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Your Biggest Chains with the Pokeradar.

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41, A Tyrougue, ended right after. My Second highest was 40 Magnemites followed by 39 Bidoofs( I was Ev training and it got surprisingly high)


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33 Bidoofs -- anything else was only around 6 :(.


Completing The Trio
my previous highest was 53{roselia}, but today i smashed through the barrier, and got my ponyta chain up to 96, which is really funny seeing as for the past few days i couldn't even get to 40. so in order of highest to lowest my chains are

96 - Ponyta = 7 Shinies
53 - Roselia = 7 Shinies
48 - Starly = 7 Shinies

Cool Frood

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Lol....my best chain is a Sentret chain of 6 or 10. Yeah, I don't chain too much.


27 Shinx
23 Starly
20 Starly

Yeah, I've been trying to chain Starly. Then I chained Shinx. Then went back to chaining Starly, my chain was broken at 11 by a SHINY SHINX.

Yeah. Pure luck. And a huge amount of irony....


I still need to practice more, I can't get past three because I can't see the difference between the shaking grass.


1st: Shinx at 53
2nd: Drowzee at 47
3rd: Abra at 44- and right now I'm in this chain and I've caught 3 shinys!
I've caught shinys in all three chains.
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