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Your favorite and least favorite internet emoticons.

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Which of the various internet emotes do you adore or absolutely detest? How frequently do you use, if any?

I, for one, rarely use them these days. (Outside life tends to do that)

I'll start then. (Ignore the automatic forum emotions)

Least favorite for me:
:) - I can't stand this; I just tolerate it at best. Probably because it just has this creepy feeling to it.
:( - Same as above, but to a lesser extent. More irritating than creepy.
=) - For the love of God, you won't ever catch me using that.
=( - Refer to the above.
:> - ...Creepy.
:< - I don't outright hate this one. Still not a favorite of mine though.
:D - Yeah that's right folks, this one is definitely not something I'd ever be caught using.
=D - I have a dirty mind so, yeah I'll leave you guys to figure that out.
D= - Annoying.
=3 - Do I really need to get into details for this?
=] - Annoying.
T_T - Just..no.
T.T - Above.
TwT - Also the above, just not as much for some odd reason.
o.o - Also annoying.
o_o - Above.
o_O - I'll pass.

o_O - Also passing over this.
=.= - This is utterly disgusting. I simply get aggravated by the looks of this one.
^_^ - This isn't that cute. Not a favorite of mines though.
^.^ - No.

.-. - Pure win.
:3 - This isn't exactly a favorite, but I just don't hate this. Tend to use it in some situations.
D: - Quite the opposite of the other one.
._. - This emote wins when used correctly.
=_= - For some reason, I just may use this when the situation calls for it.
:/ or :\ - It's fine.
:l or, :| - Fine.
^-^ or ^w^ - ...That always gets me if used on me.

I'll list more later since this post is getting pretty big..

Discuss your favorite/least favorite emotes! I just hope there isn't a similar topic somewhere in these forums.

Edit: Random first topic seems very random..
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Most emotes are retarded. Except the ones I shop and use online.


gone gently
I make liberal use of ^_^. It signifies pleasantry, goodwill, innocence, and just generally gives an air of harmlessness. I enjoy that.


I hate those emoticons with the noses there ugly...


Most emotes are stupid and are only worth using if making a joke of sorts. Only ones I regularly use are


I don't use :) because I know too many creepy people that do.
Also I'm not sure if this counts as an emote, but if I see another person type (y) something is going to get smashed.


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I use almost all of those :D You and I would neevr be good friends. I use smilies faces A LOT :D

The smilies I hate are:



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A few more..

Least favorite:
:p or =P - I can't stand any of the tongue emotes folks.
>.> or <.< - No.
=o - Annoying.
(Anything with a semicolon ending with a letter) - Just..stop.
=x - Not win.
=() - ... Fail.

:] - Eh, not that much but I don't hate it.
:[ - Above.
:x - Wins.
^__^ - Double underscores, somehow I prefer this over the other one.
<_< or >_> - Self explanatory.
^^ - ^^ ^^ ^^ Have a nice day. ^^-

That's it for now.
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I just realized what you mean by hating =D and =3. *barfs*

I use O.O and sometimes :). Also good is XD and :p


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I hate :3, =3, xD, XDDDD, ^.^, ^_^, ^w^, *_*, o3o, ^o^, *^*, and any other weeaboo smiley. I also don't really like :) because almost everyone I know who uses it seriously is a creeper. I only use that in texting with my friends because they know it's not meant in a creepy way.

As for the ones I like, I really overuse :p, :D, :(, :/, ://///, :|, :x, :<, :>, =], and a lot of others, but most of them are used sarcastically. There's probably others I use but I don't really think about it that much lol.

oh yeah and ;), ;], ;>, and variations are all fun to use.
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I'll shorten down my list and only name the ones I like:
even though i may occasionally use colon three :)3) for whatever reason, i really hate it. it reminds me of a creeper guy who i got suspended.

:), ):, :], :[, ^__^, ^.^, ^.~, n_n, >_>, o_O
u_u, x], xD, <3, :p, :\, :/, ;), (;, :c, c:, -_-

yeah i'm a little hypocrite.
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