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Your E4 runthrough

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Calm PokeMaster

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Since my last thread on catching Mewtwo was closed,I have started this new one.Share your E4 experiences here on this thread.Here is mine:

THE TEAM: (All Lv. 62)
Infernape-Flamethrower,Close Combat,Shadow Claw,Brick Break
Floatzel-Crunch,Ice Fang,Surf,Waterfall
Staraptor-Fly,Close Combat,Steel Wing,Aerial Ace
Roserade-Giga Drain,Shadow Ball,Sludge Bomb,Growth
Ramparados-Stone Edge,Zen Headbutt,Head Smash,EQ
Bugs bug me out.Time to bash this guy.
Stone Edged Beautifly and Dustox along with Vespiquen,Staraptor killed the others with Fly.

So many people are convinced she is Agatha's sister.That doesn't make any difference though,as she is going down.
Roserade killed her Team.Giga Drained everything out.

He might be hot,but I am hotter.Floatzel Surfed till Infernape killed it with ThunderPunch but Luxray took care of it,Lopunny,Drifblim(Steelix got Surfed)

I will leave him read his book and pass on to Cynthia but oh,we have to battle
Luxray Crunched out the Mr.Mime while it stupidly used ThunderBolt on me.Then that awful Bronzong killed me with Earthquake and Infernape finished it off with Flamethrower,Girafarig got KO'd by Flamethrower,Alakazam by Shadow Claw(wow!I am faster)Starptor killed Medicham with Fly.

Took a lot out of me.Took everybody's help to beat her.Spiritomb got killed by two Fly's while it used Psychic and did some damage.Gastrodon got killed by a single Giga Drain.Milotic got killed by two Spark's(it used Mirror Coat anticipating a Thunderbolt).Garchomp got taken down by two Ice Fangs from Floatzel(managed to survive an EQ).Roserade got pwn'd by a single Flamethrower from Infernape who also knocked out her Lucario with a Close Combat.

Yay!I am the Pokemon Champion!
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um... okay.

My (now boring) E4 runthroughs, back when they were interesting.

(All level 60, give or take)

Empoleon - Hydro Cannon, Surf, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon
Staraptor - Brave Bird, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Fly.
Jolteon - Thunderbolt & Choice specs. But, anyway, Thunder, Thunder Fang, Thundershock.
Alakazam - Psychic, Psybeam, Focus Blast, Recover.
1 EXP share pokemon
Another pokemon waiting for Exp. Share if first happens to evolve.

Bug Boy:
Jolteon switch-in to Thunderbolt Vespiqueen and Beautifly when they pop up, Staraptor aerial aces everything else, but Brave Bird against Drapion.

Empoleon. 'Nuff said. Hydro Cannon to make sure Hippowdon died. Staraptor switch-in for double money against Sudowoodo, (holding amulet coin) and Close Combat for the pwn.

Jolteon's Choice Spec'd Thunderbolt can 0TK a Rapidash, swap to Alakazam for Infernape, Psychicpwn, Staraptor for Steelix/Lopunny, Close Combat twice. Swap to Jolteon for Boltpwn on Drifblim.

Lucian: Yay for Thunderbolt against Mime, Girafarig, and Alakazam. Hydro Cannon for Bronzong, and Fly for Medicham.

Cynthia: Thunderbolt for Spiritomb, Psychic for Gastrodon, Hydro Cannon for Garchomp, Close Combat for Lucario, Thunderbolt for Milotic, and Brave Bird for Roserade.

1 Hyper potion used, 1 pokemon evolved by Exp share, 1 Elite Four pwnd.


That Photography Guy
Garchomp - Lv. 48
Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Fire Fang, Crunch

Staraptor - Lv. 50
Steel Wing, Fly, Defog (lol), Close Combat

Rampardos - Lv. 50
Avalance, Assurance, Zen Headbutt, Brick Break

Lucario - Lv. 51
Aura Sphere, Psychic, ExtremeSpeed, Dragon Pulse

Torterra - Lv. 53
Rock Slide, Crunch, Razor Leaf, Earthquake

Dialga - Lv. 53
AncientPwner, Dragon Pwn(pulse), Thunderpwn, Pwn of Time (lol pwn attacks)

Aaron Bugface:
Staraptor owned all of them with Fly, Drapion was handled with Close Combat.

Bertha Mud-kip-eater:
Rampardos Avalanche ftw. Torterra took care of Hippowdon with Razor Leaf.

Flint Firebreather:
Garchomp+Earthquake ftw. Balloons died when he munched through it. Enough said.

Lucian Bookeater:
Garchomp+Crunch ftw. Lucario took care of Alakazam.

Lucario was used for most of the match. Garchomp VS Garchomp ftw.

6 Full Restores used.

I didn't use Dialga. I used him inside the Victory road.
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