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Your Favorite Anime Song?

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Searched, and the closest was the 'Claim Your Favorite Anime Song' thread.

Mine are...
Fukai Mori (Inuyasha)
Every Heart (Inuyasha)
Shinjitsu no uta (Inuyasha)
Dearest (Inuyasha)
Haruka Kanata (Naruto)
Ready Steady Go (Fullmetal Alchemist)

XD So many Inuyasha songs.


Party Monster 8D
I like "Itazura na Kiss" from Inuyasha and "Inner Universe" from Ghost in the Shell.


Simple...Just two songs from InuYasha (and both done by do as Infinity)

Shinjitsu no uta
Fukai Mori (I claimed this one :p)


Umm lets see here.

Sonic X Intro Song (Sonic X)
Haruka Kanata (Naruto)
Fukai Mori (Inuyasha)
I wanna Rocks(or something like that >>) (Naruto)

Thats pretty much it.

Edward Elric1

Soul Trainer
I like just about everything from FMA, Melisa, Ready Steady Go and Undo are probably my favorites from them though.

Reckless Fire and Drastic My Soul (s-CRY-ed) are great aswell.


Well-Known Member
Eh, I like ALOT of Anime songs but the only ones I can think of right now are

Yugioh GX Intro Song
DragonballGT Intro Song
and some random song they sang in One Piece that I cant think of the name of. The song is stuck in my head though.


I like My Will on InuYasha & alot more...mostly all Yu-Gi-Oh! songs(NOT GX!!!))

Wolf Goddess

~Lupo Di Autunno~
Anything from FMA, Inuyasha, and anything by Yoko Kanno.


But Rakuen from Inuyasha is my favorite.
Pretty much anything from Pokémon, Digimon, and FMA. The Naruto Ondo(an image song with Naruto and Sakura, with a Kakashi cameo at the ver end) is also mighty catchy, and Sakura's solo near the end is beautiful.:)

Miss Kanna

Hakudoshi Addicted
My favorite songs,well here we go:

My Will from Inuyasha
Dearest from Inuyasha
Jajaume Ni Sasenaide from ranma 1/2
Little Date from ranma 1/2
Sailor Moon Theme(Jp.Version) from Sailor Moon
Catch You,Catch Me from Cardcaptor Sakura

and any other Inuyasha songs(many of the Ranma songs at that)

Nathan Madien

Me on a Good Day
My favorite Anime song? Platinum, the third Cardcaptor Sakura theme sung by Sakamoto Maaya. I even have one of her CDs. :)

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Lemme see.....

Reckless Fire & Drastic My Soul - s.CRY.ed
Mysterious Kiss, Dearest and Change the World - Inuyasha
Inner Universe - Ghost in the Shell: SAC
Itooshi Hito No Tameni - Fushigi Yuugi
Heaven's Not Enough - Wolf's Rain
Ready, Steady, Go!, Melissa & Kesenai Tsumi - Fullmetal Alchemist
Sobukasu & Heart of Sword - Rurouni Kenshin
Outlaw Star Theme
Make A Wish - Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker
The Original Opening and Ending Themes to Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist Kingdom

XD More than I thought...
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Pale Ale by Kurosawa Ken'ichi (Hunter X Hunter)
Carry on by Kurosawa Ken'ichi (Hunter X Hunter)
Popcorn by Mikuni Shimokawa (Hunter X Hunter)
Pray by Wish (Hunter X Hunter)
Moshimo Kono Sekai de Kimi to Boku ga Deaenakatta Nara by Sunflower's Garden (Hunter X Hunter)
Believe in Tomorrow by Sunflower's Garden (Hunter X Hunter)
Shouri no Uta By (I'm not sure but I will find out) (Rockman EXE. Beast)
Be Somewhere By Buzy (Rocman EXE. Stream)
Bon Voyage! by Bon Bon Blanco (One piece)
Kokoro no Chizu by Boystyle (One Piece)
Ride On Shooting Star by The Pillows (FLCL)
I Think I Can By The Pillows (FLCL)
Little Busters by The Pillows (FLCL)
Link by L'Arc~en~Ciel (FMA)
Lost Heaven by L'Arc~en~Ciel (FMA)
Riraito (Rewrite) by Asian Kung-Fu Generation(FMA)
Kesenai Tsumi by Nana Kitade (FMA)
I Will by Sowelu(FMA)
Wild Challenger by Jindou (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)
Flash Back by Asian Kung-Fu Generation(Beck)
GO!!! By Flow (Naruto)
Seishun Kyosokyoku by Sambomaster (Naruto)
Nami Kaze Satellite by Snorkel (Naruto)
Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Naruto)
Sobakasu by Judy & Mary (Rurouni Kenshin)
1/2 by Makoto Kawamoto (Rurouni Kenshin)
Dame! by You Izumi (Rurouni Kenshin)
Heart of Sword - Yoake Mae by T.M. Revolution (Rurouni Kenshin)
Thats about it.


true love
I actually had a lot more than today.. or nowadays.. but I guess here goes nothing. Probably not the entire list, but oh well.

Singles (as in names and not in groups ;p)
Chiisaki Mono - Asuca Hayashi [Pokémon: Jirachi the Wish Maker]
Friends - Yonekura Chihiro [Soul Hunter]
Will - Yonekura Chihiro [Soul Hunter]
Ready Go! - Naomi Tamura [Pokémon]

Actually, the two Pokémon songs I listed are the only ones I know in Japanese. XD The Chiisaki Mono was from the DVD extra, and I'm STILL addicted to it. And the Ready Go! was downloaded randomly, but I pretty much like all the English openings of Pokémon. Have yet to listen to the Japanese ones.

Don't forget FMA songs. I think I liked both the opening and ending, though more on the opening, but probably all songs from FMA. I used to like Inuyasha songs.. they were good, but I kinda stopped when I got tired of the anime itself. But my utmost favorite must be Chiisaki Mono. ;3

Edit: Oh~oh! And another one I like.. Fruits Basket opening/ending, along with the opening of Serial Experiments Lain.. I forget the title. >_o
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I'll be the one (Hikaru No go)
Meteor (Gundam Seed)
Wings Of Words (Gundam Seed Destiny)
Ignited (Gundam Seed Destny)

Nathan Madien

Me on a Good Day
I think I'll add the Popotan opening to this list.
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