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Your fav 4th generation pokemon!

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Infernape is actually pretty badass... Too bad I never chose chimchar as a starter... And now it's almost too late.

Professor Poke

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Shinx/Luxray, Froslass, Lopunny, Mismagus, Giratina and Chatot. I never really use the parrot except for flying, but I like it nonetheless.


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Palkia is my favorite 4th gen pokemon, along with sky shamin, dialga, garchomp, luxray, and infernape. Also can't forget about yanmega and leafeon =D

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Gallade. An awesome type combination, learns good moves, and a good alternative to Gardevoir if you're a fan of the Ralts line.


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Luxray and electivire-i love electric pokemon and these really stood out!


Torterra or Weavile, i love weavile online, such a good pokemon to bring out and even better, it learns fake out! Handy to check for a switch.
Very hard, I like a lot of Pokémon. If I have to choose, Garchomp (and Froslass, and Togekiss, and Roserade, and Lumineon, and Mismagius, and Drifblim, and Floatzel, and Luxray, and Shaymin, and Manaphy, and Arceus).

I can't explain it, I don't know why, but Garchomp is my absolute fave 4th generation Pokémon.

My fave of all time is Milotic, but Milotic is 3th generation and not 4th generation.



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Shinx - always been a fan - espeically when I ran into shiny shinx. Also a big fan of Leafeon and Glaceon.


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Electivire is Awesome! So is Garchomp, I liked Gallade's type combo and Magmortar as well. Lucario, Rampardos, Bastiadon, Darkrai, Dragon Trio, Arceus, Togekiss, Regigigas. Lots of good pokemon. Mostly legendary and new evolutions of old pokemon


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Shaymin, which also happens to be one of my favorite legendaries.
Excluding legendaries, I do also like Garchomp, Infernape, Bronzong and Mismagius.
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