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You what? (Contestshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Rika_Waterflower, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. This fic is PG. If a chapter is G or higher then PG I'll put it above the chapter.

    Chapter 1
    "Now for our last person, give it up for Drew" The announcer said into the Microphone sending all the fangirls into a screaming fenzy, and the guys’ clapping their hands.

    Drew appeared in the dark hallway and walked into the room making the fangirls scream louder and chant his name. Drew flicked his hair and throws a red & white pokeball. The pokeball opened in the air. In a flash of red light Drew’s trusty Roselia made its graceful entry. Drew caught Roselia’s pokeball & put it away.

    "Roselia use Magical Leaf" Drew said when the fangirls’ screaming stopped.

    Roselia obeyed and lifted its red & blue flowers and leaves flew out & went up.

    "Now Swift" Drew said cocky.

    Again Roselia obeyed & lifted its flowers. White stars came out and went up. The stars ht the leaves from Roselia’s Magical Leaf. The Leaves got cut into little pieces & fell to the ground.
    "He started with Magical Leaf & then used Swift & now its raining" The announcer said. "*Clears throat* Let’s see what the judges think."

    The first judge gave him a 93.51. Second 88.30, third 94.10 & 94.14.

    Drew & Roselia walked off the stage and walked back into the waiting room. Drew spotted May and then seen that she was about to go over there but the announcer caught his attention.

    "Now they will pick who will fight each other." The announcer said.

    The camera went up to the screen. Pictures of the 4 last people & were changing, and then they stopped.

    "First up is Drew vs. Harley. Then Ma vs. Isabella" The announcer said.

    Drew & Harlvey walked out and walked on stage. Drew in front of the crowd and Harvey’s back to the hallway.

    Harley sent out Cacturne & Drew sent out Roseila.

    "Began" The announcer, said.

    "Cacturne use Needle Arm" Harley said.

    Cacturne put up its hands, & it shot the needles from its hands. They hit Roselia & Drew’s bar went down.

    Roselia use Leech Seed" Drew said.

    Roselia lifted up its flowers & seeds were launched but Cacturne moved out of the way.

    "Use Needle Arm again" Harley said.

    Cacturne put up its arms and shot out needles. Roselia waited for the last minute & jumped up, it ran dodging Cacturne’s needles. When it got to Cacturne, Roseila used Petal Dance. The Petal Dance was a Direct Hit. And he lost points.

    "Roseila Petal Dance" Drew said.

    Roseila used Petal Dance, the petals attacked Cacturne but it escaped. Roseila used Bind to hold Cacturne in its place. Then it used Petal Dance. The petals followed the vines and attacked the Cacturne, & Harley’s points went down.

    Harley growled & said "Needle Arm".

    Cacturne again put its hands up and shot Its Needles. Roselia used Magical moved out of the way & used Magical Leaf. The Leafs hit Cacturne & its points went down.

    "Roseila use Magical Leaf" Drew said.

    Roseila lifted its flowers and leaves came out, Cacturne used Needle Arm and it blocked the leaves making them fall to the floor and the needles hit Roseila.

    "Cacturne Needle Arm" Harley said.

    Cacturne once again put out its hands and shot out needles at Roseila. The needles hit.

    "Roseila use Swift" Drew said.

    Roseila shot out white stars and they flew at Cacturne. Cacturne tried to dodge it but the star follwed it and hit it. Harvey’s points went down to 0.

    "Our winner is Drew," The announcer said.

    "Next battle is My vs. Isabella." The announcer said as Drew and Harley left and walked into the backroom.

    May and Isabella walked out and into the main room.

    Isabella is ten and a half; she just got her first pokemon a month ago, so people were surprised that she had made it this far.

    She has short curly light red hair that was pulled back into high pigtails and her bangs were brushed to the side. She wore a white tank top, with an open long sleeve red jacket and red shorts that covered her knees and was wearing white tennis shoes.

    "Come out Mudkip" Isabella said taking a pokeball and put it up to her lips, she kissed the metal circle and throw it up in the air.

    The pokeball opened open in the air and in a red light a mudkip appeared In front of her.

    May throw a pokeball up in the air and in a red flash of red light May’s Skitty and she mowed.

    "Let’s the battle began" The announcer said.

    "Skitty use Assist" May say.

    Skitty opened up its mouth and Assist picked Combusken’s FlameThrower. Skitty shot a flame out of its mouth. The flame hit the Mudkip but did little damage.

    "Mudkip use Bite" Isabella said.

    The Mudkip ran over to Skitty. The Mudkip snapped its mouth shut, biting Skitty.

    "Skitty use Assist" May say.

    Assist picked abosrb. Skitty glowed and then Mudkip glowed green, it was super effective.

    "Mudkip use Scratch" Isabella said.

    Mudkip ran over to Skitty but before Mudkip could lift a paw, Skitty used Bite and Bite Mudkip, but Mudkip dodged the Bite and Bit Skitty.

    "Skitty use Assist" May say.

    Skitty used Assist and Assist chose Double Kick. Skitty ran at Mudkip and got on its back legs for a minute and kicked the Mudkip once, then the Mudkip blocked the second one.

    "Mudkip use Tackle" Isabella said.

    Mudkip ran over to Skitty. It lowered its head but Skitty jumped over the Mudkip and Skitty was on its back and it used Double Slap. Before Skitty could slap the Mudkip silly, Mudkip throw Skitty off it and Skitty landed on its feet.

    "Mudkip use Water Gun" Isabella said.

    Mudkip turned around to face Skitty. It opened its mouth and water came out. Skitty didn’t move on time and it got hit.

    "Skitty use Double Slap" May say.

    Skitty ran at Mudkip and jumped over it and then used Double Slap.

    "The winner is May Maple" The announcer said.

    Drew walked out and got on stage.

    "Come on out Roseila" Drew said.

    He throws Roseila’s pokeball into the air. The pokeball opened in midair and Roseila came out in a red flash of light. Drew caught Roseila’s pokeball and put it away.

    "Skitty use Assist" May say.

    Assist chose Flamethrower. Skitty opened its mouth and a flame came out of its mouth. Roseila jumped into the air and the Flamethrower missed Roseila.

    "Roseila Magical Leaf" Drew said.

    Roseila lifted its flowers up and Leaves went up flying at Skitty. Skitty jumped over the leaves and Body slammed Roseila.

    "Skitty Faint Attack" May say.

    Skitty ran at Roseila and tackled it.

    "Roseila Petal Dance" Drew said flicking his hair.

    Roseila cried its name and lifted its flowers and flower petals appeared and flew at Skitty. Skitty jumped over them and stepped on them and ran over to Roseila. When Skitty got to Roseila, it bit down on Roseila.

    "Skitty use tackle" May say.

    Skitty ran back over to Roseila and was about to tackle it but Roseila tackled Skitty before it could tackle Roseila.

    "Roseila Poison Sting" Drew said.

    A thorn appeared and flew at Skitty, It hit and it got posioned.

    "Skitty…. Skitty Double Slap" May say.

    Skitty got back on its feet and ran over to Roseila. Skitty stood on its back legs for a moment and lifted its paws. Skitty slaped Roseila twice and it got hurt by poison.

    "May Maple Is our winner" The announcer said.

    When May was getting her ribbon, she watched Drew return Roseila and walk out of the room. May have missed the judge giving her, her award and now everybody was looking at her confused.

    ‘Thanks" May said as she took the ribbon after she looked back.

    May return her skitty and walked back into the waiting room. As soon as she walked in, Harley jumped on her.

    "Way to go may," He said even though he was ticked off for losing the contest.

    "Thanks" May said looking around the room. She sighed because Drew was nowhere to be found.

    Looking for someone" Harley, asked?

    "Yes…. Bye" May said and walked out.

    "Hey wheres the people your usally with" Harley asked following May outside?

    "Ash went back to his hometown after the last League. Brock went back to his house because he has to take care of his’ 8 brothers and sisters, because his mom can’t cook, trust me she can’t. Max went to Pallet town with Ash to start his journey because his’ turning 10 in March." May say.

    "So your traveling alone" Harley asked?

    "Yeah but I don’t mind…So where are you heading" May asked?

    "I don’t know, to a town with a contest" Harley said.

    "Well I should get going, Bye" May say and walked off.

    "This town is so cheerful" May thought as she walked.

    A Soceer ball rolled in front of her, she picked it up and threw it back over to the little kids on the side of the road.

    "Thanks" The kids, cried and a little boy with dirt all over his face, and hands caught the ball.

    "Your welcome" May say as she waved. "He’s mom’s going to have fun cleaning him" May thought.

    May went to the pokecenter and got her Skitty healed
    . As she waited she looked at the screen connected to the wall.

    "…Today the gym leader of Cerulean gym risked her life to save a rageful Gyrodos. She did this while facing three brothers who wanted to take he gym from her. That girl was Misty waterflower. "The reporter said.

    "Way to go" May say.

    "Here is your Skitty, Miss Maple" Nurse Joy said and headed May’s Skitty’s pokeball.

    "Thanks" May said putting her pokeball away.

    She walked out and out of the city.

    "Petal Dance" A voice called.

    May Know that voice…It was Drew’s voice.

    PM List:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2006
  2. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    Ooh, that's good! I like this story! I wonder how Drew's gonna react to May spotting him while training? Is he gonna be p*ssed? Or, is he just gonna give her the usual, casual greeting he always does? You've piqued my curiousity, I can't wait for the next chapter! You're doing a great job of keeping everyone in character, much better than I ever could. By the way, can I please be on the PM list for this fic? So, I know when to read the next chapter? Please, no matter what anyone says, keep this story going!
  3. lol. ^^ I'm glad you like it. Your see. Sure.
  4. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    Yay! Thanks for putting me on the list, Rika Waterflower! Can't wait to see how this Contestshipping story gonna turn out! I can already tell that it's gonna be good. This story already shows a lot of promise. Like it? Oh yeah, I like it, alright. I like this story just as much as Ash's ;025; likes ketchup!
  5. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    I like this fic. Add me to the PM list too. Ha, May won.
  6. scrapbook

    scrapbook My Emo Friend

    I think you ment Harley not Harvey, you might want to change that so the readers wont get confused ^_^. Well anyway this is starting good.
  7. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Well, it's a good idea, but it does need a little work. First, it's all moving a little fast. There's usually some time between appeals and between each battle, isn't there? And the announcers would use words like "coordinator" instead of "person" and so on. But that's negligible.

    Second, there should be more description. You did describe May's opponent well, but you still need to describe the main characters and Pokemon. Just assume that your readers aren't familiar with them. And the attacks should be described a little better too. For help with that, I recommend that you read wobbuffetds Zuki Region. I think he overdoes it with the description a little, but it'll give you some ideas, I think.

    Um, it would also make it more interesting if you describe what the characters are feeling, if they're nervous or excited, whatever is going on in their heads.

    Please don't let me get you down though. I know that's a long list, but I tend to be critical. I did like it. It's a good start. I especially liked the idea of May hearing about Misty on the TV. I'm assuming that she hasn't met Misty before in this fic? That's an interesting approach. It's also original that you have May travelling with Harley. It all happened a little quickly, I think there would be more thought involved in that decision, but it's a good idea nonetheless. And I love the title. That's cute. I wish I had a knack for coming up with clever titles like that.

    All this fic needs is a little polishing. You have some original ideas, and I look forward to seeing what you can do with them!
  8. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Um, there were some spelling errors, and you need to describe the battle a little more ^^;; (Ah, WTH, my ContestShipping fic's battles are also not descriptive XP)

    Anyway, I like this story and put me on the PM List! ^_^
  9. Scrapbook: Okay, I'll do that.^^ Thanks.

    Hakajin: I'm not sure..I don't pay that much attention to how much time they have.
    Yeah I know, I just couldn't think of the word. Okay, I'll try and desribe them better. Okay I'll read that mabyee it will help. ^^ thanks. Okay.
    No its fine, I like when people tell me what I can approve on.
    This fic takes place after Max and May meet Misty in the show.
    May and Harley aren't travling together, May is by herself.
    lol. Thanks. I'm usally bad at making titles.
    ^^ thanks.

    XxLovelinessxX: ^^ Thanks for pointing that out.
    Yeah..I'm bad at desriping battles and how the attacks look.
  10. Hmmm.... should I review? OK! Yeah... Harley, not Harvey. It's more diologue than story, (which is sometimes a good thing) and it's very cute. (I'm a sucker for contestshipping.) Please add me to the PM list, I want to keep an eye on this fic. XD

    Over and out,

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  11. Kitteh: Yeah, I'm fixing it right now. Oh well..uh..Is it good in this case? Or should I add more story to it? LOL. Me too. Kay.

    Chapter 2

    When may found him, Roseila just shot its petals at a Vibrava.

    "But who is he facing" May asked herself?

    She looked behind the Vibrava.

    There stood a girl about 5’7". She had long orange hair that was up in a braid. She wore a black short sleeve shirt with a big red "R" on it and black shorts. Next to her stood a guy about 8’4". He had dirty blonde hair. He wore a black long sleeve shirt with a big red "R" on it. He wore black pants and black tennis shoes.

    "Vibrava don’t let this kid beat you, use Faint attack," The guy said…So it was he’s.

    The Vibrava flew at Roseila and the Vibrava hit its mark.

    "Roseila Petal Dance" Drew said.

    Roseila obyed and petals few at Vibrava, it got hit.

    "Vibrava use Crunch" The guy said.

    Vibrava opens its mouth wide and ran over to Roseila and shut its mouth, but Roseila punched it.

    "Roseila Petal Dance" Drew said.

    Roseila’s petals started to fly and Vibrava bit Roesila.

    "Vibrava use Hyper Beam" The guy said.

    Vibrava opened its mouth and fired a Beam at Roseila.

    "Roseila Bind" Drew said.

    Roseila toke hold of Vibrava with its vines and defeated Vibrava.

    "Ugh" The guy said returning Vibrava.

    "Nice David. Leave this brat to me" The girl said taking out a pokeball, pushed the button making it bigger and then pushed the button to open it.

    In a flash of light a Shuppet apperead.

    "Shuppet use Faint attack" The girl said.

    The shuppet ran over to Roseila and tackled it, but Roseila used Magical Leaf aand stopped, its attack and hurt him.

    "Roseila use Magical Leaf" Drew said.

    The leafs flew over to Shuppet and they hit.

    "Shuppet use Night Shade" The girl said.

    Shuppet flew up alittle in the crisp cool air and the sky around the battle got dark. The Shuppet flew over to Roseila. But Roseila used Magical Leaf making Shuppet’s attack miss.

    "Roseila Petal Dance" Drew said.

    Roseila’s petals rode the wind and then turned on Shuppet. The wind carried the petals to the Shuppet and hit it.

    "Shuppet use Will-o-wisp" The girl said.

    Shuppet opened its mouth and fire came out of its tiny mouth. The flame went straight for Roseila. The flame hit Roseila and it was knocked out.

    "Go Beautifly" May say throwing Beautifly’s pokeball into the air.

    "Beautifly use Gust" May say.

    The Beautifly flew in the air and flapped its wings fast and the wind made from its wings hit Shuppet and it was knocked out.

    "Return" The girl, said taking a pokeball out and pushing the button.

    "Get lost!" May yell angrily.

    "Come on Brandy" David said grabbing the girl’s wrist and ran.

    Drew, come on let’s go to the pokemon center" May say walking over to him as he leaned forward and picked up his fallen pokemon.

    They ran to the pokecenter.

    "Chansey, we need a streatcher" Nurse joy cried when she had seen Roseila and after May told her what happened.

    Chansey came in singing pushing a streatcher and put it in front of May and Drew. Nurse Joy toke Roseila from the dead silent Drew and put it on the streacher. Chansey pushed the streacher and Nurse Joy walked behind it.

    When the door shut and the light above the door went on Drew slumped down into a red chair and he started at the floor, more silent then before.

    The Silence scared May. She said down on the cough and looked over at him.

    "Drew…Ro…Roseila will be fine" May said putting her hand on Drew’s arm.

    "He has to be" Drew said as he pulled away from May.

    ‘What’s wrong" May asked?

    "Nothing" Dew mumbled, wanting the silence to return.

    "Drew, yes there is" May say.
    "Just stay out of my business" Drew snapped and stood up.

    May smiled, that was the Drew she know.

    "Sorry…." May say.

    "May…Look I’m sorry. It’s just a sensible area," Drew said sighing and sat down next to her.

    "Why" May asked?

    "Because my Roseila was my sister’s"Drew said as his face fell.

    "So when you became a trainer she gave it to you" May asked?

    "She was but she died when I was 9…. three years ago today…"Drew said.

    Before May could say anything, Drew toke out a picture and showed it to her.

    "This picture was taken at her Sweet 16 party, three weeks before she…. died" Drew, said softly.

    In the picture there was a girl sitting in a chair about 7’4" with soft blue eyes. She had curly long purple hair that was pulled up into a high ponytail and she had a tiara on her head. She was wearing a sleeveless white dress that fell to an inch above her knees. On her lap was 9 year-old Drew. May couldn’t beileve her eyes…Dre…Drew in this picture he had short dirty blond hair! Drew had on a short sleeve blue shirt with white shorts that covered his knees. He was reading her cards, and she was laughing.

    "She’s beautiful" May say.

    "Thanks, now you know" Drew said.

    "Yeah…what’s her name’ May asked?

    "Her name is Alex" Drew said putting the picture away.

    "Oh" May say.

    The light above the door to the backroom went out. A minute later Nurse Joy walked out and walked back to her desk. Drew and May ran up to her, scaring her half to death.

    "Is Roseila okay" Drew asked?

    "Wha—Oh yes, its in the nursery. Go though that door. Then go right on the first turn and then left and the nursery should be on your left" Nurse Joy said taking off her see through gloves.

    "Thanks" Drew and May say walking though the doors.

    They followed Nurse Joy’s direction and came across the nursery. Their were other pokemon, 4. The pokemon on the left side of Roseila was a Linoone. Its tail and body looked badly bruised and burnt. On the right side of Roseila was a Crobat…The Crobat only had 3 wings! The wing on the left side on the bottom was gone. Above Roseila was a Vulpix. The Vulpix’s fur was black and its stomach and its tail was purple and its eyes were closed shut. Its front paw was trying to hit the air—It was having a nightmare.

    "We had to take these pokemon from their trainers" A voice said.

    Dew and May turned to see Nurse Joy.

    "Why" May asked turning back to look at the pokemon?

    "The Linoone’s trainer kept caging the poor thing In their grill and then tied it up and let wild and their own other pokemon beat it up" Nurse Joy said. "The Crobat’s trainer and his friends though it would be funny to cut one of its wings off and see if it could still fly, but it couldn’t and it fell into a lake in their yard. The vulpix’s trainer covered it with tar and purple paint."

    That’s terrible" May cried.

    "Yeah…" Nurse Joy said.

    "Auntie Joie" A voice said.

    It was a little girl about 7 years old. She had long blond hair that was pulled into two pigtails. She had pale skin with freckles scathered on her cheeks. She had light green eyes. On her head was a white nurse’s cap, a yellow tanktop and jeans. In her hands was an Azurill.

    "Hi Nina" Nurse Joy said." May, Drew this is my niece Nina. Nina this is May and Drew.

    "Hi…. So are you two together together" Nina asked?

    "Nina!" Nurse Joy said cupping her hands over Nina’s mouth, but it was to late, the question was already out.

    "Him and me? No! No I don’t think so. Why would I go out with someone that annoys the hack out of me" May say.

    "No way" Drew said.

    "Yeah" Nina said sarcasticly. "Anyways I found this Azurill alone and hurt."

    "Chansey streacher now" Nurse Joy said.

    Chansey came up with a streacher and Nina put the Azurill on the streacher. Chansey pushed the streacher around the corner and Nina followed.

    "I have to go, your Roseila should be ready to leave in an hour." Nurse Joy said turning the corner.

    "Drew, lets get something to eat…." May say.

    Drew didn’t move he just looked through the window at his Roseila.

    "Drew?" May asked?

    "I’m staying here, you can go If you want" Drew mumbled not even looking at her.

    May walked back over to her spot and watched Roseila and the other pokemon.

    Roseila was opening up he’s eyes. It looked like he had no idea where he was.

    "Roseila right here" May said slightly tapping on the window.

    Roseila looked over at them and it looked like he was smiling.

    "Your be out of their soon." Drew said.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2006
  12. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    Yay! I'm the first to review the new chappie! Hmm, let's see...I thought it was a great chapter! But, those poor injured pokémon! Tying up a Linoone in a grill, and letting pokémon attack it?! Cutting a wing off of a Crobat?! Covering a Vulpix with tar and purple paint?! How could trainers be so evil! I can't stand when people do this to any kind of animal! It just makes me absolutely sick! Good thing Joy got them away from their horrible trainers! Well, all that aside, it was awesome, Rika! I especially liked it when Joy's adorable niece Nina asked May and Drew if they're dating! Hah! That was so cute! I think she should kinda play matchmaker, if you know what I mean! Anyways, I love this chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
  13. Animematchmaker2:lol. Yeah me too, I got really mad when I was writing it.lol. Yeah. She didn't believe them when they said they weren't. Yeah, good idea. ^^ thanks.
  14. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    Aww! THose poor pokemon. *beats the trainers* anyways...I like it. Drew had a sister? Aw, It must have been hard for him to lose her.
  15. Foxkitty: Calm down.lol. Yeah, it was thats why he's so close to his Roseila.
  16. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    You're very welcome, friend! And, she's extremely right for not believing them when they said they weren't, we all know how they REALLY feel! Can't wait 'til the next chappie comes out! (BTW, the reason I can't stand people mistreating animals is 'cause, my sister's cat, well, he was abused when he was a tiny little kitten, a part of the tip of his tail is even bent, the bone is bent, suggesting that someone ran over it with something when he was just born. Then, when his owners abandoned him, they dumped him in the field RIGHT NEXT TO THE SHELTER! I mean, how can someone do that to such a sweet, cute, innocent, defenseless little animal?! He's the sweetest cat in the world, he's absolutely adorable! I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to hurt him in any way! My cat was actually probably abused too, he can't stand it when anybody in the house yells. I can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt him too. I think that the punishment for animal abusement/animal cruelty should be the death penalty, unless it was unintentional, like, if a little kid did something on accident, and it hurt an animal. It wouldn't be that kid's fault, because he/she didn't know any better. But, yeah, if I hear about someone hurting/killing an animal for fun, or on purpose (not counting putting an animal to sleep for humane and good reasons), I just get so angry, I want to literally tear that person apart limb from limb, just attck him/her like a wild animal!) Anyways, extremely good chapter, you're very welcomr for the idea, and, can't wait for the next one! Go Rika!
  17. ^^Thanks. Yeah, they try to mask it but it doesn't work.
    Aww, that poor kitty. I know! My brother's friend's sister (keep in mind she was only 6 when she did this) thought their kitty looked cold so she wanted to warm him up so she put him in the microway and turned it on. When their cat came out his fur was gone but luckly he was alive, and they named him Nuky.
    Aww, thanks.
    Nina is coming back in the next chapter!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 30, 2006
  18. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    Oh, well then, she was 6, she didn't know any better and she was trying to help her cat, so, I don't blame her at all! Umm, 'they try to mask it, but it doesn't work.' What the heck? Who were you talking about Rika? I'm a little confused. Oh, nina's coming back?! YES!!!!!!!! She is so cute, and she's a contestshipper! That's so great! Ooh, what's she gonna do? Is she gonna play matchmaker? I hope she does!
  19. Yeah, she didn't know any better. Good. ^^ When I said 'They try to mask it, but it soesn't work.' I was talking about Drew and May.*shakes head* Yep. lol. I'm glad you like Nina, yes she is. Yep...Your have to wait and find out in the next chapter. *giggles*
  20. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    Aww! Nina is coming back! SHe's so adorale! And is trying to push Drew and May together, can't wait for the next chap. lil sis.

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