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Your best deal in GTS

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I traded some Vibrava that I never bothered with for a shiny Mew.


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i traded a chimchar level one for a shiny riley lucario
mudkip level one for a shiny kingdra level 100
spirtomb cant remember level lower than 20 though fo a shiny level 100 dialga


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While i don't remember what i've traded for most of them, i've gotten a few mews (hadou, mystry, aura, and yukari).
One of which was a shiny mystry mew and I love it soo much :D

I've also gotten various celebi, jirachi, and ranger manaphys as well as a shiny deoxys lv. 100 and just recently got a shiny mewtwo for a ho-oh that i wasn't using.

The best trade though that i remember was this week i saw a shiny articuno and they wanted a lv. 20 or higher female pikachu. I freaked out cause i didn't have a female so i went looking on the gts for one and had to trade once for the pkmn to then trade for the pikachu and then went to find the Articuno again. Luckily it was there and i finally got the shiny articuno i've always wanted!

I love the gts cause i've gotten some of my most wanted pkmn, but i've also gotten just as many hacks (the worst was trading the distant land raikou i caught myself for a lv. 100 shiny regice that afterwords was clearly a hack).
Wow, some people got some good deals on here. Best I got is a Shiny UT Lv1 Adamant Zangoose for a Lv1 Houndour. I had bred that Houndour about 10 minutes ago becuase I was bored :p


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I got a lv 100 dialga with rare candy for a lv 6 piplup.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku

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My best trade over the GTS was a legit Lv 10 Japanese Mew. I think I traded Ho-oh for it, but that's just a complete guess.

My other good trade was a Crobat. Again, I think it was a Ho-oh.


Pokemon Master
I gave a bidoof for a shiny dusclopse with a reapers cloth, I didn't notice the reapers cloth till it evolved, I just saw the trade and said in my mind GO TO IT MOW!!!!! it was like the first july after diamonds release but i later traded it away on serrebii.... that was for sure the best deal i've seen!
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