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Your current PMD team


will give nethin 4it
Hi, I just opened this to discuss teams. This is my main pokemon so far

Leader: Treecko lvl.28
Partner: Torchic lvl.29
Other: Magnemite lvl.24
Teddiursa lvl. 18
Absol lvl. 23

I am about to do the Wynaut mission. I wanna get everyone at 25 + and I want a swablu. I want an Altaria on my final team.


Leader: Pikachu Lv.51
Partner: Chikorita Lv.50
2nd Partner: Charmeleon Lv.34
Other Pokemon: Too many to list.

I'm in Mt. Faraway and going to recruit Ho-Oh. ^_^


I'm the Bogeyman!
Leader: Mew Lv100
Partner: Whoever I'm training
Charizard, level 7 Purity Forest, woke up slakoth and I got owned, so I sent a help request.


<= Sabrina!
Leader: Squirtle lv.100
Main Partner: Pikachu lv.100
other patrners i often use: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh
although i mainly just use Squirtle and Pikachu

Sharpedo Boy

< Don't take drugs!
Bayleef and grovyle level 100 and few others too,


Shine Now!
My team is Venusaur, Pikachu, and Mew.


. . .
Leader: Pikachu (Kyaku) Level 16 or something.
Partner: Tochic (Perdoni) Level 14/15.

I regret starting a new game on MD.


Active Member
I'm stuck on Magma cavern with this team:

Charmander LV:29
Pikachu LV:28
Absol Lv27

Any tips on how to complete Magma Cavern?
Even though I retired from this game months ago.
The team I had last I remembered was

Emerald Metagross

Well-Known Member
Leader: Machop Lv.16
Partner: Squirtle Lv.16
Magnemite Lv.14

Restarted yesterday. :p


too legit to quit.
My main team is:
Starter: Cyndaquil (duh) name:Blaze
Partner: Mudkip name: Muddy ( how original...) ^-^
EDIT: Forgot to put the levels!
Blaze the cyndaquil is lvl 39 and Muddy the Mudkip is lvl 37 or 38!
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