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Your Favorite Anime Song?

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Pokemon Advance Battle intro (I don't know the proper name).


Asterisk, by Orange Range (Bleach OP 1)
Thank You!, by (I don't know the artist's name ;_;) (Bleach ED 2)
Undo, by Cool Joke (FMA OP 3)
Rewrite, by Asian Kung-fu Generation (FMA OP 4)
Tobira no Mukou he, by Yellow Generation (FMA ED 2)
Kasabuta, by Hidenori Chiwata (Gash bell OP 1)
Kimi no Kono Koe ga Todokimasu Youni, by Takayoshi Tanimoto (Konjiki no Gash Bell OP 2)
Personal, by Ueto Aya (Gash Bell ED 1)
Stars~You don't have to worry about tommorow, by KING (Gash Bell ED 2)
Anna ni Issho Datta no ni, by See-Saw (Gundam SEED ED 1)
Ignited, by T.M. Revolution (SEED Destiny OP 1)
Pride, by High and Might Color (SEED Destiny OP 2)
The third SEED Destiny ending, by Yuta Nakano (don't know its proper name :<)
Reason, by Nami Tamaki (SEED Destiny ED 1)
Life Goes On, by Mika Arisaka (SEED Destiny ED 2)
Nazo, by Miho Komatsu(Detective Conan OP 3)
Unmei no Roulette Mawashite, by Zard (Detective Conan OP 4)
Truth~A Great Detective of Love, by Two-Mix (Detective Conan OP 5)
Giri Giri Chop, by B'z (Detective Conan OP 6)
Start, by Rina Aiuchi (Detective Conan OP...one of the later ones.)
Meikyuu no Lovers, by heath (Detective Conan ED 2)
Kimi ga Inai Natsu, by DEEN (Detective Conan ED 4)
DreamxDream, by Rina Aiuchi (ending to the 8th Detective Conan movie)
Kimi ga Ireba, by Iori (insert song in most/all the Detective Conan movies)
Believe, by Folder 5 (One Piece OP 2)
Bon Voyage, by Bon Bon Blanco (One Piece OP 4)
Glory -Kimi ga Iru Kara, by Uehara Takako (One Piece ED 7)
Ready Go, by Naomi Tamura (Pocket Mosnters OP 5)
Challenger, by Rika Matsumoto (Pokcet Monsters AG OP 2)
Battle Frontier, by Akina Takaya (Pocket Monsters AG OP 4)
Chiisaki Mono, by Hayashi Asuka (ending to 6th Pokemon movie)
Hohomi no Bakudan, by Mawatari Matsuko (The Yuyu Hakusho openings. All of them.)
Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite, by (don't know the artist for this one either :<) (YYH ED 3)
Butter-fly, by Wada Kouji (Digimon Adventure OP)
The Biggest Dreamer, by Wada Kouji (Digimon Tamers OP)
Bokura no Bouken, by Kids Alive (Hikaru no Go ED 1)
Close To Your Heart, by Rina Aiuchi (Monster Rancher OP 3)

There're a few songs that I left off of that, but the list is huge enough already :<
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"1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" - Siam Shade (Rurouni Kenshin)

Best. Ending. Theme. EVER.

Nathan Madien

Me on a Good Day
Angela said:
"Scarlet" by Junko Iwao (Ayashi no Ceres Opening theme)

Junko Iwao has an hell (sorry) of a beautiful voice. She's perfect when she is singing as Tomoyo (the purple hair girl in my sig) in the Cardcaptor Sakura songs.
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I can't name them all, but here are some of my favorite Anime Songs

True Light: DNAngel. I am addicted to this song
Michishirube: DNAngel
Chiisaki Mono: Pocket Monsters
Mezase Pokemon Master
Kaze to Isshou Ni (Pocket Monsters)
Caged Bird (DNAngel)
Wind ~ Akeboshi ~ Naruto

The Opening and Ending Theme to Gankutsuou, The Count of Monte Cristo. (Based on one of my favorite books ever! Hooray for tortured frenchbois! *hugs Erik, Cyrano, and Edmond*)
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I like all the songs from Chobits. And I like "My Sweetheart" From Tokyo Mew Mew. ^_^ The Fruits Basket themes are pretty, too... Um, I guess I like songs from all the animes I watch... But I mostly only like the Japanese versions of songs, unless it's a reeeeeaaaaaaaly good dub version.

Uchiha Sasuke

Tsubasa Chronicles: Blaze (Opening Song)
Full Metal Alchemist- Ready Steady Go (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
Naruto- Nami Kaze Satellite (Snorkel)
Pokemon- Advanced Generation: Advance Adventure
Inuyasha: Change The World (V6)
Sonic X: Sonic Drive (Opening song, Japanese version)
Rurouni Kenshin: Heart Of Sword (3rd & 5th ending song)

That's just a sample. there's a great deal of others. don't want to do a rediculously long post. XD

Kecleon Freak

Legendary Pirate
Fukai Mori (Inuyasha)
Kokoro no Chizu (One Piece)

Eh, I have more, but that's all I can think of now.
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