be named Cinder. I also wanted a Hoothoot.
    That following Christmas I was given a Purple see-through Gameboy Color, so I could trade with myself.

    After that I started getting into girls and working, so I stopped playing pretty much altogether.
    When I was 19, I bought an Advance SP and Pokemon Ruby on a whim, but I wasn't really interested in it, so I gave it away around 3 months after buying it.
    Fast forward to 2007, I am 22, I saw that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are coming out, and they really interested me.
    So I picked up a DS, Fire Red, Emerald and Diamond.
    I played Diamond all the way through and I loved it so much that I picked up Pearl.
    Really played a lot during this time, would sit for hours at a time and play through a section of the game.

    Picked up Soul Silver, enjoyed it, but girls, school, work and trying to find a career became more important.
    So I stopped playing again.
    I had heard about BW, saw the legendary creatures and I thought it was cool. I had also tired of the repetitive gameplay but when I heard BW were going to be different it peaked my interest.
    Gf saw I had a bunch of Pokemon games, so she picked up Pokemon White for me.
    Would play that on and off.
    Then I moved to DC, where I had pretty much stopped playing completely. Saw a coworker playing the Fire Red emulator on his phone and asked if he played Pokemon, he did. That renewed my interest completely.
    I saw that BW2 were coming out so I just was given those for Christmas and I upgraded to a 3DS XL.

    For me, the only time I have had friends who were into Pokemon was during RBY and GSC. I played the card game, watched the movies/tv show, read the comics, had videos, etc. etc. That seems to be the correlation to my interest in Pokemon. Way back when I played RBY and GSC, I was registered at Pojo, I had always looked at Serebii's website but never the forums. So this last time I registered here, and I find that talk more non-Pokemon subjects than anything else.
  6. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    I got Red first, along with a copy of Blue. I played Red more. Being 6(ish) at the time I couldn't play too well so my father helped me out a lot.
    I played Yellow myself mostly. I basically never switched off of Pikachu though. Kinda screwed myself there

    I played my first independent pokemon game (Silver). Got Typhosion and just wrecked through the entire game. Collected a party of Typhosion, Meganium, Feraligatr, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Ampharos and beat Red. I played Crystal and Gold sparingly however.
    Beat R/S/E with relative ease and the same with FR/LG and XD/Colo. Got D/P/Pt and wrecked them too. B/W were cakewalks and even on challenge mode B2/W2 were easy as pie.
  7. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    I first received Pokemon Red and a Game Boy Color for my birthday in 1999 (I was five, if I recall correctly), but at the time, I was much more interested in the Pokemon anime and so didn't become too invested in Red. In a fit of frustration, I decided to quit playing it altogether after I accidentally killed Moltres without saving. Later, I received Pokemon Yellow, but due to my soured experience with Red, I never became very invested in it either. I don't even think I bothered to make it past Sabrina. Anyway, after a while, GSC came out and because of all the excitement surrounding the new Pokemon, I decided to get all three versions. I enjoyed them MUCH more than I did Red and Yellow, although I don't think I ever made it to Mt. Silver in any of them. Eventually, I received a Game Boy Advance and a copy of Ruby Version for my birthday, and was very enthralled by it as well. However, around a year or so later, I lost interest in Pokemon and (stupidly) got rid of all my games and consoles. However, sometime before the release of Pokemon Platinum, some friends of mine told me about Diamond and Pearl and I my interest in the series was reinvigorated. (Also, I totally predicted Platinum version before it was even announced.) However, it wasn't until after the release of Black and White that I managed to get my hands on a DS. As soon as I did, however, I went to the store and bought Platinum, HeartGold, and White. I played through all three of them, and enjoyed Platinum the most (it is still my favorite Pokemon game to this day). Later on, I cleared my save file on White and gave it to my girlfriend so that she could get to know the series, and I replaced it with a copy of Black, which I still have. Also, I bought Black 2, which I am currently playing.
  8. Bramble

    Bramble Well-Known Member

    I was over at a neighbor's house six years ago, just over there because my friends were over there. They were watching a movie that I had never seen before, and I asked them what it was. They told me it was a pokemon movie (the power of one) and I just watched some of it with them. Pretty soon, I came home, and asked my parents for one of the pokemon games. I got pokemon Firered for my birthday that year, and was hooked. I played it for a while, and noticed that everyone was getting Nintendo DS systems. I begged for one, and I got one after getting $100, which my parents paid the rest for. Easter 2007, I got Diamond, and played it. It was in that game where I found my first shiny pokemon, not even knowing what it was. I caught it anyway. I then heard of Platinum, and got it a few weeks after its release. This was the year I found serebii.net, and started to read about Pokémon news, and started to really enjoy Platinum, until I heard of Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver which were to come out. I waited until the game was released in America, and got a copy of it, taking my team to the regional VGC that year, of course, losing on the first round, as I did not know about EVs yet, and just used my team I used in game. That year, we got a dog, who destroyed my Soulsilver, yet kept my DS completely fine. I got a new one, and that is my current one now. I was up to date with pokemon news, and heard of Black and White on that day in February, when the silhouette of Zororark was released. I watched all the playthroughs of the Japanese game, thus knowing everything about the game before the American release. And now, I have White 2, enjoying the game.

    Wow...that was really long. XD
  9. Hydreigon6507

    Hydreigon6507 A New Level of Crazy

    It all started when one of my classmates brought in a tape with some Pokemon episodes on it to school (this was back in 2005, by the way). I became curious about it and I decided to watch more a month or two later, and it was just my luck that a channel was showing "Pokemon 4Ever" at the time. Unfortunately, it was at the part where Celebi almost died, and being my naturally skittish self at the time, I turned it off. A while later, I watched more episodes. Then, one year later (2006), I got my GBA and FireRed. I was hooked, so I got Sapphire and Emerald not long after. Today, I have every main series game from Ruby and Sapphire to Black 2 and White 2. :)
  10. Ninja-Mage

    Ninja-Mage Member

    God I was beginning to feel pretty old reading the first few posts as most started with gen 3. Mind you there's nothing wrong with that.

    I was 9 had just moved to a new town, couldn't make a friend to save my life. My parents saw this and offered to take me to toys r us and let me buy any toy of my choosing. I thought Legos at that time cause Legos were expensive as hell for a kid(still expensive...). My brother told me about these new games that just came out, red and blue. And managed to twist my arm on getting them instead. I took red version. Dusted off the old game boy which had been collecting dust, as did any game boy at the time. And fell in love. I couldn't be separated from my game boy that whole weekend.

    Needless to say I've been playing Pokemon ever since.
  11. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    I first learned of Pokémon when Kids WB started to air it. I was about six at the time. I did not get my first game until I was eight with Pokémon Yellow. I had no idea what to do in the game, and I was mostly trying to replicate Ash's team. Didn't really work out well for me, and I had help a lot. My Yellow version is sadly dead.

    When I was nine or ten, I got Pokémon Silver for Christmas. I enjoyed exploring the new world of Johto (still had help in some places though), I was surprised and happy to discover Kanto was accessible, I had a nostalgic trip fighting the Kanto gym leaders, and I loved every minute of it. Of course, I was so close to completing my PokéDex when my brother got his hands on it, and accidentally started it over because he wanted to know what it was like. Never got another Celebi again.

    When Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire came out, I don't remember if we got the versions that Christmas, or the next Christmas. All I remember is my brother had gotten an extra Ruby cartridge on accident, and gave it to me so the three of us could have a race to see who could beat the game first.

    I don't remember if I actually did buy a new LeafGreen, or if my friend gave it to me herself along with the... weird... transfer thingy it came with, but I got that in seventh grade. I enjoyed revisiting Kanto while being able to play as the female character.

    Then there was a huge gap. I never bought any new Pokémon game outside of the spin-off games. I wasn't happy with the Sinnoh Pokémon at first, but I got over it quickly and came to like them. I learned what I could from my own friends, and from research. I wouldn't get Diamond until my brother bought it off a friend this year and gave it to me.

    In 2011, however, I had enough money to buy myself a DS Lite and a Pokémon SoulSilver as I got extremely excited to hear in 2010 of its remake. By then, my Silver cartridge's battery life ended, and I lost my save file, and I'd only play it if I had the SP plugged into the adapter. So to play its remake and enjoy every little thing was the best thing in 2011 for me. However, hearing of the Unova Pokémon made me want to give up Pokémon. I vowed to never get involved with the fifth generation, and started my boycott.

    It lasted for over a year, even though I was slowly learning about the new Pokémon because of how active I am on Serebii. And then, on Christmas of 2012, I got Pokémon White, and my boycott ended. I am now ready to challenge the seventh gym leader, and I have been and am still entertained with the game. Do I like the Pokémon? Not all of them, some of them I'm still not happy with. But for the most part, I haven't shown a single regret for deciding to get Pokémon White. I am making plans to buy Pokémon Black 2 in the future.

    It's been a fun journey. I can never hate Pokémon, I've grown up with it, and I expect to continue playing Pokémon for a little longer now that my parents have given up trying to wean me off it. Here's to hoping I find a hubby who doesn't mind the games, and is willing to play with me and our future children.
  12. Akwakwak

    Akwakwak Chu Chu Yeah!

    Well I got into Pokemon because of the anime, at that time I was 5 years old. I received my first Pokemon game (silver) when the gen II games came out, I was about eight or nine and I really enjoyed playing Pokemon silver. I remember Picking Cyndaquil and capturing both a Hoothoot and Butterfree, I basically beat the game with these guys. After that I found a used copy of Pokemon yellow but I never finished it because I could not find my way out of Mt.Moon, when I finally got out my Butterfree was extremely over leveled, it was around level thirty or something but then I just decided to give up on yellow and went back to silver.

    I skipped gen III because my gameboy advanced broke I was around ten at the time, but I still watched the anime until that whole dubbing issue with 4kids happened and Pokemon was taken to CN, I didn't have cable at the time.

    By this part of the story I am in high school, and I actually thought that Pokemon was dead (since I never saw the anime again because of my lack of cable), until I saw some of my friends playing diamond and pearl, this was my first exposure to the 4th gen. I didn't rush to game stop to buy a DS until one of my friends told me they were remaking gold and silver, at this time I had moved several times and I had lost my copy of silver. The day HG and SS were released was the day I purchased a Nintendo DS, a DSi XL to be more exact.

    My Senior year in high school was when Black and white were announced, and the day they were released I bought both copies, the first time I have ever done that. I also purchased a used Diamond, just to experience one of the main fourth gen games. I can honestly say that I didn't like the fourth gen at all but this is just my opinion, well except for the gold and silver remakes. I really enjoyed the fifth gen, although I still need to purchase either Black 2 or white 2. I am also waiting for the next gen and possible remakes of the third gen. I didn't play the third gen but it was my favorite based on the anime and the Pokemon designs, although my favorite games are Gold/Silver/Crystal and their respective remakes HG/SS.

    That's about it.

    If my friend wouldn't have told me about HG/SS I wouldn't probably have purchased a DS, or known about a fifth gen, or even joined the forums. I owe a thanks to that friend.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  13. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    Started when I was 4
    Sapphire - All I remember was I had blaziken. I later played it just a few years after, had blaziken, kyogre, regice, latias, rayquaza, and one more. My regice had the master ribbon from contests. I had this game until I lost it at a friends house and he sold it.
    Fire red/Leaf green - I had both, and I would always go over to my friends house to play them. Don't remember much besides I would always get lost in the cave between Lavender town and Cerulean city.
    Emerald - Don't remember what I beat it with, but the only BF symbol I ever got was the one from the battle pike. And I had a sceptile :D
    Pearl - Beat the whole game using a monoground team with torterra and gastrodon as my main pokemon with some random other grounds thrown in.
    Platinum - I just sort of played this one :/ there was nothing special about it for me
    Soul Silver - First game I took seriously. Defeated Red with gator, empoleon, torterra, lugia, flygon, and palkia.
    White - Same as Platinum :/
    Black 2 - Still haven't played it :/

    Oh yeah, watched the show every Saturday morning until Battle Frontier.
  14. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lucario Lover

    Silver: My first game. Got it when I was 10. I watched the anime for a year or two before I got a GBC.
    Crystal: My second game and the game I played right after I got out of school
    Yellow: My third game. It broke though so saves never worked and my pokemon were black squares.
    Red: Bought it after I found out Yellow was broken.
    LeafGreen: Got it since it was an improved version of Red
    Emerald: Bought it shortly after release. My favorite game until it deleted itself like crazy.
    Diamond: My first DS game. Got it 2 years after release since the DS was expensive.
    Platinum: I heard it was more fun than Diamond so I got it.
    Soul Silver: Bought it to get events and was frustrated after finding out I could have gotten the events from my house.
    Black: Bought a month after release. I still play it.
    Black 2: Pre-ordered it and won within a week since I was catching every pokemon on every route I went to.
  15. Chewiana Jones

    Chewiana Jones Dunsparciologist

    XD: I actually started with Pokemon XD, so the first Pokemon I ever battled with was a Salamence. I evolved my starter into a Jolteon, ditched it pretty early on, and mostly just used Walrein and Aggron, though I'm pretty sure I also had a Swalot, Houndoom, Marowak, and something else on my team. My nicknaming skills were so terrible that such horrific names as "BIGMOUTH2" were quite common, and "FLAME" the Houndoom was one of the very best.

    Firered: My second Pokemon game, not counting a used Yellow and Red, which I got at the same time as it not realizing that they were all pretty much exactly the same thing and which I never actually played. My nicknames included such gems as "ZAP" (Raichu), "SUPERPECK" (Pidgeot), and another "FLAME" (Charizard), but at least I managed to keep the numerals out of it for the most part.

    Emerald: My third Pokemon game. My main team was about as creatively-named as my Firered one, but I did have several random Pokemon with nicknames that were actually pretty decent because of their sheer randomness, like "MILKSHAKES" the Swablu

    Diamond: I believe this was actually the first game that I beat the Elite Four on, even though I probably got it about two years after Firered. It was around this point that I began to realize how ridiculous some of my nicknames were, and thus I kept them confined to my team members and legendary Pokemon. They ranged from bland but decent, like "SKULL" the Rampardos and "SPARKY" the Luxray, to a bit more iffy, like "PLANTSHELL" the Torterra and "TIMEBOB" the Dialga. More recently, I apparently discovered lowercase levels and renamed my main team of six. Those four are now "Yorick," "Leon," "Rupert," and "Chronos," respectively.

    Soulsilver: My personal favorite game, and probably the one that I put the most time into. I used the same nicknaming scheme as Diamond, and might nave come up with some good stuff if I hadn't insisted on working the name "Fred" into every nickname I gave. I suppose "LIL'FREGG" the Togepi WAS sort-of cute, though, and "PSEUDOFRED" the Sudowoodo has a nice ring to it. I did a similar re-naming with my main team as I did on Diamond, and ended up with "Fred" the Feraligatr, "Albus" the Togekiss, "Erik" the red Gyarados, "Aurelius" the Ho-oh, "Hephaestus" the Groudon, and I-forget-what-I-named-it the Lugia.

    White (first time): Still continued with the same plan of nicknaming team members and legendaries. I have a Samurott named "Fred 2.1" after "FRED #2" the Feraligatr (its original name, since my trainer is named Fred), and a Victini named "Frictini," but I gave up on the Fred names after that. My personal favorite is probably "Norris" the Throh.

    White (second time): Lost my original White for a couple of months. Finally decided to go buy a new one. Found the original copy within the week. Probably should have bought black, but on the bright side, it was a used copy, and I got some nice Pokemon including my only Deoxys off of the previous save file. I believe that this was the point at which I started giving nicknames to every Pokemon for the first time since Emerald, (though I could be wrong), which I have been doing ever since now that I trust myself to make most of them not complete garbage. It was also the first time since Emerald that I didn't use any legendary Pokemon on my team, and I generally focused on training interesting Pokemon like Axew and Tirtouga, rather than just throwing random stuff onto my team.

    White (third time): Apparently deciding that two playthroughs still weren't enough of the Unova region, I then proceeded to delete my game on my second copy and trade over a team of level 1 Pokemon that I liked to play through the game. I ended up with Vesper the Gliscor, Daxia the Haxorus, Moriarty the Dusknoir, Atlas the Torterra, Gobi the Flygon, and Hugo the Golurk, who now have a place of honor in my signature. Also noteworthy in that I have an entire box of uniquely-nicknamed Elgyem, one of which is the first and only shiny Pokemon that I caught myself. I just wanted an adamant-natured one with synchronize...

    Emerald (second time): A particularly fun second playthrough of Pokemon Emerald where I just used rock, ground, and steel types and nicknamed everything after an ancient or historical town or city of some sort. I ended up with Troy the Swampert, Alexandria the Aggron, Memphis the Flygon, Jericho the Armaldo, Pompeii the Camerupt, and Delphi the Solrock.

    White 2: Possibly tops even Soilsilver in terms of sheer awesomeness. It's a very tough choice, at any rate. This time, I did something a bit different with my team, rotating twelve Pokemon instead of the usual six. This also added a fun challenge to my game since my Pokemon were usually underleveled, and I ended up training all sorts of interesting Pokemon such as Genesect, Volcarona (Sekhmet), Defiant Braviary (Dakota), and Skill Link Cinccino (Mr. Doom). After beating the game, I added on another six, including a second legendary, Latias (Grace). Between those 18, every type is represented at least once, and I seem to have the most Bug (Leavanny, Volcarona, and Genesect) and Steel (Lucario, Excadrill, and Genesect) types. White 2 also marks the first time that I have completed the National Pokedex (as of yesterday) on any Pokemon game.

    In addition to these, I also have a long-standing unfinished game on Colosseum, a horribly-failed Nuzlocke second run on Diamond, and a partially-finished second run of Firered where I only used as many Pokemon as the upcoming Gym Leader had.
  16. carboncopy

    carboncopy (-) (-) (-) (-)

    First watched pokemon anime, he original series. Then played the games when I was 8 or 9. Started with sapphire, then found pokemon red on the emulator( never had a game boy ). I have played all games from gen 4 onwards except white 2.
  17. FallBird

    FallBird Well-Known Member

    I started playing in second grade - my grandmother gave me Pokemon Gold for my birthday because I liked the anime so much. <3 So that's what Gold and gen 3 games are before Red and Yellow haha.
    Gold: I remember I had my first level 100 pokemon, my female Feraligatr Crocky. I loved that Feraligatr. I also had a really high levelled Pidgeot.
    Sapphire: I don't remember much about my first run through except for my Swampert. I got him up to level 100 and then stupidly deleted my game.
    Emerald: First one I actually planned and tried hard on. I had a Blaziken, Aggron, Alakazam, Ludicolo, Exploud, and Flygon.
    FireRed: All I really remember is having a crapton of Charizards that I had bred when the game was over. Two of them were level 100. Again, I stupidly deleted the game.
    Red: This was just for fun, so all I remember is having a pretty good Charizard.
    Yellow: Tried to recreate Ash's original team. It actually worked pretty well for me.
    Diamond: Didn't like this one. All I remember was starting out with Torterra, and he was pretty crappy.
    Platinum: Went with Piplup for my starter on this one. Wound up with Empoleon, Noctowl, Carnivine, Lopunny, Garchomp, and Gengar. All in all, a pretty good team.
    HeartGold: I used the team in my signature for this one. By far my favorite game, there was so much nostalgia.
    Black: LOVED this. It felt all new. I decided to not use my starter and went for an underdog team, with about half of them unevolved, just the ones I liked. Minccino, Scrafty, my shiny Escavalier, Vullaby, Mienfoo, and Emolga were the ones I beat the game with.
    White: Used this to raise some more Pokemon. Stoutland, Dewott, Charizard, Raichu, Gardevoir, and Absol.
    Black 2: Just finished this one.. I was honestly a little disappointed with the game itself. I had Lucario, Azumarill, Serperior, Zoroark, Ampharos, and Flareon.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  18. Tavo_Zx

    Tavo_Zx The Iron Man

    After watching the anime, I started playing the games in this order:

    Sapphire: First game. I was 6 years old when played it. I chose Mudkip as my first starter ever, because I thought it looked awesome. I can't remember my other Pokémon.
    Leaf Green: I think I was 6 or 7 when I played it. Squirtle was my choice. It is one of my favorite games to date. I don't remember most of my Pokémon there, just Blastoise and Pidgeot.
    Emerald: After playing Sapphire and Leaf Green, Emerald was next. I chose Mudkip once again. In this game I finally understood the importance of having a good and varied team. The Pokémon I remember having are Swampert, Grumpig, Breloom and Flygon.
    Pearl: Great game. I was 10 years old when my mom gave it to me. I really liked many of the new Pokémon. I chose Piplup as my starter on this one.
    Platinum: Two years later I got Platinum. I don't remember a specific team for this one, since I have restarted on it many times that I lost track. I do remember almost always having Luxray, Staraptor and my starter.
    White: Awesome game. I thoguht it was really slow at the start, but then it takes a good pace. Oshawott was my starter. I ended up with a team of Samurot, Unfezant, Haxorus, Leavanny, Mienshao and Deino (I wasn't going to grind like crazy to get Hydregion).
    Black: I played it as soon as I finished White. I chose Snivy as my starter, but I didn't really liked it. I decided to box it. My final team was Excadrill and other Pokémon that I can't remember.
    Crystal: Since I didn't wanted to buy HG/SS I decided to play Crystal on an emulator, just because it had Johto, the only region I hadn't go through. Cyndaquil was my choice. My final team was Typhlosion, Politoed, Togetic, Espeon, Furret and Sandslash.

    And that has been my journey until now.
  19. Rovian

    Rovian Kodoku no Koori

    I was 14 when Pokemon was new in the US.
    Red - I started with Pokemon Red, and from watching the show, I thought Pikachu was an option if I didn't want one of the starters and chose Bulbasaur when I learned this wasn't true. I liked I could do what the characters in the anime were doing but it was my choice as to which pokemon I caught and used. I kept HM moves on my pokemon instead of using HM slaves. I tried some of the fake cheats thinking they were true like finding Mew under the truck, and Togepi in the Safari zone. I also used the missingno glitch to multiply items (such as the nugget (to get Porygon), master ball, iron, rare candy, etc) and to get the Safari zone pokemon (Tauros, etc) easier.

    Blue - When I got Pokemon Blue, I used both games, a Gameboy pocket, Gameboy color, and link cable to catch 'em all (on Red). I had a friend who gave me a Mew. I started with Squirtle.

    Yellow - I remember getting Pokemon Yellow a few days early. I think I tried to copy Ash's team. I remember trading a friend's Charizard over, taught it Fly, and traded back. I also noticed Tangula can now learn Vine Whip.

    Gold - Pokemon Gold was next, and I chose Chikarita. Starting with this game, is when I decided to use some pokemon from a previous team on the next. I had a Cubone and Venomoth in my team on Red, and used them in my team on Gold. I continued to keep HM moves in my party, and was carrying two water-types because I didn't want Red Gyaradoes to have three HM moves. When my starter reached the final level, I placed it into the computer.

    Sapphire - On this game, I started with Treecko. From my Gold team, I had a Cubone and Murkow, and added these same pokemon in my team on Pokemon Sapphire. When my starter reached the final level, I placed it into the computer. I no longer kept HM moves in my party except for Fly and Surf.

    Diamond - I choose Turtwig as my starter and placed it into the computer when it reached the final level, and caught a Cubone and Murkow.

    Black - I've done similar things as before such as choosing the grass starter. When I started the game over, I chose Snivy again but decided to not wait until it evolved to put it into the computer. In previous games, I caught many pokemon but kept a team of six. In Black, I had a few as backups to try out rotation.
  20. Furret-Luver

    Furret-Luver yummy berries

    i was about 4 when my neighbor introduced me to the card game. at the time i didn't have cards, but we would choose a random card and pretend to be that pokemon who had to run away from pokemon trainers, and avoid being caught. sometimes we would battle with the cards. but it wasn't traditional battling, we were to young to understand that. so we would have 6 card (a party) against another party, and minus attack damage to HP till someone was out of cards.

    when i was 6, my neighbor gave me a hole bunch or cards he didn't want anymore (a hole bunch of first edition mwa hahaha) most of the cards were 1st and 2nd generation. i started learning about the types and evolution. shortly after i started renting the anime. this was how i began to learn their names better, and more from "who's that pokemon" during the middle of the show.

    when i was 8, i was given a Nintendo DS lite for Christmas. i wanted a pokemon game, so i asked my neighbor where he got his. ends up he gave me his old FireRed version. when i started the game, the main character was already given my name, and the rival had the name of my neighbor. :) from this game, i learned how to truly battle.
    i began collecting the cards, making decks, and trading with several people from school and in my neighborhood.

    i can't remember how old i was when i got Diamond, but i was amassed with the graphic improvements. during the 4th generation is when i found serebii. i was curious about all the new pokemon and wanted to know what they looked like. that Google search lead me here :) i also got platinum and soul silver. but many of my friends out grew pokemon, so i only had a cupple friends i could trade with. also during this time, me and my freind got back into battling with cards. we were planing on having a competition at her house, but barley anyone battled with the cards anymore.

    and now i have white and white2! i don't buy the cards as much and rarely battle with them anymore, nor do i watch the anime. now its all about the video games! a lot of my friends actually got back into pokemon during the 5th generation.

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