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You Say You Want What? (Advanceshipping, TV 14 for language)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Agustus, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Agustus

    Agustus Well-Known Member

    This takes place a while after the GF. Ages are as follows:

    Ash: 16
    May: 14
    Max: 12
    Barnard: 20 (Yes, Barnard Swanson from my last story, the failed one. You got a problem with that? Tough.)

    You Say You Want What?.
    By Agustus

    It was a gloomy day at the harbor in Carthage Port. Shades of gray covered the canvas-like port that day. It was barren, not a soul occupied it.

    And then, shouting could be heard.

    “You wench, return that package immediately!”

    A tall man, wearing an olive jumpsuit-like uniform*, embroidered in the right arm the Greek character Sigma, chased a young girl in a black uniform**, embroidered in the center of her uniform a large red R. The girl had a small box tucked under her right arm, as in a state of panic, looked around as the man chased her.

    “Won’t do it peacefully, eh? Fine, I’ll just use force. Scizor, fetch that box, immediately!”

    The man threw a yellow ball to the ground, as a red beam fired from it. The beam solidified, to reveal a large, red, steel bug. The bug had large, red, steel, pincers, and as it solidified, it cried its name.


    The girl felt intimidated by the large ,red ,steel bug creeping towards her. She looked around, and then grabbed a green ball from her belt.

    “No use in running…” the girls stated, throwing the ball to the ground. “Go, Venusaur!”

    The light from her ball solidified into a large, green dinosaur/Venus flytrap-like Pokémon. It roared and glared the bug in front of it.

    “Scizor, Sandstorm!”

    The bug flapped its wings repeatedly, causing dust to fly everywhere. The girl coughed along with the Pokémon in front of her.

    “Scizor, Steel Wing, now!”

    The bug’s wings started to glisten in the dust, revealing it to the opponent. The bug ran to the dinosaur-like Pokémon and slashed it with its wings.

    “Good, now, use Hyper Beam!”

    The bug aimed its red claw at the dinosaur in front of it. Energy started to harness into the claw.

    “Finish off the abomination.”

    The bug fired the concentrated beam of energy from its claw, knocking the dinosaur back into a concrete wall.

    “Return that package now, wench!”

    Suddenly, a helicopter landed in between the two Pokémon.

    “Sayonara, sucker!” the girl exclaimed, jumping up onto the helicopter, “Venusaur, return!”

    She held up her green ball, as a red beam reabsorbed the dinosaur-like Pokémon. She sealed the door, as the man pulled an SAA from his right side. He pulled back the hammer of the revolver, and fired in between the blades of the moving helicopter.

    A week later

    “Ah, what a beautiful day!” a teenaged boy exclaimed. He walked on the streets of Carthage Port with a Pikachu on his left shoulder. He wore a red cap, with a black t-‘shirt, a blue vest, and a light blue pants. He casually walked along with three other people with him.

    “Yeah. You know, I hear they have great food here in Carthage Port, Ash ,”A younger teenager stated. She may have been only a year or two younger that he, but she could easily pass to be his age. She wore a red bandana, a red t-shirt, a white skirt, and blue shorts. She walked to the right of Ash, he sapphire eyes glistening. “Romantic candlelight dinners, as a young couple gazes out upon the pristine, beautiful, ocean.”

    “May, why do you always have to focus on food?” a man stated. He wore all navy blue, concealing each bit of skin other than his face. He wore a Kaiser style helmet, with a drab green X in the center of the helmet to match his eyes, along with a brown handlebar mustache to match his hair.

    “Well excuse me, Barney, but I actually get hungry,” May stated, glaring at Barnard.

    “You know very well not to call me that,” Barnard shouted, glaring May as well. As their faces met, small fried ignited in their eyes.

    “Alright, alright, break it up you two.” A young boy stood in between them, raising his arms out to prevent them from tearing each other limb by limb. He had jet black hair, wore a green shirt and brown shorts like his eyes, and wore large, black glasses.

    Ash sighed, realizing nothing could be done.

    “We might as well get a room for the night,” Ash stated.

    “That’s a great idea!” May exclaimed, suddenly forgetting about her feud with Barnard. She then thought, ‘But wait, we forgot about our money. We only have enough for two rooms, and if Brock hadn’t been reassigned to his GYM Leader duties, we’d have a cook for the night…’ she looked back at Barnard, ‘why’d he have to be left in charge?'

    “But Ash,” May interjected, “How will we split up the rooms?”

    “Hmm…That is a good question, May,” Ash said.

    “I got it,” Barnard said, “I can stay with Ash and you can stay with your brother, May. Or, I could stay with Max and you two would have a room.” After saying that, both he and Max fell over laughing.

    “I’m kidding. You could, however, stay with both Ash and Max? You decide. I‘m no good with tough decisions.”

    “Hmmm… I’ll chose Max, Ash and I,” May said.

    Ash slightly blushed. He knew he and May were friends, and she didn’t see it like he did, but in the last year or so, his view on her started to change. He was… attracted to her. ‘What if impulse gets in the way?’ he pondered. He feared what could possibly happen when May interjected,

    “Ash, aren’t you coming?”

    He suddenly remembered that they were on their way without him, and as he snapped back to reality, saw May waving to him.

    “Hey, wait for me!” he shouted.


    Thank you, valued reader, and please, review this time...

    *As I walk off stage someone throws a shoe at me.
    "Who threw that!"
    "Eat my shorts!"*
  2. Karadur

    Karadur Bring it on!

    nice so far,a few errors but it still good.keep it up cause I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  3. Agustus

    Agustus Well-Known Member

    Here is chapter one, please enjoy.

    Chapter 1:
    High Tide

    “Well, I didn’t think that he’d be that interested in a package from some far-off place, commander.”

    A young girl stood, talking on her cellular phone. People walked by her, as she tried to blend in with them the best she could. However, despite her attempt, people looked at her with inquisitive looks.

    “As I can recall, Agent Ai, I don’t pay you to screw around! " a man on the other end of the phone shouted at her. She merely placed the phone on the bench, the man on the other end’s voice booming loud enough to cause a man to go deaf.

    “Sir, people will know I’m an outlaw if I don’t find someplace to hide this goddamn thing!” She shouted into the “bench.”

    “What will I do with you?”

    “Just get me a place to stay by wiring... On second thought…” the woman looked to see a group of four talking amongst themselves. Two arguing, one tying to stop them, and one sighing. “I have a better idea.”

    Modern day, Carthage Port, 15:36

    “Ma’am, do you think we could rent out two rooms for a night or two?” Max stated at the receptionist’s desk, looking up at the woman in charge.

    “Well of course, young man, but don’t you think your parents should be doing this?”

    “Well, my guardians are over there,” Max pointed to the lobby, where Ash and May desperately tried to pull Barnard away from the television set up there.

    {“ Yes, it’s been a good day for our citizens, but is there a gang feud in our city? Police and National Guard say no, but our producer says yes.”}

    “What?” Barnard said, panic in his voice, “They’re airing this on the news?”

    “C’mon… Barnard, we need you… to…” May grunted, as Barnard grabbed onto the television.

    “Hey, watch this, May,” Ash said. He picked up the remote, and pressed the channel up button. The television changed to a balding man wearing a white shirt and blue pants.

    {I’m telling you what I told Watford, it ain’t happening.”}

    “Oh,” Barnard sighed, “I’ve seen this one.”

    May giggled as she watched Ash press the button again. It changed to a man in front of a coffee shop.

    {“It’s Eleven in the afternoon. What are these people doing, don’t they have jobs?”}

    “Alright, now stop,” Ash pressed the power button.

    “C’mon Barney, we need you to pay,” May said, still giggling from what had just happened.

    “Oh, alright,” Barnard stated, walking up to the desk and placing his identification card and his credit card on the receptionist’s table.

    “Is that their son?” the receptionist stated, pointing to Ash and May.

    “What?!” Barnard stated, shocked by the comment.

    “Because he takes after his father,” the receptionist stated, “but they seem too young-”

    “Well, they are only teenagers!” Barnard exclaimed. He looked at her, slightly shocked from her comment. He realized he had just yelled at her,and stated, “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s alright, sir,” the receptionist stated.

    “Well, do you have any rooms for tonight?”

    “ We have two left sir.”

    “I’ll take ‘em.”

    “Out of the way!” a woman stated, running through the hall. She ran to the receptionist, looking her in the eye, panting by how fast she ran, “I need a room for the night, do you have one?”

    “Well, this man was about to take the last ones, ma’am.” the receptionist stated, pointing to Barnard.

    “I assume I can take one…” Barnard stated. He looked at the woman who just ran in, and then suddenly felt spellbound by her beautiful appearance, “Or maybe we can…”

    “Battle for it?” Max said, cutting off Barnard. He looked at him, slightly annoyed.

    “No, she and I could…”

    “Battle, I know. Double battle, no substitutions?”

    “That would be great, kid.” The girl stated. She looked at Barnard, who was still annoyed, but suddenly dropped it and just lovingly gazed at her.


    Outside of the Pokémon center, Max stood in the center of an arena-like garden. On the right, Barnard stood, looking at the girl on the other side of him.

    Ash and May stood on the sideline, cheering Barnard on. Well, only Ash, really.

    “This double battle between Barnard and… your name?” Max stated, looking at the young woman.

    “Jamie,” the girl stated, wining at Barnard. She grabbed two green Pokéballs from her belt, “Go, Hitmontop and Venusaur!”

    "Commence..." Max stated, sighing.

    The beams fired from the two green Pokeballs solidified into a Venus Flytrap/ Dinosaur-like Pokémon, while the other, a top-like Pokémon.

    “Fine, go, Ninjask and Relicanth!”

    The beams fired from his two Pokeballs solidified into a large Cicada-like Pokémon and a Coelacanth-like Pokémon.

    “Relicanth, Double-Edge on Venusaur! Ninjask, Fury Cutter on it, too!”

    “Hitmontop, Triple Kick on Relicanth, Venusaur, Charge up for a Solarbeam!”

    Relicanth dove at full force towards Venusaur, followed by Ninjask bracing its katana like arms for a slashing firefight on Venusaur.

    Meanwhile, Hitmontop braced its three legs for a barrage of kicks directed towards the Coelacanth. Vensuaur slowly absorbed sunlight, causing the bulb on its back to glow.



    Ash turned to the girl next to him as they cheered on their friend.

    “I’ll be back, I... just have to think...” he stated, getting up from his seat. May looked up at him, watching him walk away, but as he walked, he pointed to the arena. May turned, returning her mind’s full focus to the battle in progress.

    “Ash…” she stated slightly sorrowful.

    May got up and chased him.

    "What am I gonna do with them?" Barnard sighed, shaking his head


    Please review, valued readers!

    This chapter goes out to the shows I watched while I wrote this. If you can't figure it out:

    Mind of Mencia

    The Simpsons
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2006

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