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Your E4 Killer

I've read through the old Versus Books guides for RBY and GSC, and in both they advocate for Lapras as an excellent choice for the Elite Four in those gens. As I've experienced since, he's also awesome in fourth and fifth gens, and if I ever got into third gen, he probably would wreck lives there too (based on the teams one sees there).

So, who's your all-time go-to guy to run through the E4, serve as a last resort worldbeater when the going gets tough, or simply help you train others when doing repeated E4 runs?

As mentioned before, I easily go with Lapras (for several reasons), but Zapdos comes at a close second.


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Yeah, lapras is one of the best guys to kill the E4 with. Good bulk, great special attack, and passable speed. Coupled with super-effective coverage on loads of the elite 4. It pretty much carried me playing through the E4 the second time in LG.


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I used my Blaziken on Ruby, I got up to the third or fourth boss with him.

In Pearl, I used my Torterra, but also my Palkia :).


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Alakazam. In game, its just an automatic win against [insert just about any non-Dark gyme leader/E4 here]. The other teammates are simply there as meat shields/HM Slaves/Fighting Type +water starter.


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Mainly starmie and haunter. Sometimes mareep, charmander and male nidoran. Rarely chikorita.
Thumbs up to the Alakazam user (because he is tremendous) and the Sawsbuck user (becuase that choice is completely out of left field).


In Black it's my Lilligant and Carracosta. In FireRed it is definitely Electabuzz. LeafGreen it is Ninetails and in Emerald is it Sceptile and Aggron.

In my original HG playthrough it was Feraligatr and in original Platinum playthrough it was definitely Torterra. Once I restart these two I will come back with an update as to who the staple Pokemon is now.


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my *insert main legendary of the game* or my *insert starter* :p jk but im planning on making some in my new plat and hg files, aiming for arcanine and milotic.

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That's hard to say...I use tons of Pokemon on the E4. I guess I'd have to say Gardevoir in Emerald, since she killed Wallace's Milotic with little trouble.

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is a metaphor
I like how half the people in this thread misunderstand the question.

While it probably doesn't count, I traded a Mamoswine into my HeartGold game toward the middle/end of the game (around the Rocket takeover, I believe). Used it to obliterate Lance's Dragons, plus some other E4 'mons it was good against, like Karen's Murkrow and Vileplume, Will's Xatus, Koga's Crobat, etc. But I think we can agree that Lance's Dragonites are the only REAL problems, right?

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Any Level 100 Pokemon suffices. I use Dragonite in Diamond and Haxorus in White.
I like how half the people in this thread misunderstand the question.

But I think we can agree that Lance's Dragonites are the only REAL problems, right?

Eh, I used to have issues with (Johto Version) Bruno, but that was mainly because I got cocky and tried to have slgufests with him using lots of bulkies, used lower to mid-quality Physics against him (like Hypno and the Cosmorocks), or simply tried to outlast him without Flying or Physics (i.e., my first HG battle with him, featuring his KILLER HITMONLEE who ran through more than half my squad).

RE: Misunderstanding the question, which wouldn't be too surprising since, looking back at it, I don't think I phrased it as well as I could have.